How to Take Care of Combination Skin

How to Take Care of Combination Skin

Combined or mixed skin type, this is probably the most whimsical of all skin types. But no matter how she was capricious and whimsical towards you, your attitude must be friendly to her always. Please and appease her, you just have to. Properly and regularly caring for combination skin of the face, you will soon be rewarded for their work, and the reward you will not make a long wait, it is worth a look in the mirror and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results of care.

The combined or mixed type skin is characterized by increased production of sebum in the forehead, nose and chin, that is called a T-bar and a normal, but sometimes dry skin on cheeks. Needless to say that every part of this type of person requires individualized care. care products for the face combination skin should contain components or for both types, or else will have to buy two types of funds – for dry or normal, and also for oily skin. In principle, the requirement is not particularly clever, but, unfortunately, to find a way out of this situation is not easy.

As I know myself, and I can say with certainty that the mixed type of skin requires a pretty big attention. Such skin needs regular cleansing morning and evening, as actually and other types of skin. With his skin, we’re friends, I love her, but because I try to keep it always perfectly clean and toned. And I want to tell you how to care for combination skin. I hope my advice will be useful to many.

How to Take Care of Combination Skin


For morning washing the combined skin type is recommended to use gel or foam cleanser for normal skin or for the combination. Their composition must not include alcohol, as it is harmful to oily skin and more dry.

I prefer to wash decoction of herbs, and periodically use different formulations do this in order that the skin gets used to the same agent or component. And, because every part of the broth contains a range of vitamins and minerals, which in turn has a different effect on the skin.

How to Take Care of Combination Skin

Combination skin it is first necessary to increase the acid barrier that could prevent the spread of germs on the skin. It is for this purpose I use dairy products. Usually in the morning I take the yogurt with a high percentage of fat and a cotton ball or cotton pad put on the skin. I go with this mask 5-10 minutes and thoroughly wash off all warm running water or mineral without gas. Skin becomes pleasant to the touch, there is no feeling of tightness and fat. Instead of yogurt, you can use the serum, applying it as well as yogurt. If you have at hand was not of such products, however, can be a great alternative acidified with vinegar water. Cook can be as follows: 1 liter of water to dissolve 1ch.l. 6% vinegar. The resulting composition is a wash in the usual way.

Even I used to wash decoction of lipogo color. For him, I take 1 tbsp lime color, pour 1 liter of boiling water and infuse for an hour. Then simply wash it with broth. The skin is well tolerated this tool and looks fresh and clean. And if you apply a compress of this broth for 10-15 minutes, it effectively removes puffiness around the eyes and eliminate the blue bags under the eyes.

In winter and spring care of combination skin person should be: very useful to prepare a decoction for washing of Chamomile and aloe juice. I brew in 1 liter of boiling water 2 tbsp chamomile flowers, infused for 1 hour and quenched adding fresh juice of aloe-3 tsp Next I wash this infusion. With so completely by washing I had forgotten what a dehydrated combination skin. If before my skin was peeling and could shine at the same time, after the morning washing of the problem no longer exists.

If your T-zone abundantly secrete sebum during sleep, in such cases, for the morning washing, you just need to use a special brush with soft bristles, these are usually sold at a drugstore or cosmetic store. During the washing brush to apply your cleanser and gently massage for 1 minute areas of abundant skin greasy. This will help to avoid strong clogging of skin pores, the formation of comedones, as well as the appearance of blackheads.

Scrubs for combination skin

Purify combination skin with a scrub must be no more than 3 times a week. Scrubs for that type of entity should be delicate, without rough abrasives, alcohol and alkali. If you are using bought-in means for peeling combination skin, carefully read the composition and does not give preference to the above. But, in my opinion, better than the home scrubs can only be home scrub. Because I prefer to do it myself – and costs less and the result is better.

Effectively cleanses combination skin scrub from the crumb of bread. I take a crumb of black bread, pour it with sour milk, add 2 tsp soda and stir. The mixture was put on the face and moistened with water carefully and slowly massaging face for 1-2 minutes. Then thoroughly wash off all water at room temperature. This scrub is perfectly softens and moisturizes dry patches of skin and fatty areas and gently cleanses. We perform a cleansing of 2 times a week, and extra cleaning my skin does not need.

Next home aromatherapy facial scrub combination skin is a favorite for the most economical and squirrels housewives. The thing is that he prepares from the dried orange peels. Eat with your family, even a pair of juicy oranges, do not rush to throw the peel away. Of these, we will make a scrub like this way: dry grind the orange zest in a blender or coffee grinder to a state of flour, seed 1 tablespoon of it and add to it 2 tablespoons yogurt with no additives. Mix and apply on face. Massage in circular, but very lightly for 2-3 minutes and rinse with warm water. Orange Scrub turns incredibly light and delicate, it is very suitable for dry skin.

