What to Pack for Vacation

What to Pack for Vacation

A place to relax chosen, hotel booked, tickets are bought, the mood suitcase. It’s time to collect things, but then begin debate – and households, and a – what to pack for vacation? Well, if you are traveling by car. In this case, the extra things though not useful, but at least wear them myself do not have to. When the same for new experiences you travel by train or plane, the question is – what to take with you on vacation – is particularly relevant. In this case, you not only do not forget to put things into a suitcase essentials in a place where you go (swimsuit on the beach, and comfortable shoes for excursions), but not to grab too much, because the bags have to carry on themselves. Before you pack your bags, read the article “How to Prepare Yourself for Vacation” on our site “9GAC” . Armed with these tips? Now proceed to compile a list of things that you think to pack with you on vacation. Enjoy your fees!

Holiday begins

In preparation for the holiday it is important to all, and especially the mood. Planning a holiday date, choose a place for it, make a list of things that will be useful, you need to be happy and in anticipation of new experiences. How many times has experienced the law on myself personally – when fees are not a pleasure, and the rest get uninteresting. So leave the worries and doubts. Sad thoughts will indulge in another time and vacation happens once a year!

What to Pack for Vacation

When you have decided on a place of rest and decide how you are going to get there, make a list of things to pack with you on vacation. Think about what will stay – you just want to sunbathe or visit the tour, if only lie on the beach, what you would be interested to do at this time (read a book, listen to music). Based on the answers to these questions, decide what to pack with you on vacation. Take it a few days. As soon as you remember that you still need, write down in a notebook. When the list is ready, once again re-read it and cross out the extra stuff. Say that it is precisely the most difficult in the collection? I agree, but that’s why I recommend you to make a list. When you see it on paper, and not just keep it in my head, I knew what kind of things are not useful, it is much easier. Yes, and at laying the suitcase more likely not to forget anything, it is sufficient to delete from the list of items that have already been laid. And the mood of the process raises, because you’re going on vacation!

In compiling the list, write down everything, even if you are sure that this thing is not exactly forget. In the holiday bustle, you can begin to spin round and take it with something that does not need to leave the house the most important thing. Several years ago I visited the US on an exchange program. We, the students were warned that on arrival at New York airport we have to wear branded T-shirts with the company logo, which is registered in the Russian documents. It is for these T-shirts have met the receiving side. Halfway to the airport I remembered that my shirt was left at home. I went to the airport, and my brother had to go back for it. When registering on the plane I went to meet him and waited brother brought a T-shirt. Since then, the list of what to pack with you on vacation, I enter every single thing that I need on the road and on-site recreation.

Be sure to include in a notebook the list of documents as those that you will need in their country, and those that are indispensable for the border if the destination is outside the country. Make photocopies and put it into a separate folder. To package the original documents, attach a sticker indicating your phone and a phrase that is guaranteed reward for the return of documents. On a trip anything can happen. A friend of mine was in a story on the Black Sea coast. He rented a car at the time of rest and on the second day after his arrival, he sat down in it, put the bag with the documents on the roof of the car and drove off. Purse fell to the ground. Fortunately, it turned out to be small, and the finder call the number indicated.

Comfort on the trip and provide competent distribution of things in the bag. By experience I would say that it is more convenient to travel with a suitcase on wheels. It is possible to pack the main luggage, and that need is directly on the road, folded into a small bag. It can replace the package, but then it is better to pack things in a “double” package – a package insert in the other to get the four knobs. So more likely that they will not tear. Buy special containers for cosmetics, now such are sold in many stores. Put in each the amount of funds that will be enough for the trip. So you will greatly facilitate your luggage, and you will be sure that the funds are not razolyutsya in transit. Special containers are usually tight lid, unlike most jars cosmetic preparations. I have long used similar containers by road, and almost always before my shower gels, facial lotions and shampoos were poured during transport. And things get dirty in a suitcase, and cosmetics, not expended for their intended purpose, it has been pathetic.

In any trip be sure to collect the first aid kit. I wish that it was not necessary for you while you enjoy your vacation, but just in case first-aid kit should be. Put in it:

– analgesic (particularly from a headache, because when changing the climate, time zones headache almost all);

– bandage, wool and plaster (the latter is desirable various shapes – strip square);

– for antiseptic treatment of wounds (hydrogen peroxide);

– means he rhinitis and the common cold. If you know that you have a weak throat, then be sure to take the medicine for a sore throat, as well as candies, relieve pain in the throat. Put in a medicine cabinet and means for lowering the temperature;

– means Uluchay the gastrointestinal tract;

– means for burns (if coming from the sea, for example, “Panthenol”.);

– insect repellent;

– means of allergic manifestations;

– means for healing wounds and cuts, bruises and means of stretching;

– remedy for motion sickness;

– paper handkerchiefs;

– means of feminine hygiene products.

