5 Ways to Save Money

5 Ways to Save Money

Why often there is not enough money or they are wasted where they could stay? How to learn to save money? Before you start reducing costs, it would be nice to increase their number.

Many methods of saving money in general are related to one degree or another with the processing of their deep habits, which is sometimes not very simple. In this short article, I collected a few simple methods of save money, which can be used at least tomorrow without much difficulty. The fact that they are simple does not mean that it is small money. In a few years, a very decent amount will come to your budget.

Here are Top 5 Ways to Save Money

1. Bargain, this habit saves a lot of money. The person who advised me this was a genius of persuasion. He once asked me:

“Why do not you bargain?” It’s a lot of money, for a lifetime thanks to the bargaining you can save a small fortune.

“There’s nowhere to bargain, I’m on the market once every two years and then just pass by,” I said.

– And where is the market? You always and everywhere bargain, and when buying an apartment, and when you buy a car, or any thing, regardless of the cost and place of purchase. In a few years you will save so much money that there is enough for one more car.

I tried. It turned out that they traded much more often than I thought. In the supermarket, I jokingly asked: “Do you have discounts?”. It turned out that there is a discount card, you just had to ask.

I changed the windows of the house to a wooden double-glazed window – in the firm that I had chosen, I was told that there were no discounts. And only I was going to go to the competitors, as discounts immediately appeared.

As it turned out, the real estate agency is bargaining, which is allegedly “not traded”, the seller of real estate is trading in a growing market, etc.

Everything is traded and everything. It’s just interesting, working out the communication skill and self-confidence. And, of course, a great saving of money.

So I bought somehow an apartment, 50 thousand rubles. – bargain buyer, 20 thousand rubles. – bargained for the services of the Real Estate Agency. And the Agency and the Seller said that they do not bargain . In the course of a lifetime, on one small habit, you can earn yourself, depending on the income, who is more, who is less, for a trip to a holiday to the south, or for a modest summer residence in the suburbs, or for a wife’s coat.

5 Ways to Save Money

2. Keep checks, contracts, warranty coupons.

Do you have a warranty card for a broken TV or not, again different situations. So you can exchange, and so you have to buy a new one or repair it at your own expense. If you bought in the store sour or spoiled products and did not take a check, then return them will be problematic, and maybe impossible. If you are done with repairs, and everything falls off, then without an agreement you will have to do everything anew at your own expense. Such situations occur much more often than you think.

Without paper, you are nobody, but with a piece of paper a person. This fully applies to these cases. Therefore, keep checks, warranty coupons, contracts and other documents until they become obsolete. And in general, keeping a home accountancy is a useful skill and can help you not only reduce your expenses, but in the future and get rich.

3. Compare prices and additional costs.

Do not be lazy to go online or call a few shops and find out the prices in the market in several places. If you do not know the prices, then no art of bargaining will help you.

Want to make repairs, do not be lazy, call a few construction companies, let them make you estimates. The price can sometimes differ by 1.5 times with the same quality. Estimate carefully check, but better consult with an uninterested specialist.

In addition to the price, you need to be interested in additional costs. They can negate all the savings. For each product and situation, they are their own. Ask if there is delivery, whether it is included in the price, the lift is free of charge or not. What a guarantee for the goods. What is the consumption of gasoline and taxes, does the price include wheels, wheels, etc.? Sometimes the presence or absence of additional costs negates all the savings.

5 Ways to Save Money

4. Do not consult a person working on a percentage.

If you have a habit of consulting with a person working on a percentage of sales, then you will lose a huge amount of money in your life.

The hairdresser will tell you a “fashionable” hairstyle, and by chance it will be “slightly” more expensive than the hair style that suits you best, but costs less.

The seller will say that you are wearing trousers, and they will be “a little” frowning, so much so that they do not alter and will have to be thrown away.

The realtor will say that the transaction is reliable, it is checked by the lawyers of their agency, and the price of the property is excellent, but it turns out that you can easily find an apartment for 100 thousand rubles. cheaper and with less risk.

Masseurs, brokers, advertising agents, doctors, consultants, etc., if they receive a salary depending on how much you pay, then listen to their advice with a bit of skepticism. (Plus sometimes they advise something for what they get interest) You will obviously save a small fortune.

5. If it is a question of expensive or constant expenses, then find out more and consult a specialist that you hired.

This is a natural continuation of the council number 4. If it is a question of permanent or large expenses or incomes, then almost always it is necessary to learn more on this topic myself, and sometimes consult specialists.

Have you decided to buy, sell, inherit property, especially in a large city, where is it expensive? Consult a professional for advice. You ask why? Without consulting a specialist, you can skip the obvious for him, but not obvious to you, tax benefits, or vice versa, the need to pay taxes. So not for long to lose a few hundred thousand rubles.

Dozens of times in my memory, my friends lost from a few hundred thousand to several million, regretting 1000 rubles. for consulting a specialist. I myself “saved” a couple of times. I hope that you will never make such mistakes.

Here are my five ways to reduce the costs that helped me and help you.


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