How to Cure a Shopping Addiction

How to Cure a Shopping Addiction

Shopping addiction: By myself I know what pleasant feelings you visit when you just bought the thing you liked. And, as a rule, you come for one thing, and buy something else. Sometimes even just walking the super market, having money in your pocket, creates the feeling that they are tight in the purse, they want to be free, or rather want to be spent. And you can easily do without another face mask, scarf, nail polish (I’m so, in detail), and even one hundred dresses, blouses, shoes … but no! Once in your pocket there is money, they need to be spent! Otherwise, inside you feel some discontent, dissatisfaction with life, mood spoils.

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I myself had several times when I was passing by public transport in the center of the city, past the shop windows and, seeing one blouse, I wildly wanted to buy it. Blouse in my closet is enough, but no, I want this and the point! Spit on business, jumped out of the minibus and rushed to the cherished store to buy a coveted thing. For all the time while she’s hanging in my closet, I’ve put it on for about five times. Also it was necessary to break off a business meeting, for the sake of a momentary purchase? At the time, it seemed to me that it was worth it. Let the whole world wait, but this thing will lift my spirits and relieve depression.

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Fortunately, I rarely get to do this. Although there are times when you really wander around the store (or while waiting for someone or for a company) not purposefully and buy some small thing, because the voice inside whispers to you: “Are you going to leave the store without buying it?” . As if by this you will defiled the holy trading shelves, and the spirit of the super-market will curse you

It’s funny, but if with me, in principle, a person who does not depend on the purchase, something incomprehensible is going on and blows off the roof at the sight of sales, then what about people who really can not live a day to not spend money? It does not matter what, even on the smallest thing, but the fact remains that the purchase was. What motivates them to do this and should we try to get rid of it?

First we need to understand what gives us shopping, what emotions do we get? And only then try to get rid of shopping addiction.

Of course, for a woman to become the owner of beautiful clothes or accessories – this is a small, but a holiday.

Trying on a new dress that perfectly fits the figure, a woman’s eyes begin to glow, her face becomes smoother, but she’s getting younger! Therefore, no doubt, many experience joy and satisfaction after shopping.

But here there are pitfalls. You went to the store with the list of necessary purchases, because you need to update the wardrobe, or buy seasonal things? What is the purpose of shopping? If you gave a positive answer to any of the above questions, then this is quite normal action for each person. But if you simply have nothing to do or feel apathy, and you go to the store to “tear yourself away”, buying up everything you need and do not need, then it’s not shopping, but shopaholism.


Indeed, scientists have proven that those who make purchases uncontrollably, there is a shortage of serotonin – a hormone of happiness. And in this way a person thinks that he makes up for this happiness by transtering. But it turns out some kind of dependence: made a purchase – you’re happy, did not – the world has died out, everything is bad and sad. But this is nonsense! Is happiness commensurable only by acquiring a thing, and in the case of shopaholics – it does not matter what, if only things!

Determine a shopaholic you or an ordinary person, who sometimes just carried away shopping, but does not feel dependent on them, very easily. Shopaholics spend all their free time, wandering among the trading shelves, shops, visiting sales, they have no other hobbies. These people simply manically want to own this moment with the thing they just liked. And the arch needs it or not, as a rule, it becomes clear at home, but it’s too late, the money is spent. And the price, most often, the shopaholic does not look particularly. A person does not think at that moment that undermines the family budget, which will have to get into debt. And by the way, usually shopaholics do not get out of loans.

Do you already agree that it is not funny and not at all an innocuous shopping trip? Shopaholics are similar to drug addicts, only everyone has their own dose. Illness or disease which should be treated. After all, otherwise being in a family with such a person is not that you do not save up for a major necessary purchase, you will simply lose it as a person. After all, what can you talk with a person who does not develop himself? Yes, he knows about all fashionable novelties, about the latest collections of designers, everything about clothes, but this is also a limited topic for conversation.

Shopaholism in the neglected stage, this is when coming home, a person, revises all their purchases and begins to blame himself, scolding, since almost all things in fact he does not need. With the help of shopping, a man wanted to get himself out of depression, to cheer up, but it turns out that he only drove himself even more. A vicious circle that can lead to a nervous breakdown. So to save the shopaholic must definitely.