Also in the journey, no matter where you went, you will need:

– telephone chargers and batteries;

– additional memory cards for your camera, batteries;

– notebook or notepad, pen;

– e-mail addresses of the best friends and family – send them in a postcard instead of magnets.

What to Pack on a trip to the sea?

What to Pack for Vacation

Beach vacation is one of the most beloved. To your trip to tropical countries was great, do not forget to pack with you on vacation the following things:

– bathing suit, or even better, two – one dries, the second wearing. Do not interfere, and a beautician for a swimsuit. In retail stores lingerie swimwear is now usually all come with a cosmetic bag. It is very convenient, because you can change clothes and lay down on the beach in her wet bathing suit, not to wet in the bag other things. If you like makeup to swimsuit is not given, then take the usual for storing cosmetics (not only made of fabric and polyethylene). Swimwear better take one style – so you body will have the same nezagorevshie due him plots;

– flip-flops. Not to carry several pairs that are suitable for each bathing suit, grab shoes, neutral in color and design. If you will relax in a country where the sea is recommended to go in the same shoes, do not forget to buy and a (usually rubber sandals with a buckle);

– vehicle with sun protection factor, it is desirable for one person (with a higher factor), and the other for the body. Some of my friends are, and means after sunburn, but I do not think they are a mandatory purchase before going to the sea. If properly sunbathe, use sunscreen, you do not burn, and the skin will not experience stress. Therefore, it is possible to do a moisturizing body lotion that you use at home. And I do not advise to purchase funds marked “for a quick tan.” Chocolate you really become fast, but tan and also quickly come;

– Sunglasses. Some neglect this subject. But sunglasses are not even an accessory, and, first of all, the means to protect our eyes and skin around them.

– litter the beach, but personally, I’m buying it is always on the spot, so as not to drag in excess of gravity of the suitcase, and after a holiday leave in the room. If you decide to take the litter out of the house, then turn it on to the list. Litter can be replaced with an inflatable mattress. Its advantage is not even the fact that it is possible and lie down, and swim, but the main thing – that on the mattress comfortably sunbathe on any beach – stone and sand. On the mat on the stone beach is not always comfortable;

– hat, a hat or a scarf on his head. This sort of thing we often forget to pack with them, but they are very much needed in the hot sun. I prefer the scarf. First, they come under any clothes, not only a bathing suit. Secondly, they are more feminine than Panama or baseball caps. Hats, too feminine, but very few people go;

– a beach bag and a small makeup bag for small items that you might need while sunbathing (comb, handkerchief, wipes, cream). Bag I often forgotten until it began to make a list of needed items. Then I had to buy any bag, which is located in a place of rest. So do not be lazy to put this item on the list;

– means for leisure activities on the beach: book, magazine, crossword puzzles, knitting, player, etc. Pre-buy your favorite magazines or a new product of the author that you like, create a playlist of music. It seems that all this stuff, but really from them will also depend on your holiday mood. After all, great when in a handbag is an interesting book, but not the one you grabbed at the last moment before the departure of the train, and headphones playing your favorite music, pre-downloaded and distributed folders (for the beach, the road home, and so on);

– comfortable shoes if you plan to attend the tour. It is better to take a little old sneakers than the new ones that you can rub his feet. And pleasure trips do not get, and the corn will torment;

– information about interesting places that could be visited. Even if you’re not sure whether your holiday pay schedule excursions, such training can not hurt. Select several interesting places, get information about them, print out and take with you sheets;

– a small pack of washing powder and soap, as well as packages (several common and small plastic).

As for clothes, then be guided by the planned pastime. If the entire vacation will be just sunbathe and swim, then pair suffice sundresses, some linen trousers and feminine top of them (two blouses enough). Pack some shorts and a few shirts. If you plan trips, then this set of add another set of shorts, adding to the image of polo or a plaid shirt. Instead, you can buy shorts capris. Do not interfere windbreaker or raincoat. Choose those things that are combined with each other in compiling the road outfit. So you can be ensembles, and look at the pictures every time if new clothes.

What to Pack to a sightseeing trip?

