How To Make the Best Ice Cream at Home

How To Make the Best Ice Cream at Home

I do not know any person, either adults or children, who would not like ice cream (except for people who do not tolerate dairy products). Preferences may differ: one likes an eskimo, another a plombir, the third fruit-berry, but nobody refuses to give ice treats. I am sure that you, when reading these lines, would also be happy to taste this dessert. Do not rush into the store. Ice cream is easy to prepare at home! By taste, it will not give way to industrial, it’s even more delicious and more qualitative, because you are unlikely when you will be preparing ice cream at home, add in it cheap margarine or rapeseed oil (which tons add to the store ice cream). Use the tips and learn how to make ice cream at home, and invite guests.

The History of Ice Cream

Ice cream is not one thousand years old. Despite the considerable age, this dessert-long-liver is still one of the most loved and popular in the whole world. How did it come about?

How To Make the Best Ice Cream at Home

Versions and legends are many. The invention of this delicacy is attributed to different peoples, arguing that it is their traditional ice cream that is the real and most delicious. It is difficult to argue with this statement. Each country has its own recipes for making ice cream, including at home, and its tastes. For example, Americans prefer vanilla ice cream. I worked in this country on a student exchange program. I changed no place (mostly it was a cafe), but vanilla ice cream was in the menu of all establishments, and it was ordered most often.

In ancient times, the ice delicacy was significantly different from the one to which we are accustomed today. Then it represented a mixture of fruits, snow and ice. In modern version, ice cream appeared in most countries only in the XVIII century. And the first mass sales of this dessert took place on June 10, 1786 in the USA.

Ice cream is not only delicious, but also a healthy product. It contains vitamins, minerals, and also L-tryptophan. The latter contributes to the production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness. This, too, is one of the secrets of the special popularity of ice cream. Probably, you yourself often noticed how after the tasting of this dessert the mood improves noticeably. But pay attention to the fat content of ice cream. The higher this number, the delicacy is more caloric. The most dangerous for a figure is a seal.

Experts recommend eating no more than 150 grams of ice cream per day. I want to share interesting information. In the process of working on this article, I found information that there are unloading “frozen” days, when you can eat only this delicacy (the norm is 400 g) and still drink still water. If you have long wanted to arrange a fasting day, it’s time to try. With your favorite dessert, restricting yourself to food the whole day will not be so difficult. And we will share recipes, how to prepare ice cream at home, so that it does not have bad products and unnecessary preservatives and harmful fats in the form of margarine.

How to make fruit ice cream at home

You can make ice cream at home on the basis of berries and fruits. Fruit ice cream is the lowest calorie. It also turns out to be beautiful, juicy. There is such a dessert – double pleasure! Frozen fruits before making ice cream at home, be sure to defrost.

The first recipe.

Let’s make a treat of strawberries, kiwi and apple juice. Preparation: cut fruit into cubes, put in molds of silicone, from them it will be more convenient for you to get ice cream. Insert in each mold on a wooden stick (stick into a fruit), pour over the juice and send to the freezer for two to three hours. Experiment. You can use different fruits and berries. My friend, for example, really likes cherry ice cream. She separates the berry from the stone, puts it in a mold and pours cherry juice. By the way, juice can also be cooked by yourself, and not bought in the store.

How To Make the Best Ice Cream at Home

The second recipe.

Spoil your loved ones with strawberry ice cream. It will take: a kilogram of strawberries, three proteins, 200 grams of sugar. Whip the whites with sugar. Stir the strawberries in a mixer to the state of mashed potatoes, mix with proteins, pour over the kremanki and – freeze!

The third recipe.

For the preparation of melon ice cream, 850 g of sugar, 300 g of water, a kilogram of melon pulp will be required. Chop the melon pulp into a blender. Cook the syrup from sugar and water. Mix it with melon puree, whisk and place in the freezer. Periodically check the condition of the mixture. As soon as you notice that it freezes, beat it again and then pour over the kremanki and send it to freeze.

The fourth recipe.

Ice cream from gooseberry is another delicious and healthy treat. Take 500 g of berries, pour two tablespoons of water, add six tablespoons of sugar and cook over medium heat under the lid. Periodically stir. Once the gooseberries begin to fall apart, remove the dishes from the stove. Allow to cool, grind. The resulting mixture strain, discard the peel. Whip three proteins with three tablespoons of powdered sugar. Mix with gooseberry, add 150 g of whipped cream and put in the freezer. This ice cream is very refreshing, has an original taste and a beautiful shade.

The fifth recipe.

Everyone has favorite kinds of ice cream, but this does not stop us from experimenting, and we are happy to try new variants of this delicacy. Prepare lemon ice cream. Lemon peel, cut it finely, but do not separate from the peel, pour half a glass of milk. Mix the second part of this beverage with 15 g of starch, bring to a boil. Whisk two eggs together with 100 grams of granulated sugar, mix all the pieces, put in the freezer.

