How to Enjoy New Year’s Eve at Home

How to Enjoy New Year's Eve at Home

New Year is not only a favorite holiday, but also one of the most troublesome. What to give to relatives, what clothes to choose, what to treat friends and, finally, the main question – how to spend the New Year … The guarantee of a merry holiday is not a place at all. And those who think that only the New Year, celebrated in a restaurant or cafe, can be remembered are mistaken. Vivid memories will leave a home holiday.

Creative Ideas For Celebrating New Year’s Eve At Home

By coincidence or a completely independent decision, you spend the New Year in a home environment. How to organize a memorable holiday and at the same time stay alive by December 31?

An indispensable condition is your desire to gather friends with you. If this decision is forced and you are approaching the preparation of the holiday in the same mood, then it will hardly turn out to be cheerful. Therefore, before inviting friends to make a wish for chimes to themselves, think about whether you are ready to take responsibility for preparing for the holiday. Of course, you will share the responsibilities with them, but the bulk of the events will still be on you. Do not forget also about the possible broken dishes, broken furniture and other consequences of congestion of people, even the closest, within the same apartment.

How to Enjoy New Year's Eve at Home

Even if it does not frighten you, and you are happy to think about a merry New Year’s party in your native walls, then boldly start preparing the holiday. That he remembered, you need an idea. It is she who will determine the direction of the evening – the menu, outfits, music. And you, armed with the idea, it will be easier to prepare for it. You can do without it, limiting yourself to a feast, but after all our goal is a memorable evening, photos of which you can then proudly post on social networks. Therefore, we invite friends and discuss ideas for the upcoming party. You can, for example, celebrate a holiday in the style of style. A similar evening was arranged by my friend. The pass was the appropriate outfit. She warned about this at once. Therefore, in the proper style of the event, even the guys came to dress. The girlfriend was so carried away by the preparation for the New Year’s Eve that she could even find a gramophone and records with popular music of that time. Another friend of mine organized the Snow Maiden’s Day. Girls were relying on appropriate suits, the male half of the company could attend the holiday in any clothes. Dresses of the fair sex ordered through an American website and specifically different. Some had short dresses, others chose tops and skirts, others came to a party in … fur swimsuits. Common were only shoes – snow-white slippers-ugg boots – and hats a la Santa Claus.

And I once celebrated the New Year, organized in Japanese style. An obligatory condition was the presence of at least something “Japanese” in the image, as it was difficult to find the appropriate outfits. Someone decorated the hair with Japanese sticks, someone was focusing on makeup, and one girl still found a dress in this style in the wardrobe, they were fashionable a few years ago. But the idea completely corresponded to the food on the New Year’s table. No, not sushi and rolls, but dishes with noodles from buckwheat flour, puree from sweet potato, omelette roll with boiled vegetables, shrimp salad and rice wine.

I several years ago arranged a New Year’s Eve in Hawaiian style. Guests were having fun under incendiary Cuban motifs in swimsuits and swimming trunks around a palm tree decorated with Christmas tree toys. Bananas, pineapple, pomelo and light snacks were treats. And do not think that friends are hungry. On the contrary, they still remember that

New Year’s Eve, when everyone was having fun and dancing, and not falling asleep under the influence of heavy salads.

Ideas, how to celebrate the New Year at home, a lot. If you are going exclusively women’s company, arrange a pajama party. Make a chocolate fondue, stock up on fresh fruits and champagne – an excellent holiday is guaranteed! You can arrange an exchange of wardrobe items that you no longer wear. Agree with your girlfriends in advance. Have you long dreamed of a long, elegant dress? Invite your friends to spend the New Year in the style of James Bond! Dress code for girls – evening toilet, young people – strict suits and a bow tie. Are you an admirer of the book “Alice in Wonderland”? Arrange a carnival with your favorite heroes! It is not necessary to memorize a book by roles, but the costume must be. Only distribute in advance who is how character becomes. Or you can, on the contrary, choose one of them and arrange a contest for the best costume.

If you chose the option with a traditional feast, then offer your friends such an idea. Let everyone come up with a surprise for everyone. It can be anything – an unusual toast, a dish, a performance. Each of us has talents, but many are embarrassed to show them around.

