Things to Know Before Travelling to Croatia

Things to Know Before Travelling to Croatia

Fresh air, gigantic mountains, crystal clear sea, ancient districts where the streets are paved with cobblestones and the atmosphere of the Middle Ages is preserved – these are the main reasons why many choose a holiday in Croatia. This is a country for those who are not indifferent to nature, who adore slowly walking along the streets of the city, where there is no fuss, obsessive sellers, noise and din. For those who like sea walks, Mediterranean cuisine and who are ready not to spend the whole day by the pool, but to get acquainted with the country during numerous excursions.

This is all Croatia. Deep as the sea, fresh, like a breath of air and unforgettable, like a rainbow …. To rest was wonderful, it is important to prepare for it. What to think about before the trip, how not to forget the main thing and not take extra? The answers to these and many other questions can be found in the article “How to Prepare Yourself for Vacation”

Visa. Unlike Italy or, say, France, where a huge number of documents require a visa to Croatia is quite easy. Firstly, if you have a Schengen visa in your passport, you have already opened doors to this country. For the rest you will need: a completed application form, a valid passport, medical insurance, one color photo, a voucher confirming the reserved room at the hotel, a confirmation of booking flights to Croatia, a certificate of employment indicating the salary or a certificate from the bank indicating the funds in the account. And finally, a paid visa fee of 35 euros or 70 euros for an urgent visa, which you can get in just 3 days.

Resorts of Croatia. Choosing a region where to relax in Croatia, it is worth knowing that the resorts of the country are quite different from each other. Here everything depends on the tastes and preferences of tourists. Any trip is not only a choice of a place of rest, but also a collection of suitcases. This occupation is very few people enjoy. But it is possible to make the process of fees pleasant and even, I would say, necessary, because the rest begins precisely with this! Useful tips you can find in the article “What to Pack for Vacation”

Istria. The Istria peninsula, which is washed by the Adriatic Sea, has long been appreciated by those who seek to escape from a large bustling city and find themselves in a heavenly place where they breathe in full fat.

Things to Know Before Travelling to Croatia

Entering Istria, you see huge hills full of greenery. Especially spectacular, they look like in the early autumn, say, at the end of September. Then numerous deciduous and pine trees create a mottled mosaic, a multi-colored carpet on these hills. Yellow, orange, buffy, crimson, greenish colors smoothly pass one into another, pleasing the eye with a gentle palette.

Istria peninsula is so clean and fresh that most tourists return to their rooms only to sleep, and the rest of the time they prefer to spend outside the hotel.

The only BUT, which can raise doubts about the resort of Istria, is that the beaches are mostly rocky. For those who are accustomed to a gentle sand or a spacious beach area, it may be uncomfortable, descending to the sea on a rugged coastline. However, there are pluses. The water in the sea here is unrealistically clean, at a depth of 5 meters you can see every stone. Bear in mind also that the Adriatic Sea is more salty than the Mediterranean.

Choosing which is the town of Istria to go, know that if you like to combine a measured rest with fun, then you in Porec. It is in this largest resort center that most cafes and restaurants are located. Just imagine how nice to sit in a cozy cafe in the open air and, sitting in a wicker chair, watch the sea sail through numerous yachts, and there, in the distance, you can see islands that are buried in verdure. By the way, Croatia is known for the fact that there are more than a thousand islands here, and many well-known Russian and Ukrainian politicians and businessmen are not averse to buying a place on one of such ecologically clean islands. However, Croats are not in a hurry to settle their possessions by foreigners and sacredly preserve their territory.

In addition, there is an old part of the city in Porec, where history lovers can get acquainted with the surviving Roman temples, houses and medieval towers.

Who desires a relaxing holiday, which can be combined with a sport such as tennis, then welcome to Umag. This fishing town meets these requirements.

Things to Know Before Travelling to Croatia

And, finally, a city that is rightly called fabulous is Rovinj. It is located in an archipelago of 22 islands, which can easily be reached by buying an excursion or renting a boat. The architecture here is also diverse: a mixture of different styles and eras, stone streets, on which it’s great to go around with your soul mate. Romance and flies in the air. It’s about time (and place!) To admit to each other’s love, to say compliments and tenderness. Being alone together is very important for a relationship. And the beaches here for every taste: there are rocky, pebbly, and there are beach-platforms. By the way, about the beach-platforms: as a rule, For descent from a concrete platform into the water, in the sea lead the steps on the stairs. At night on the steps, sea hedgehogs like to rest, so – lovers to swim in the sea at night – be careful. In the dark, you risk noticing the sea urchin and stepping on it. It’s not hard to guess that with such a trauma the rest will be ruined ….

