How to Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online
Constantly confronted in life with a misunderstanding or lack of understanding of the possibility of earning on the Online. Most perceive the Internet as some kind of toy, where you can download some movies, chat on social networks and anything like that.

When it comes to the possibility of earning on the Online, the usual figures that people perceive is a maximum of 3-5 thousand rubles. Do you think, and you can make more money on a toy like the Internet?

In fact, the Internet ordinary people earn money. Someone more, some less. Much depends on how much time you are willing to devote to such earnings, how much effort, how many are willing to learn what your abilities, etc. However, make money on the online is possible.

The first way – it’s earnings on writing articles for websites.

On the Internet, at the moment there is a huge number of sites. These sites are in constant need of replenishment items.

At the same time, if you think you have no talent as a writer and you can not earn online at writing articles, you are wrong. The biggest demand is for articles is not very high quality at a low enough price. That is, you just want your own words, rewrite someone else’s article that you have or will pick up the article, you need to pick yourself. Such articles are called rewrite. There are jobs even easier, such as the responses to the forum, comment on blogs, etc.

How to Make Money Online

Of course, you can take, not only for this type of work, but also for a better paying job, so-called copyright, that is when you need to write a full article, even if based on multiple sources. And perhaps, you will need to make a certain article layout (it’s easy).

In general, all is simple enough theory. You apply for a special site that are ready to write an article on a topic. If you are approved, you write an article and send for review. If you want something to change, alter it. After approval of your work pay.

All interaction between the author and the customer in 90% of cases occur through special sites (Exchange), where all communication is already debugged software. You need to register on one of these exchanges, and start working.

The most popular exchanges are Textsale, Advego, Etext. If you want, you can register and start earning online.

There is also the exchange of articles Copylancer. There do not take everybody, like in previous exchanges, prices for writing articles in this exchange as much higher. However, in order to get to this exchange, you need to provide a summary of where to give examples of their work. Customer requirements to articles is also significantly higher. Therefore, it makes sense to first work on the usual markets. (There are actually quite a few exchanges, look, look).

How much can you earn on writing content?

copywriters earnings is ten times worse. In addition, while you do not know anybody on the stock exchange and you do not gain some reputation points and permanent customers, the work will not be enough.

Beginners earn about 3-5 thousand. Rub. per month. More or less able-bodied people who are on the stock exchange for more than six months, gained a reputation, earn on the stock exchanges of about 15 thousand. Rub. per month. If your performance is above average, you come across Copylancer, you’ve got a lot of customers that you appreciate, it is desirable to pass a good course on copywriting, after which you will be able to increase earnings to 30 to 40 thousand rubles. per month. There are of course the stars who earn more.

If you want to make good money on the Online on the stock exchange, then first you have to fight for their ratings. Get down to work cheap, if necessary, to work well, if you want to run faster, if needed, etc. Only when you type rating, then you will be able to considerably increase their earnings. This is due to the simultaneous action of two reasons. Firstly, there will be more customers, and secondly, to raise the average price of the order.

Even a small addition. Very often customers need arises not only in writing the article, but also to this article were picked up photos, this article has been optimized (really simple) and it posted on the site, that is also very easy to present programs site management. If you will work with the customer, it may be easier to make and tired of the monotonous work only on writing articles, will be less.

The second kind of money making on the Online – it is earning on other services.

There is a site Freelance, where customers are offered and singers perform different services that are ordered over the Internet. In fact, all the same as in the first case, but the work can be different.

The greatest demand is for design services sites, site layout, programming, website promotion, translations of texts. But of course only this is not all. A lot of all sorts of different services required and, accordingly, they can be performed for a fee.

Of course, if you perform a few services, the orders may arrive irregularly.

Where possible earnings even more distinguished than those who earn on the Internet at writing articles. This is understandable, because the programming work or just work on writing articles can differ at times in value at the same time costs.

The first two types of earnings in some way similar to an ordinary piece work.

The main differences are that, firstly, you are looking for the customer on the Internet, usually through special sites, rather than among friends or in advertising. The second difference is that your earnings are highly dependent not only on your ability to work, but also on your ranking in some systems. However, and there reputation in real life, fame, etc.

How to Make Money Online

And another difference is that the payment of your services will not be cash and electronic like Webmoney (usually) or Yandex-money. But the question of cashing electronic money is not so complicated. It is much more difficult to make these same electronic money.