Arrange friends surprise – buy invitations, sign them and mail them. Fantasize, move away from traditional scenarios! But if you decided to organize a themed holiday, make an agreement with your friends that everyone respects its conditions. Are you planning a masquerade? So every guest should come in a suit. Distribute responsibilities, do not prepare yourself. Decide who is responsible for the musical accompaniment of the evening, decorating the apartment, decorating the festive table. To celebrate the New Year fun, think about even the smallest details – let the idea of the holiday correspond not only to the outfits, but also to treat, competitions, gifts. All this will create a special atmosphere and make the holiday truly memorable. And, of course, you need to prepare for it in advance. Make a list necessary purchases. Include even napkins in it. It seems that you just do not miss such a trifle. But, as practice shows, in the pre-holiday fuss you can forget anything. We somehow celebrated the New Year with our friends at the dacha. It was decided that at the head of the table will be a shish kebab. When we got to the dacha, it turned out that the shish kebab was safely forgotten in the city by those who answered for it. I will not say how many “pleasant” words the unfortunate heard that evening.

Festive table

Ideal – when each guest brings a dish. The mistress of the house is also a person and, of course, would like to celebrate the New Year with a hairdo and with make-up, but do not hesitate to distribute the “kitchen” duties. Suggest such an idea. Let everyone prepare a dish that is a traditional New Year’s in a certain country (for example, in Russia it’s a salad “Olivier”, in Spain – a turkey in white wine, etc.). Arrange before a feast a small culinary excursion, having told to visitors about each refreshment.

Let this year at your table will not be traditional mandarins, apples, and exotic fruits. Sprinkle them with powdered sugar. It turns out not only delicious, but also beautiful – as if the fruit had spoiled the first snowball.

In the center of the festive table put a large candle, decorating it with a wreath. Buy napkins with New Year themes. They, too, will create a special mood. If the area allows the room, where there is a festive table, then place somewhere in the corner of a small table. Put on it additional plates, glasses, cutlery, put napkins, hand towels, etc. Such things are required throughout the evening, and they will always be at hand, and you do not have to run to the kitchen every time. You can also do with tea. Put on the table cups, tea bags, coffee, sugar, sweets, a teapot with boiling water. Let everyone who wants tea come to this table and brews it. So you will not only avoid fuss, but you will be less tired. Arrange everywhere surprises! Put in a box of tea bags some small gift (for example, a magnet), just wrap it in a festive package, and on top attach a leaflet with an appeal: “This is for you! Happy New Year! “The gift will be given to the one who will be the first to go for tea. Or wrap in candy wrappers of paper with wishes. The guest unwraps the candy, and there, along with the sweetness, finds kind words.

Let’s sing, let’s have fun!

When with the idea how to celebrate New Year at home, you are determined, think over the entertainment part of the program. It can be contests, games. If there is a good sense of humor in your company, trust him to lead the evening. Do not dedicate other guests to the entertainment part of the party. Let it be a surprise for them. If there are guests that not everyone knows, start the evening with a comic presentation of the guests. Tell each one a few words, describing the main qualities of a person, the sphere of his interests. Or play a game like this – imagine a person, but do not call his name, and let guests guess who he is talking about.

How to Enjoy New Year's Eve at Home

Serving the table, put under the plate of each guest a New Year’s greeting card with kind words. Let it be just a few words, but wish for what the guest has long been dreaming of. So you support a close person, and create a positive mood from the very beginning of the evening. You can put around each cutlery on a small souvenir.

For example, a figure of an animal whose year comes after the battle of the chimes, or a flavored candle. Variants of souvenirs can also be tea in gift wrapping, a magnet with New Year themes, gingerbread cookies of own production. Put them in a beautiful box, decorating it with a bow.

Dancing is an integral part of every holiday, and even more so of the New Year, when the festivities last till the morning. Take care of the place for the dance steps in advance. I was also present at parties where the dance floor was organized in a separate room, and those where guests had fun next to the festive table. I prefer the second option for several reasons. Firstly, not all dance at once, someone is carried away by conversation, someone evaluates the culinary delights of the mistress, and those who want to move may feel ashamed to go to another room. Secondly, when the dance floor is in the same place as the festive table, it is more convenient. Mistress, because you do not need to collect dirty dishes throughout the apartment, and also constantly invite everyone to the table. Guests, because if the next musical composition is not pleasant or tired, you can always sit down at the table, relax. Playlist also prepare in advance. If you have a thematic party, then pick up the corresponding music. In case you preferred a traditional feast, choose popular compositions. Focus on the taste of the majority, but if you know that the preferences of friends are very different, alternate musical styles.

