How to Get Rid of Stress

How to Get Rid of Stress

How to get rid of stress? How to get rid of depression? How to cheer up and get rid of fatigue?

I thought that on the topic of how to get rid of stress, now there is a lot of effective information. But over the past few months, more letters have come with such questions, and I wondered why? After all, if there are many tips on this topic, take and take advantage, get rid of stress and live yourself happily and relaxed. So what’s the deal? Having looked through a number of articles and publications, I made several conclusions.

First, in order to get rid of stress, you need not be nervous.

Secondly, if you still visited this stress, you need to calm down (despite everything) (I just do not write about the fact that this is not realistic, at least I have not met such people, especially when a person has something Something serious).

Thirdly, more to visit the nature (with this I agree).

Fourth, have more rest. Fifth, to meet with friends or go shopping. Sixth … Seventh … and so on.

The only thing that remains unclear to me is how will all these actions help me get rid of stress? After all, they are not aimed at eliminating the cause, which causes stress and nervous breakdowns in people. And if we do not eliminate the cause of stress, then at least we can meet with friends, go out into the countryside, listen to pleasant music and say to myself “I’m calm,” it works just like if we do not do anything at all, ie ., does not work (I’m not talking about some short-term, 20-minute effect).

So, the conclusion follows from this.

How to Get Rid of Stress

To get rid of stress, you need to get rid of the cause that causes this very stress (or for a number of reasons, if there are several)

What does it mean to “get rid of the cause”? How to understand what is the cause of stress? And how to get rid of it?

How to Get Rid of Stress

Well, first , do not act like the majority, for example, when they are sick. How often is it? Let’s say a person’s stomach starts to ache, and instead of understanding the cause of this pain, he goes to the pharmacy, buys some pills and powders aimed at improving digestion. And in a few years or months a person is taken to an ambulance with a sharp attack and a diagnosis that could be avoided, find and eliminate immediately the cause of discomfort in the body. For example, if the cause of pain is due to malnutrition, then it was necessary not to wave off your hand and not to think that “everything is rolling”, and get rid of harmful foods in your diet and eat healthy food, preferably prepared at home not from semi-finished products, but from normal products. Also to be examined for opisthorchiasis, as. it is a frequent cause of pain, because of the opisthorchiasis affects the entire digestive system of man and the whole body as a whole.

Since we do not have a medical site, I brought this case only as an example, so that you better understand that often the cause of pain and discomfort lies much deeper than it seems to us.

I think, each of you can bring a number of examples from your life when you tried to influence the investigation, without eliminating the cause, and what happened in the end. If you talk about stress, you first need to think carefully, but what exactly (or who) in your life causes you a lot of stress? It is best to ask yourself this question in writing, i.e. take a sheet of paper and a pen and write: “What in my life causes my stress?” The main thing, try not to make this list voluminous. Understand the main causes that cause stress and write down them. For example, uncomfortable housing conditions, lack of money, communication at work with him or bad relations with her husband (wife). Each person has his own list of situations that cause him stress and great discomfort, but it does not change the essence of the matter, just write down your reasons.

Secondly , now think not about how to get rid of stress, but about how to solve the problem posed to you by life and eliminate discomforting situations. For example, if you are not satisfied with housing conditions, think about how to improve them. And you do not need to tell yourself that in our time it’s unrealistic to do that, salaries are low, and real estate is expensive. Thousands, and even millions of people are coping with this goal, so you can do it. Again, if you do something and act, and not complain to everyone in succession about how badly you live, leaving in the forums angry comments and complaints about our government, the situation in the country and in the world, on those who solved their problems and so on. As they say: “This would be energy, yes in the right direction. ” So you, start working on eliminating the uncomfortable situation that causes you stress.


If we go back to the real estate situation, I will say that at one time, when my husband and I were just married, at first we lived in a rented apartment, then with our parents in the entrance apartment, but after a year and a half we moved to a communal apartment. And even if these were not super conditions, but it was our first separate room, where no one told us how to live and what to do! At the same time, when we saved the room, we worked on the most ordinary jobs (I did not work at all periodically, because I still studied and left for the session). Simply in our life there was a very uncomfortable situation, which caused us constant stress, and we set ourselves the goal to get rid of it. We were so focused on this that we were laying off literally every penny, buying everything at the very minimum. Then the cause of stress was the new neighbors in the communal apartment, and we again began to get rid of stress. But do not think, not by asking relations with neighbors (although these moments were present), but by the fact that they began to save for the apartment.

After the apartment was bought, and we moved into it, the stress itself disappeared somewhere.

The same applies to other causes that cause stress. If you have a low level of income, a constant lack of money, there is no reserve account for unforeseen situations, all this will inevitably cause you stress. And it is useless to try to get rid of stress, while you have a strong lack of money. We live in the material world, we do not need to leave this, and many issues are solved much easier and easier when you have enough money.

