How to Get a Beautiful Back

How to Get a Beautiful Back

Summer is the time for blouses and dresses with open backs. Beautiful back is, first of all, a good posture and clean skin. How elegantly looks a woman who does not slouch and always keeps her head straight. I have noticed for a long time that women, even the elderly, look younger for several years, if they follow their posture and do not hump. The omitted shoulders, on the contrary, are capable of adding several years and add sternness and sullenness to the gentle female image.

Before we go directly to the exercises for the back, I want to draw your attention to the state of the skin itself.

Clean the skin of the back.

To allow yourself to appear with an open back in public, you need to carefully look after her. First, you need to take care that your skin is clean, without rashes and pimples. To do this, you should regularly wash your back with a gel or soap in the shower. If I notice that some rashes begin to appear on my back, I add to the bath an extract or flowers of chamomile. Chamomile dries the skin and helps to get rid of inflammation.

The skin of the back, especially in the shoulder area, needs regular peeling, as well as the skin of the face. I usually do this procedure about once a week.

For this, I mix a little scrub with shower gel and put on a loofah. Circling massage movements need to massage the back, starting from the waist, and gradually rising ever higher to the neck. Particular attention should be paid to the shoulders, since the skin here is more dry, so it most needs peeling. Such procedures increase the elasticity of the skin, make it more smooth and tender. In addition, exfoliate dead skin cells. After this, you can apply a lotion or cream on the whole body to make the skin more hydrated.

Correct posture. We begin to do exercises for the back.

The second, but not less important item for taking care of your back is a good posture. To achieve it, you need to make efforts, and every day doing exercises for the back.

The first thing you need to do is try not to slouch. When I went to a sports training, usually we started with an exercise for the back. We stood with our backs to the wall, at the same time we need to touch the wall at five points – the heels, the buttocks, the waist, the shoulder blades and the occiput. After the muscles get used to this position, you need to step back from the wall and try to hold the posture in this position for as long as possible. Performing this exercise for the back several times a day helps to remind the muscles how to properly hold the back. With the correct posture, the thorax straightens, the tummy retracts and even the growth increases slightly.

To keep the posture beautiful will help special exercises for the back at home.

Exercises to stretch the spine.

Try to start your day with such a simple exercise for the back. Turn over on the stomach, put your hands at the chest level and stretch back as much as you can, leaning on your hands. You will feel how the vertebra behind the vertebrae is straightened by the spine. Try to do 7-10 repetitions. I love this back exercise also for being able to do it right in bed, immediately after sleep.

How to Get a Beautiful Back

If you do this exercise regularly for the back, you will see that you get stronger every day. To complicate the exercise, bend your knees and try to reach your head with them. This exercise well relieves tension from the back.

Attention! If you have any problems with the spine before doing this exercise for the back, consult your doctor!

Another exercise for stretching the spine. Face the wall half a step away from it. Pull your arms up and look at the palms, feel how each vertebra extends. Then stretch out your arms on the wall, legs are straightened and motionless, you do not need to move closer to the wall.

Try to touch the wall with your chin and chest, while you will feel how the spine is stretched. If such a feeling does not arise, then move away from the wall a little further and repeat the exercise. This increases the tension. Quit in this position for a few seconds, then turn your head to the right, while the left cheek should touch the wall, then do the same only in the left side.

This exercise for the back is especially useful for those who have to sit a lot.

Do it several times during the day, gradually increasing the load. After this exercise, it becomes much easier for me to keep my back straight.

The next exercise for the back is aimed at stretching the shoulder girdle and strengthening the posture. Stand close to the wall with your right side, pull your right hand along the wall back. Begin slowly to unfold the body to the right hand, and there should be a feeling of tension in the right shoulder and arm. In this position, you need to linger for 10 seconds and then repeat the same for the left hand. After this exercise for the back, I feel the shoulders turn back, due to which the posture is corrected and the “lowered shoulders” disappear.

Strength exercises for the back.

One of the most effective exercises, which helps to make beautiful muscles of the back – lifting the trunk from the position of lying on the stomach. The starting position is lying on the stomach, the left hand on the back of the head, the right arm is stretched out to the side, the legs together. Do not tear your legs off the floor, lift the upper part of the trunk, pulling the back of the head up. So it is necessary to do 16 times. At first I did not manage to tear my legs off at all, so I asked my husband to hold them. Then, when the back muscles got a little stronger, I started to do the exercise without help. After that, do the exercise the other way, also 16 times.

And the last exercise for the back in this complex is both hands on the back of the head, legs are pressed to the floor. Try to climb up as high as you can. This is the most difficult part of the complex, so first you can do it 10 times, but gradually increase the load up to 16 times. Between these three exercises do not have to rest, then the effect will be stronger.

The next exercise for back at home, in addition to strengthening the back muscles, tightens the abdomen and removes excess centimeters at the waist. For this I like this exercise the most. The starting position – lying on the back, hands behind the head, legs stretched and gathered together. Hands during all this complex are always on the back of the head.

Try to make 15 climbs up, tearing the blades off the floor, then turn over to the right side, the left foot should be on the right and make 15 clear ascents to the side. If the exercise is carried out correctly, then in the left side should be felt muscle contraction. After that, turn over on the stomach and, without lifting your legs off the floor, do body lifts up the same number of times. And the final exercise of this complex – turn to the left side and lift the trunk upwards, to the right thigh. This exercise trains the entire middle part of the trunk – front and back at the same time.

The next exercise for the back, I saw in the transfer of “Personal Trainer”, which leads Lyasan Utiasheva. I really like the exercises that it gives for their ease of implementation and effectiveness.

How to Get a Beautiful Back

The starting position is sitting on the rug. It is necessary to grasp the straightened legs at the ankles with both hands and try to bend over in the back, not letting go of your legs. After that, we return to the starting position. I usually do this exercise 20 times.

And this exercise for the back is probably familiar to many from school or kindergarten. You can perform it standing up, or sitting on the floor with your legs crossed. Fold the straight arms behind your back in the lock and start turning the body to the right and left. Do 15-20 times in each direction. Despite its simplicity, the exercise helps to form and maintain a correct posture.

Another exercise for the back at home in this series – sitting in Turkish, bring both hands back and close your hands, fingers up. Keep your hands slowly up along the spine, while trying to keep your shoulders straight.

At the conclusion of the training, I always try to relax my back on the gymnastic ball. To do this, lie back on the ball and ride back and forth. It is very relaxing and relieves stress from the back. Sometimes this exercise helps me to get rid of the back pain that occurs if I carry a child for a long time in my arms.

Attention! If you have any problems with the spine before doing this exercise for the back, consult your doctor!

After regular training and systematic care of the skin of the back, you can feel free to wear open dresses and show the surrounding people a smooth skin and a beautiful posture. Sometimes, putting on an evening dress with an open back, I apply a lotion with flickering particles to the back and shoulder skin. If the skin of the back is in order, and the muscles are in shape, then it looks very impressive. In addition, exercises for the back are an excellent prevention of osteochondrosis and other unpleasant diseases of the spine.

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