Create a New Year atmosphere at home with the help of garlands. Decorate them with windows. I do this with transparent tape. Cut it into strips and carefully glue between the bulbs along the perimeter of the window. It looks very beautiful. Separately, you can attach a garland to the wall, adding the figures of the coming year from it. Dress up the Christmas tree. Let the main toy on it be the one where the symbol of the coming year is depicted. If you put the New Year’s Beauty at home, there is no possibility, then decorate the apartment with Christmas trees. At the entrance door, hang a wreath, and around the glue on the scotch envelopes, which sign the names of each guest. Inside put on a lottery ticket, postcard, a clipping from a magazine associated with the dream of the person to whom the envelope is addressed, or another such trifle. In the room where the table is laid, hang a wall newspaper on the wall, summing up the results of the outgoing year. In advance, ask each guest what is important happened to him this year, ask for photos. Make a wall newspaper, having decorated it with magazine cuttings, your joint pictures for this year, be sure to put your statement and congratulations.

Do not tell your friends about this surprise in advance.

Take care of the competitions. They are better spent after the battle of the chimes, when the guests managed to get acquainted and communicate. Organize a comic fortune-telling. Buy crackers according to the number of guests, in each place small things – a coin, a ticket (the bus will fit), a candy. Put the crackers in a box and ask each guest to take one at a time. Then let everyone voice their surprise. If a coin is caught – this is for wealth, a ticket is for travel, candy for a sweet life, etc. Think of your “requisites”. Arrange a lottery of predictions. Give each guest a hand and a piece of paper and ask them to write an original wish. When it is ready, let everyone turn the sheet into a tube and throw it into the box, and then let it go around in a circle. The man takes out a wish and reads it aloud.

Invite your friends to play the game “American student”. It is also called “Crocodile”. One participant thinks of another word, and the one with gestures and facial expressions explains it to others. The one who guesses the word gets a new task. With pleasure everyone will participate in this game. Prepare tablets with the names of the characters (Don Quixote, Hamlet, Snow White). The participant is glued to one of the tablets on the forehead. He asks suggestive questions to others, I try to guess the name of my character. For example: “This man comes from England?”, “Is this a fairy-tale character?” You can answer the question only with “yes” and “no” particles.

If your company is all in pairs, arrange such a contest. It will take four balloons, preferably helium, two blue and two red. Make several lists with questions for each pair. Focus on their hobbies. Participants become backs to each other, in their hands they hold on a blue and red ball. The facilitator asks the questions, and the participants respond to it by raising one or the other ball. Agree that if the question implies the correct answer regarding the man, then the participants raise the blue ball, if the women, then, respectively, red. For example, the facilitator asks who is driving the car better. If the girl, then both members raise the red ball, if the man, then blue. Or the presenter asks who better sings. If such a talent is endowed with a girl in a pair, then the guys show a red ball, if a man, then blue. Think of a prize for a couple that has the most answers. Proclaim them king and queen of the party, and hand in the prepared certificate, writing by hand on the spot only the names of the winners.

A wonderful entertainment for the New Year can be and viewing photos. Decorate the coffee table with a garland and put several photo albums on it. Say that if one of the guests has a desire to see you as an infant / schoolchild / bride (think up your own), then only today he has this unique opportunity. Especially for the New Year’s Eve you found your old (and not very) photos and put them on a coffee table.

After the battle of the chimes, go outside. Buy firecrackers and Bengal lights. If possible, book a limousine and ride with friends around the city. Make a route of memories. Let everyone tell what place in the city on New Year’s Eve he would like to visit. During the trip, share why you chose this place and what memories are associated with it. Do not forget the camera. The taken pictures will be a joyful smile for a whole year.

Are you still wondering whether to celebrate New Year at home? Away, doubt! This process is not as terrible as many people imagine. Even on the contrary. Those who organize the holiday, New Year’s mood appears long before him. And in the bustle you will move a lot, and therefore, you will meet the New Year without extra pounds, which did not want to leave. In the end, when you can still be in the role of magician? Happy faces of friends will be the best gift!


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