On how to increase your income, how to make money, how to form a reserve, you can read good articles on our website in the section “How to Distribute the Family Budget”.

I am sure that many will start to argue and argue, and say something like this: “We live in a small town”, “We have nowhere to get a job”, “I work a lot, and I earn little”, “Everything is so expensive, and so everything I want, I can not deny myself the pleasure of buying new things “and so on. On all these objections, I will say only one thing – it’s just your laziness and unwillingness to take responsibility for yourself for your life. You can always find a part-time job, you can always postpone 10% of any amount of your income, you can always cut costs and not buy something that in fact you do not really need, but simply inspired by advertising about “how cool it will be if you buy here this”.

I have to communicate with many people, from the richest to those who are still dependent on their parents or relatives. And all these people live in different cities, from the largest to the smallest, some of them live in villages or villages. Among my acquaintances there are two brothers who live in one village, the difference in age is 2 years. Only one that earned everything, put it off and saved it for the house, and the second – spent for clothes and entertainment. Now the younger brother has his own house and farm, and the older money is always not enough, although he earns more than his younger brother.

Okay, this is all the lyrics, let’s go back to the question of how to get rid of stress. So, lack of money can also be one of the main reasons for your stress. Therefore, in this case it is useless to meditate, go out into the countryside and listen to beautiful music , all this will not eliminate the main reason. It is better to think about how to increase your income, how to reduce costs and create a reserve, so that in the future such situations do not arise.

If you have a bad relationship in the family, then study the psychology of the opposite sex, study the psychology of relationships, ask yourself the question what you are doing wrong and why the relationship does not add up. Listen, without interrupting or arguing, the partner and his claims, then try to see yourself from the side. Often these actions are sufficient to understand what is wrong and what needs to be corrected.

I think the algorithm for identifying and eliminating the main causes of stress is understandable. This algorithm you can apply not only when solving financial problems, but also in relation to people. If the cause of your stress is constant communication with a negative person, a vampire in fact, it is useless to imagine every day that you are a tolerant person and forgive Tverdopupkin for her importunity, criticality, gossip that she has been spreading about you for many years, etc. Instead, it’s easier to stop communicating with such a person, even though you are accused of all the sins of the creation of the world. Believe me, tomorrow such a person will find another “sacrifice” and forget about you safely. So do not be too patient and constantly because of this experience stress, which over time can develop into some more serious problems

How to Get Rid of Stress

Thirdly (probably never get tired of writing about this reason) Get rid of the TV and do not read the media, in which only they do, that they are pouring the same negative every day.

Now more and more people, especially young people, come to a similar decision. After my husband and I got rid of the TV (at the very beginning of the family life) and began to filter what we read, I felt as if some weight had left my soul and my body.

Far not everyone has the courage to take such a step, but those who still make such a decision, after a while, tell me that they have become stronger and sleep, and the headaches have gone away, and the mood has become much better, and finally thought about their lives and set new goals. And most importantly, many couples improve relationships, because there was more time and energy, which used to go on watching TV, began to walk more, to have sex more often (as is known, sex helps to relax and improves mood) and communicate more. So, if you want, try to get rid of the TV, I think you’ll like it.

Fourthly , often in order to get rid of the constant stress, you need to finish some unfinished business, no longer needed, long-lasting relationship. Sometimes any unfinished trifle can cause a person’s stress and negative experiences. In this case, it is better to get a negative response, refusal from a person or from some institution, to abandon a promising but protracted project than to be in a state of uncertainty for a long time.

Fifth , on the little things. Not always stress and fatigue cause some kind of global causes. It often happens that there are several reasons and they are small. Stress is accumulated gradually, from day to day, because of some trifles, which, as you think, you do not pay attention. In short, it’s always a cell phone, especially if you have hard work, and you do not turn off the phone in the evenings. Even if you do not need to make a call, the phone turned on causes a slight but constant voltage. The best solution will be two numbers, one of which you will turn off when you leave work. However, the second number at work should not be known.

For many, a constant voltage causes services that notify you of newly received messages or emails. It seems like a trifle, but a person can become very tired and lose concentration, if once in half an hour on the computer will pop up a message about a new letter. It is much better to disable such services and check mail 2-3 times a day (if there is such a need).

The lack of physical activity can also cause internal irritation and severe discomfort. Our body needs a regular, rather intense physical load. You can read an interesting article “Essential Rules of Healthy Living”.

There are many more ways that perfectly relieve stress, such as changing activities, rest, meditation, etc. All of them work, but if you do not eliminate the reasons, then the effect of them will be short-lived. After all, if you do not like your work, how much you do not meditate, stress will return tomorrow. So eliminate the cause of stress, do not watch TV and do not listen to negative news every day, create reserves of money, time and energy in your life , finish long-established business and your life, including your mood , will become much better.


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