Middle Dalmatia. The resort, which is completely different from Istria, is, firstly, by nature. If in the first case the mountains were drowned in verdure, then in Dalmatia they consist entirely of stone – a dream for the climber. Huge, as much as the spirit captures, looking at them. Middle Dalmatia is recognized as an excellent resort for resting with children, as the beaches here are pebbly with a large territory. Babies do not have to overcome the stone obstacles to swim in the sea.

The most popular resort of Central Dalmatia is the town of Split. Quite a rather big city, which is valued for its small pebble beaches. It is a city of contrasts. Walking through squares and streets, you can go past a modern building, and just a few meters away from it towers a medieval structure. Temples with an elaborate molding, luxurious ships and yachts, all kinds of cafes – this must be seen with our own eyes.

Those who are attracted by excursion rest more than passive on the seashore, one should go to the city of Sibenik. Here, you can walk a lot over the almost lacquered paving stones laid out on narrow streets. Here are the famous sights: the fortress of St. Anna, the palace-rector, the Cathedral of St. James. The guides say that Sibenik is an open-air museum, and they are certainly right!

But the visiting card of Croatia – the beach “Golden Cape”, is located in the resort of Bol, on the island of Brac. It is also a heavenly place, which is suitable for those who are puzzling, where to rest in Croatia, so that this place will remain forever in my memory and heart.

South Dalmatia. The most famous resort of South Dalmatia is, of course, the city of Dubrovnik. It is worth saying that the rest in this region of Croatia is more expensive than in the previous areas. This is due to the fact that in Dubrovnik there are high-class hotels, as well as South Dalmatia – this is the most sunny and warm place in the whole of Croatia. It is here that the longest holiday season. The sea does not cool down for a long time, and you can swim even in autumn. In addition, in Dubrovnik from all Croatian resorts, according to many holidaymakers the purest water. Adding entertainment, excursions and green mountains, you will get the perfect picture of the rest.

Honestly, no matter which region or holiday in Croatia you choose, return to your homeland in any case with a new energy, full of energy and unforgettable impressions. Rest is necessary, although many of us, in our modern fast world, where everything needs to be in time, forget about it and prefer not to waste time on vacation.

Weather. When is it worth to go to Croatia to enjoy the rest? If for you in the priority of the sea, beach vacation, then it is worth to go there definitely in the summer. The weather in Croatia is similar to the Crimean. The season starts in May and can last until October. Of course, everything depends on the cyclones. By the way, at the end of September, the water in the sea will be liked by those who like refreshing water, so + 18 … + 20 degrees.

Winters in Croatia are mild. However, this time is not comfortable for visits. There is no opportunity to enjoy all the sightseeing facilities, which are so good in summer and early autumn.

Things to Know Before Travelling to Croatia

Hotels. Holidays in Croatia – this is not loved by many relax on the all-inclusive system. Most hotels in Croatia, unlike Turkish or Arab, do not have huge areas, a la carte restaurants, animation and coffee breaks by the pool. Here everything is simpler, laconic and calmer. However, this does not entreat their merits.

The majority of hotels in Croatia are clean, well-groomed, small area, swimming pools with sea water, sea sports, yacht clubs. Meals are usually offered as breakfast and dinner. Some hotels even give excellent champagne for breakfast. As they say, feel like an aristocrat! There are also such hotels, which all the same work on the system “all inclusive”.

By the way, many tourists come to Croatia on their own car. Such vacationers rent bungalow-houses, in which there are two or three rooms, a kitchen where you can cook yourself, a bathroom and parking for a car. The bungalow is for every taste and purse. Unfortunately, many refuse to rest, because they can not accumulate on it. How to learn to save money? Read the most useful advice in the article “The Nine Rules of Managing Your Money” .

Kitchen. Of course, when you come to an unfamiliar country, you want to try as many national dishes as possible. Although in the cafe and restaurants of Croatia in the menu offer a lot of Italian dishes. But we will not focus on them, but rather try the truly Croatian delicacies!

Do not be scared if you bring something incomprehensible violet, reminiscent of rice jelly. This is nothing more than a black “rizhot” – rice with cuttlefish. It looks, maybe, not very appetizing, but it tastes good.