How to make vanilla ice cream at home

Do you want to pamper your family with something delicious? You can make vanilla ice cream yourself. Stock up in the supermarket: cream of high fat (you need two glasses), vanilla pods (2 sticks), sugar (50 g), four eggs. Cream pour into the saucepan, throw there seedless vanilla pods. Cook over medium heat, stirring. Once the mixture boils, add sugar and continue to cook until the sugar dissolves. Separate yolks from proteins. Whisk the whites well, add sugar-cream mixture and vanilla seeds to them, place them in the freezer.

How to make a ice cream at home

This ice cream has a childhood taste. How to make it at home? You will need 500 g of cream 35%, a can of condensed milk, a large peach, vanilla sugar. Thoroughly beat the vanilla sugar with cream, add the condensed milk, stir until you get a smooth mass. Make a mash of peach. Put first a creamy base, on it mashed potatoes. Before the state of ice cream this mixture turns into three to four hours. Keep the treat you need in the freezer.

Another recipe for ice cream. Ingredients:

– two cups of cream 35% fat;

– three yolks;

– 250 g of sugar;

– any berries to choose from – 400 g.

Yolks rub with sugar, the mass should become homogeneous, mix with cream, cook until thick. Do not forget to stir occasionally. While the mixture is cooling, prepare the berry puree. You can use raspberries, strawberries, blackberries. Mix everything, pour into molds and – into the freezer.

How To Make the Best Ice Cream at Home

Chocolate and coffee ice cream at home

These types of ice treat will appeal to all guests. They turn out to be unusually tasty, and the flavor is delicious! First, let’s talk about how to make chocolate ice cream. It will take 100 g of dark chocolate, three tablespoons of sugar, 300 ml of cream 35%, half a glass of milk. Preheat the milk, pour the sugar and throw the chocolate, first breaking it into tiles. Cook over low heat, stirring until the chocolate dissolves. Cool down. Whip the cream and pour them into the milk chocolate mass. It remains only to freeze the delicacy.

Now we will prepare coffee ice cream. To do this, we weld three cups of coffee, then weak 250 grams of sugar and four yolks, add to them two tablespoons of milk and coffee. Stir thoroughly, pour into a saucepan and put on a small fire. Stirring, bring the mixture to a boil. Remove from the plate, allow to cool, stir occasionally. Pour into molds, place in the freezer.

How to Make Plombir 

To prepare a seal at home, you need sugar, sugar powder, vanilla sugar, salt, lemon, eggs, cream 35% fat. 300 ml of cream, pour into a saucepan, add 100 g of sugar and half a tablespoon of vanilla sugar. Put on the fire, stir until the sugar completely dissolves. Do not bring the mixture to a boil. Remove from heat. Take three eggs, separate the yolks from the proteins. Whip the whites. To get a lush foam, add a little salt to the proteins. Determine if the whites are well whipped, simply. Turn the bowl in which you did this. If the mass remains in place, then it is beaten well. To the proteins, add the juice of one lemon and two tablespoons of powdered sugar, mix everything thoroughly. Pour in the cream and mix thoroughly. So you did the plombir at home.

Ice cream Semifreddo

This beautiful word is called home ice cream in Italy with different additives. Semifreddo is a traditional dessert in the homeland of haute couture, Renaissance, pizza and fine wine. In Italy, a very developed network of home-made restaurants. Each of them has its own recipes for preparing semifreddo, which are kept in the strictest secrecy and passed down from generation to generation. Pamper yourself semifreddo family and you. Perhaps this will also become your family tradition.

How to make semifreddo?

– Clean the hazelnut glass and fry in the oven at 80 ° C for 20 minutes. In the process, stir the nuts;

– 150 grams of sugar pour three tablespoons of water, put on a slow fire, cook the caramel;

– Separate the proteins from the yolks (three eggs are needed). Mix the yolks with 50 g of sugar and thoroughly rub it (ten minutes). Enter 380 grams of creamy cream, whilst continuing to beat. This process also takes about ten minutes;

– pour the nuts into the caramel, mix and leave for a couple of minutes, so that the hazelnut is soaked. Place on a baking tray and distribute evenly with a wooden spoon, leave to dry;

– whip the whites;

– hazelnuts must turn into a solid mass. Grind it in a blender to the state of powder. Enter into it cream with yolks, as well as proteins. You should get a uniform air mass;

– place in the freezer for 40 minutes.

How To Make the Best Ice Cream at Home

Preparing ice cream at home is a fascinating and creative process. It can attract all family members, and it will give new emotions and even more will bring you closer. Moreover, such a hobby can become a source of income. As, for example, my close friend. Her home-made ice cream is rightfully called a masterpiece. Many people think that cooking homemade ice cream requires a lot of time and special knowledge. But, as you saw, reading our article, in fact, this process is not complicated. And you can prepare an ice treat from almost everything that is at hand. Pleasant culinary hassle!


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