How to help such a person recover? Reasoning logically, if a person has a lot of free time, and he spends it on shopping trips, then this time must be taken. In the world there are so many interesting hobbies. You just need to find out what kind of abilities and talents a person has and advise him to take courses, earn money, learn something new. When a person is engaged in something mentally or physically, he will no longer be unnecessarily wasting.

We have already talked about the discovery of scientists that a person suffering from shopaholism lacks a hormone of happiness. One chocolate will be small here. Most likely, this is a protracted process, which may have been going on since childhood. They disliked, disrespected, their parents compensated their attention with a toy. Now in adulthood, maybe a woman is too busy husband, who is easier to give her a card and send her to the shops than to spend alone with her for a couple of hours. However, do not forget that each person should have his own personal space.

How to Cure a Shopping Addiction

In other words, the absence of attention, caresses, cares, people compensates for the hike in the store. Give him this care, let him feel needed and loved. Communication is not a substitute for any brand name.

Another reason for shopaholism may be low self-esteem. In women, this is manifested most often. Discontent of his appearance, loneliness, little communication and … the fruits of self-criticism on the face – to compensate for all this is a girl, a woman to strive in stores. But the hundredth dress will not make her beautiful as long as this worm sits inside and sharpens the brain, suggesting that she is a loser, an abandoned and abandoned gray mouse. Here, there is not a person nearby who will help increase self-esteem, which is called “help yourself”. You can not drive yourself into a corner. Now there are trainings that increase self-esteem and psychological courses.

It is also recommended that you do an audit in your closet more often. First, you will know what kind of things you have so that you do not buy similar ones. Secondly, in the bowels of the cupboard you can sometimes find so many forgotten things that the trip to the store will be postponed by itself.

If shopaholism not in the neglected stage, then following the above tips, to cope with the store dependency can be pretty quickly. But since we have already understood that shopaholism is a mental disorder, the specialist will help to establish its cause. Self-medication and advice from friends can only hurt. So if shopping goes to extremes: constant disruptions, discontent shopping, lots of loans, quarrels with household members, it’s best to turn to a professional psychotherapist, because jokes with your psyche can be dangerous.

Well, finally, I would like to give some tips on how to make purchases. This applies to absolutely everyone, because any person can buy superfluous.

– The golden rule of shopping – never go shopping hungry or in a bad mood. You will remove everything from the shelves, which for a moment seemed attractive to you. As for the products, perhaps a can of squid, capers and red caviar at home will not be lost and will be successfully eaten. But you went to the store with a different list of products, and now your budget has gone beyond;

– About the list! Always write what you need to buy and do not move away from it. So you will learn to control yourself. Yes, we saw a nice bauble, and not expensive, what’s wrong with buying it? No! Take yourself on a weak note and give up the thing, without which you have all this time easily managed and continue to live pripeyavachi. Having learned to tell yourself “stop,” you will pass by tempting things simply with a smile, and not with a maniacal desire to get it, at any cost;

– buying an expensive thing, weigh all the pros and cons. Check its quality, look for analogues. Better, put it off until morning. If you wake up, you are just as sure that you want to buy it, buy it safely;

– a similar device can be done when you do not decide which, for example, dress to choose – one or two at a time? Exit the boutique, walk along the rows, sit in a cafe, rest and think – is it really necessary for you to have two things at once? If not, then the color and style, what dresses you are more impressed with – then take it;

– take with you exactly the amount that you can afford to spend for this trip to the shops. So you will not get into debt and next week you will not have to cut your budget;

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Listen only to yourself and your intuition. Sellers sometimes try to sabry you a thing, showering compliments. And the girlfriends sometimes either envy or are tired of walking with you among the shelves, so they say that this thing sits perfectly, so that you can quickly buy it and you can finally leave the store. The same goes for your young man or husband – he will say anything positive in your address, just stop his agony of waiting in the supermarket;

– to save up for a specific large thing, determine the amount, how much you can save a month. But at the same time that you do not feel yourself restrained. Completely depriving yourself of small joys, for example a hike with friends in a cafe, can also lead to depression.

In general, there is nothing wrong with shopping if you do it without fanaticism, deliberately and rationally. A pretty thing is true, it can cheer up. But this should not be the norm and a rescue straw from depression. Sports, theater, cinema, museums, exhibitions – that’s where you can go to get rid of temporary apathy. Let your life be versatile, diverse. You can decorate it in colorful paints, and eating far from material energy. Life is much more interesting than wandering through the labyrinth of shelves made of articles.


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