And what salads with tuna are made in Croatia, you will lick your fingers! Fresh fish, juicy greens, Mediterranean large olives and real olive oil are simply amazing. The portion is so large that the ladies can eat enough of it.

A masterpiece of cooking is a dish baked under a cast-iron hood, especially a lamb and an octopus cooked in such a way. By the way, recipes for all these delicacies can be asked from the chef of restaurants, where you will have lunch or dinner.

While in Istria, be sure to taste the cod pate, cheese with truffles, salad with shellfish (fresh and simply excellent seafood in Croatia), as well as pancet (raw meat) and prosciut (dried pork ham).

Who can not without the first dishes, he will appreciate fish soups.

Glad the relatives who stayed at home, bringing them a kulen – it’s Croatian sausage from chopped pork with the addition of all kinds of spices and paprika. Such at us precisely you will not buy!

But the dish, which used to be considered the food of the poor, – wanders, now even demanding tourists order. It is a fish stew with spices and red wine.

As for sweets, Croats are not sweeties. The choice of desserts in the country is limited. However, it is worth trying the Mijmurian gibanitsa-it’s a layered pie filled with apples, cottage cheese, poppy and nuts.

A few words about drinks. Excellent red and white wines in Croatia. The local people themselves are drinking wine with a drink, diluting it with water or mineral water. By the way, even bottled wine is sold already diluted with mineral water. A national drink is also a slivovitz – it is a rakia based on plums and herbs. It is worth trying and “Orahovac” – a tincture on walnuts and figs. Feels incredibly soft taste of the nut, it is easy to drink. Another interesting Croatian drink – “Maraschino” – cherry liqueur.

Excursions. In each resort city you will find something interesting for yourself. Each street is fraught with mysteries of history. Many architectural structures do not leave indifferent. A lot of excursions are connected with the sea, because, as already mentioned above, Croatia has a huge number of islands that are not a sin to visit. Yes, even just a boat trip on a boat or a yacht on the waves of the Adriatic Sea will leave an unforgettable impression.

However, there is a place in Croatia, whose name is already on the lips of the whole world …. This Plitvice Lakes. Not having visited the lakes, consider that you were in vain to go to Croatia. It is a national park, a walk in which takes two to three hours. Narrow paths lead you along the ring-shaped route, raising higher and higher. Somewhere you will have to walk along the wooden bridge over the lake, somewhere you will pass along the forest path past the reservoir, where hundreds of fish swim freely from under the water to tourists. To catch them, of course, it is impossible – the reserve all the same. And so, reaching the highest point of the national park and looking down, emotions just overwhelm the beauty seen. About twenty emerald-blue lakes are spread all over the park. And that’s not all, sky-blue waterfalls fall down from a height downwards, of which there are about a hundred here. Cascades of water, somewhere in thin streams, and somewhere in a powerful stream, make tourists forget about their daily affairs and problems and plunge into the world of virgin nature. Lakes with waterfalls, drowning in greenery, is something that Croats call the “eighth wonder of the world.”

Things to Know Before Travelling to Croatia

Keep in mind that the Plitvice Lakes are quite cool and humid. Halfway through, the hair becomes wet. So it’s worth taking a light jacket and a cap with you, so as not to catch a cold.

What to buy? Rest in Croatia is remembered not only colorful photos and impressions, but also brought souvenirs.

From gastronomic delights it is possible to bring dried or pickled truffles to the homeland, as well as oil with the aroma of truffles. The price of such delicacy varies from 10 to 200 dollars.

For those who love to bring new elements of decor from the cute little things brought from abroad, there are original products from seashells. For example, curtains, a chandelier, a frame for photography. These trinkets will cost you 10 to 120 dollars.

And what beautiful candles do in Rovinj – just a work of art. And you can observe the manufacturing process. They cost from 5 to 25 dollars.

Very beautiful products made of stones and colored glass, as well as corals. This and brooches, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets. Everything sparkles and shines in the sun, pleasing the eye. The price depends on the technique of production.

Croatian olive oil and soap based on it with the addition of herbs are also valued. And also the famous Vegeta seasoning.

Of course, not a single souvenir shop can do without plates with Croatian resorts, magnets, cards, towels, lace tablecloths.

If you are still racking your head, where to rest in Croatia, trust your intuition and throw your doubts away. In any region you will have a great time and will never forget this country.




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