In winter, when our skin needs a nourishing diet and protection appropriate to apply the scrub with a high content of fat and vegetable ingredients that not only cleanse the pores of the skin significantly, but it will create a protective film. Such means is of scrub curd. Take rice cereal and grind it in a coffee grinder to a state of flour. The resulting flour – 1 tablespoon mixed with 1 tsp vegetable oil, the same amount of sugar and add 1 tbsp fat cottage cheese. Stir the mixture and put on a wet face. Gently massaging the face for 1-2 minutes, and we wash with warm water.

Moisturizing combination skin with masks

Combination skin is always in need of hydration, it’s not just the dry areas of the skin, but fat as well. Saturated with moisture the skin moisturizing ingredients is possible by means of special creams, gels and ointments. But, whatever means you have not used, it must necessarily be for a mixed complexion. Otherwise, you can use two tools at the same time for individual parts of the skin. That is, for dry places, we apply a nourishing cream with moisturizing effect for fatty areas – with the drying effect.

If you are using bought-in means, it is natural, first pay attention to what it is intended for any type of person. It should be specifically for your skin type. Choose such a cream, which structure will include anti-inflammatory agents such as, daisy, plantain, sage. If the cream for combination skin contains oily extract, they necessarily have to be only natural. Combination skin is well refers to shea butter, macadamia oil and sesame smock.

How to Take Care of Combination Skin
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But it is much easier and safer to use to moisturize your skin natural masks, home-cooked. For mixed type of person is actually a huge selection of all kinds of masks that are easy to prepare themselves.

“Creamy” mask

One of my favorite masks. Like she told me that in addition to moisture, it is great to cleanse and mattes the skin.

2 tsp I pour oatmeal boiled water for 10 minutes and add 2 tsp heavy cream. I put on your face and hold for 30 minutes. Then wash off with warm water.

Melon mask

Next mask with melon and yogurt is more appropriate for owners of combination skin with enlarged pores greatly. Take 2 small melon slices, mash into mush, and add to it 2 tablespoons kefir. The mask is applied to the face and allowed to stand for 15-20 minutes. Then rinsed with cool water.

Mask for oily skin from blackheads .

Take 2-3 tsp white clay and dilute with 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice. The mixture was mixed and applied to fatty skin (T-zone), or only on those places where there are the black dots. Mask, leave to dry and rinse with warm water.

For information on how to get rid of blackheads, read the article “How To Get Rid of Blackheads”.

Refreshing mask

The effect of the following mask you will be pleasantly surprised. It will quickly refresh the face, to remove swelling under the eyes and visibly smoothes the skin of the face and neck. 1 medium cucumber size grate, resulting mush add 1 tsp olive oil and 1 raw egg white. Ingredients and stir with a cotton pad put on clean face and neck area. Mask wash off after 20 minutes of warm water.

Some masks for combination skin can dry up a little dry areas of the face, in order to avoid this, you must also do packs of broth of herbs. Compresses will help to restore the skin’s moisture balance, improving metabolism and moisturize the skin.

Compress a decoction of chamomile and nettle

1 tablespoon dried flowers of camomile and nettle leaves pour 500 ml. boiling water. Let stand 2 hr. Moisten a small towel in herbal infusion, gently squeeze and apply on face.

Compress from the hips to combination skin

3 tablespoons brier berry dry 1 liter fill. boiling and simmer over a low heat for 15 minutes. Decoction cool and drain. Compress is also as described above. After him lightly rinse your face with cool water.

Any decoction for compresses can also wash in the mornings and evenings.

Tone cream (foundation) for combination skin

Choosing tone cream for mixed skin type, give preference means water, not oil-based. Such funds do not clog the pores and does not overload the skin. Before you apply concealer or foundation on dry skin, mix it in equal parts with your day cream for the face. This simple trick will help align the color of the entire facial skin, and the skin will not suffer from lack of moisture. In the summer ideal for combination skin should be a cream with SPF-protection level 4 or 6. It’s worth noting that any cosmetics for mixed type of person to be primarily hypoallergenic.

Whatever the type of your skin, not too difficult to care for her. Do not rush to get upset and lose heart. If you follow some simple tips, and do not be lazy, you can look very good. Many masks, scrubs and .t.p. you can cook at home, you just need to give it a little time. Pleasing result will be your perfect reflection in the mirror.



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