You prefer this summer journey of discovery? Then you need to pack with you on vacation:

– a good guide. Do not think for advertising, but from this literature, I recommend that the ID guides “Around the World” and “Posters”. In these books collected reliable information, as their basis is not a reprint of the Internet and the personal experience of the authors. They go to other cities and countries, exploring sightseeing locations, transport system, hotels, etc. Useful and reviews with forums. It will be useful as the information from the site “9GAC”. I visited the United States and shares tips in the article “Vacation in America”

– Dictionary and Phrasebook. Last year, I took with me on a journey ebook where downloaded dictionary. But it is inconvenient, as the book takes up more space than the printed counterpart, as well as you can accidentally forget it somewhere, drop. My conclusion – Dictionary is more convenient;

– comfortable shoes, better two pair. Shine also need to rest, so I always take a trip excursion two pairs. If the holiday will be held in the country where the weather is unstable, grab another and closed shoes;

– an umbrella, a raincoat, a hat – cap, hat (depending on what you like, is and will be relevant in the trip). If you are flying in a hot country, grab the sunscreen. Apply it to exposed skin. Burn, when the whole day on their feet, and under the scorching sun, it is very easy;

– roomy bag where to put the guide, documents, water bottle, umbrella. From personal experience I would say that the big bag handy little. Maybe the past look more elegant, but the convenience is still more important. More convenient backpack, but such a thing does not like all travelers;

– if you are traveling by bus, take a blanket and pillow. They will provide you the convenience on the road. In this case, I recommend to collect two beauticians – one, basic, place in the luggage and the other to take a bus. The road is usually necessary wipes, hand cream, thermal water, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and towel, chapstick, a comb;

– adapter for outlets if your trip will take place in a country where power outlets are different from ours;

– cosmetic for different things – extra batteries, tokens on the subway;

– additional bag. Of all the travel back with new clothes, cosmetics, present for relatives. In order not to invent on the spot where it’s all packed, take an extra bag from home;

– disinfectant hand gel. Sold in pharmacies, it is located within 100 rubles. During hiking when snacking often have on the go, is very useful;

– Foot Cream, relieve fatigue. Particularly noteworthy are cooling agents with essential oils of mint, rosemary;

Advise to take something from the books probably will not. From tours you get so many emotions and new experiences, it is unlikely that you will be force to literature. Choose comfortable clothes, free cut. Prefer pants made of light fabric, they pick up a shirt – stylish image is ready! Not prevent a few simple cut dresses and one evening, and heels, if you plan to attend the concert halls.

And some more useful tips on “What to Pack for Vacation.”

If you are traveling by car, buy or take someone from the friends rental car refrigerator. It is possible to combine water, juice, food. Do not interfere with spanking – swollen feet during long sitting. The slapping them to “carry” the road easier. Put in the car cushion. It may need and a thermos. If the road is distant, brew coffee – it will help cheer up the driver.

What to Pack for Vacation

When traveling by train in a separate bag fold clothes for the road – for example, a T-shirt and shorts, as well as a removable shoes. The train can be very hot, so prepare extra T-shirt, if one becomes stale. Take also a few magazines (one myself, and another neighbor, if you will bother talking. A joke, but the truth is it has), disinfectant gel for hand hygiene, mug for tea.

Your holiday starts with a plane? Grab the salon thermal water and hand cream. From clothes, give preference nemnuscheysya, you will have to sit a long time in one position, so much clothing pomnetsya. Warm clothes do not take – what you additional burden? Many put in a travel bag on the plane cardigan, jacket, because it is often the case at the height of cool. But even if you freeze, you can always ask the flight attendants plaid. Grab scanwords, glossy magazines – even if your flight is going to be easy in every sense of the word! Do not interfere with socks. Legs on the plane, too swell, and I want to take off our shoes. But bare feet may freeze, and appeared to be in a public place socks look more aesthetically pleasing. Do not interfere with candies or chewing gum – help out with nausea and laying the ears.

How to pack a suitcase?

Start to lay a suitcase with shoes. Clean and dry shoes nose to tail packed in bags and put on the bottom of the suitcase. Near place nemnuschiesya things – clothes, knitwear, jeans, top cosmetics and medicine cabinet. If the main compartment suitcase you have nothing to put’re not, then put on the top shrinkable clothes. Books, charging devices, cards, and similar trifles lay on the pocket.

When the case is assembled, you are ready, cheerful mood, sit down on the track. You worked all year to go on vacation. You carefully prepared for it even overcame this article … Well, your vacation can not get on very well! You can say, doomed to the most wonderful, positive, kind and an unforgettable experience! Have a good trip!


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