Why Do We Envy Children?

Why Do We Envy Children?

Why do we sometimes envy children? Because they are not yet familiar with everyday problems at home, at work, their bright head is not visited by thoughts of how to earn, how to feed the family, and so on … And maybe we envy the children that they are not yet disappointed in people? Their hearts without scars and scars, they are able to believe and trust.

We envy children, because life has not yet managed to impose its own imprint on them. They are so carefree, everyone is happy, cheerful, light. As I would like to feel all this too. Although … Why not? Why can not adults experience the whole range of feelings inherent in children?

After all, in fact, we are driving ourselves into a corner and suggest that with care the carefree life has left and now adults are only waiting for hard everyday life. Stupidity is all this. This can be avoided if … to take something into the arsenal from childhood.


For example, let’s take child fearlessness. Of course, the little one is afraid of the dark or stay alone in the room, everyone in their time had their own phobias, this is normal. But still, remember yourself as a child – constant forays to basements, construction sites, houses on tall trees. We with such a thirst explored the world and went forward with such pressure that they did not think about fear at all. Do you think their minds visited the thoughts, climbing a tree, that they can now fall and fall? Hardly. Rather: it will or will not work, continuing to climb upwards.

And you saw how a 5-year-old babe is skiing on a mountain slope, while a 30-year-old novice girl feels unstable on them, and all because of fear fall, break, not reach the finish line and other pessimistic thoughts that swirl for a second in her head. The kid just gets on the skis and acts as the instructor showed him.

Fear. This is what paralyzes and does not allow us to move on. Very often, adults, because of a sense of fear, fall and trample in one place.

– I’m afraid of relationships, but what if they deceive me again?

– I’m afraid to jump with a parachute, but what if it does not open?

– I’m afraid of being the first to tell the boss about raising wages, but what if he fires me?

A lot of “and suddenly” and examples can be given, when fear prevented us from living and doing things. Children in such a global sense of feeling there is no fear. More precisely, of course there are, but they do not always think to themselves that something bad can happen. Children may be afraid of barking a huge dog or a sharp sound and so on, but they do not remain in eternal stress from constantly climbing thoughts that have enslaved fear.

Very often I hear from my mother such words: “I’m afraid that he will fizzle your head and you will lose time …” or “It’s getting cold, I’m afraid that you’ll get sick”, “I’m afraid that with this way of life you will put a stomach” And so on.

On the one hand it is a concern, but on the other hand – where in the head are so many negative thoughts. I’m afraid … scary …

Just like children. They are not afraid to eat a worm for a dispute, climb the roof of a dilapidated building, say what they think, ask what they want, tell them what’s in their heart – they’re not scared. They do not think what people will say, how they will appreciate their deed. They just do it because they feel that way.

The feeling of fearlessness is what can be taken from childhood. In a symbiosis with an adult life experience and caution, we will not go on a rotten board, at the risk of failing, we will not scissor into a power outlet, because we must share the feeling of lack of fear and insanity. But we will not be afraid to go forward, we will not deprive ourselves of the opportunity to experience the extravaganza of feelings and emotions because of eternal fear. We will not be afraid to start a new relationship or change jobs. We will not be afraid to go to a new country or move to a new place of residence, which has long been dreamed of.


Very often, fear arises because of self-doubt. If you experience something similar, we recommend reading the article “Learn How to Get Joy and Pleasure!”

What can we still take from childhood to feel in an adult life easier and freer? Dreamy … Of course, adults are still dreamers, but only their dreams are a little different from how it happens in childhood. Well, for example, an adult dreams of a yacht with blue or scarlet sails, while presenting himself at the helm, but at the same time, rejecting these thoughts, considering them unreal and unrealizable. Children are seriously dreaming that, when they grow up, they become a captain, a doctor, a rescuer, an archaeologist and so on. They, dreaming, see themselves in this image and are completely sure that this will happen. And visualization, as many know, works perfectly.

Dreaming and acting is the recipe for a successful outcome. After all, if a child dreams of becoming a rider or a ballerina, he asks his parents to write him down for dancing or all the time he messes around with cars, and later disappears on karting. He goes to his dream. While many adults are in a dreamy euphoria, lying on the couch, being sure that something may go wrong and their dream will burst like a soap bubble, and this is scary … See above about the fears.

What makes children different from adults? They know how to be friends … disinterestedly be friends. Children have no privileges, choosing a friend, whether his father works as a banker or a simple fitter. They choose friends, focusing on sincere sympathy. Their friendship is pure, faithful and loyal. And if in childhood we swear that we will always be friends, and no roads will divorce us, then we really believe in it. Agree, each of us remembers his friends from childhood, he remembers all the pranks that committed together, all the promises, all the games, all the exciting moments that we experienced …

Why Do We Envy Children?

Adults also know how to be friends, this is certain, but … how often, supposedly, friendship begins with a subconscious “profitable-unprofitable”. Will this person be useful for a future career, will he be able to help in resolving some issues and so on. It is convenient to have in friends of the prosecutor, the lawyer, the owner of the service station, the director of the furniture or grocery store. There is always someone to call to solve this or that question, is not it? But, say, Sergei or Sashka – ordinary hard workers – some will not look, so what to take from them? Be friends? And the meaning?

Is this honest? It is doubtful. Of course, not everyone chooses friends from personal greed, but, as a rule, adults look at a step forward with the benefit for themselves.

A pure, sincere friendship, a look at a person, and not on his status – that’s what should be taken from childhood. After all, life is a boomerang and when you use someone a high probability that someone else will do the same with you.

Trust is another childish trait. Children, like a blank sheet, are not written in multicolored ink. Oniesche not disappointed in people and believe only in good. We, adults, are so often looking for something in a trick. If it’s too good, then there’s something unclean. It does not happen like this. Pour salt, pepper, more every kind of spicy spice, for the sake of completeness – that’s our way, this is real life.

But why can not it happen? Have we forgotten how to believe people? This does not mean that one should be naive and trustful, like a baby and open the soul to the first person on the line. But to suspect everyone and behave in the depths of the soul as paranoid is destructive for the very same person. He can not relax in a relationship, in communication, thinking, where to lay straws, so as not to hurt to fall. But it is possible that you do not have to fall. Everything is in our head. Negative thoughts, mistrust, pickiness, human scanning, as if he is a priori criminal – all this strains and does not make life easy and simple, as if we were more open. There are good people, there are bad people, and it is not worthwhile to row them all together. In adults, unlike children, there is a huge advantage – life experience and intuition, which helps to understand people and separate black from white. “How to Develop Your Intuition”

Why are children so carefree and fun? Yes, because they treat life easily and simply. We think too much, too . Too much afraid. Twisting themselves at times so that this poisonous bundle of thoughts as a result can unravel, except that a professional psychologist and then not a fact. Children do not think much. They feel. And they live.

Being an adult is great. We are strong, confident, experienced, wise, but we lack the child’s ease and faith in good. Why do we complicate things ourselves, maybe it should be easier?


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