Total, we looked at the first two methods of earning online. These methods, as I wrote above, are not very different from the usual kind of undermining dowry. However, despite the apparent lightness of this type of income, so many people consistently, over the years, earning on the Internet amounts comparable with normal wages, or even much higher. In this case, there is no attachment to the place of work and timetable.

It is particularly advantageous to work over the Internet to people who have their place of residence low wages. Then to make, for example, writing of articles 25 thousand. Rub. monthly city, where wages are rarely more than 15 thousand. rub., is a very good idea.

Earn money through the Online, if you have another job even easier. Then shoot a lot of questions that arise in some people according to seniority, pensions, etc.

Lows in the work of freelance, of course, there is also. The first disadvantage, which we have already discussed a bit, is that there is no work experience, no employment records, no contributions to the pension fund, etc.

Another minus is that you will need to force yourself to work. A regular job you have a boss that periodically “motivate” you to work shouting, criticizing, approving pat on the shoulder, etc. Here nobody will not do this. If you find it difficult to get to work to yourself, then you do not do or do very little and very few get.

The third negative is that freelancing should be given some attention not only to the work itself, but also its promotion as a specialist. We must fight for the top, good for permanent clients, portfolio and be something else to do, to work, and not infrequently for a penny, and often receive orders and much better paid.

Fourth negative, it is no longer as compared to a regular job, and as compared to earnings using the site, is that even though freelancing can earn quite a lot, but this income is still some kind of ceiling. Prices have to work your ceiling, human performance also limited to 24 hours.

Not all succeed, and if not, then wages can be very low as a consequence of the small volume of orders, and the price of the order.

The third way to make money on the Online – is the creation of its own website and pay with it.

This method differs fundamentally from the other two methods. And if the first two methods, though different from normal employment, but you can still spend a lot of parallels, the earnings with their own site (s) is a real business, although it is very small.

How can you make money with your website?

The bottom line is that you first create a website that is quite simple. There was a lot of programs that will make the process a little more complicated than creating a document in Word.

Then you begin to untwist the site, that is, to increase its attendance. It is much harder.

When your site starts to attend a lot of people, then you can start to earn on your site. How do I earn?

First. Earnings from advertising.

If you have a lot of visitors to the site, you can start to place banner ads on the site for the money. Many beginners think that this is difficult. What you need to look for advertisers, to negotiate with them, etc.

However, none of this site for the novice do not necessarily. All have long thought out and organized. There are organizations that will do everything for you, and even in the automatic mode.

The largest such organization – it is Google and Yandex, or rather their divisions, Google Adsense and Yandex-Direct, who are engaged in advertising on other sites.

You only need to register once in these or other similar systems pass moderation, if necessary, and put on your site character set (code) in the place where you want to stand a banner ad, and all.

Further advertising will begin to show itself visitors, completely without your participation. Themselves will change, advertisers, advertising itself will adapt to the content of your site, in general, everything is done by itself. You just need to get money from advertisers.

Your same task is to make your site more visited as much as possible. The same problem is usually a little more difficult than to build a site or find advertisers.

How can increase the traffic to the site? I’d love to tell you more about it, but unfortunately even the story will superkratky size of a series of articles specifically only about methods to increase traffic.

Second. Selling their own or other people’s products.

You can sell online products. What this may be the goods? Yes, almost any. Of course, if you are a beginner, it is unlikely that it will be large and expensive items. But you can sell almost anything.

One of the common ways of selling goods on the Internet, especially for beginners, is manufacturing and selling information products. If you are an expert in any case, you can make your information product, and then start selling this product through its website. This can be an ebook, video disc, or something else like that.

Produce a quality product, as if you are there or convince her otherwise – is not such a simple matter, and takes a lot of time and effort. Then this product is necessary to untwist, and not the fact that it will be sold.

Therefore, for starters it is enough to be a good option – is the sale of foreign goods for interest. This so-called affiliate programs. Here, everything is as simple enough. You pick up the goods on the Internet, where there are affiliate programs that you could sell on your website.

Then you put on the site where the goods are sold, the so-called affiliate link, ie a link that contains the information that is transferred from your site visitor. If the visitor subsequently bought the product, you will be transferred to a fee, which is about 2 to 50% of the value of the goods.

In principle, it is possible to earn on the Online affiliate programs, even without your own site. After all, you can direct visitors to a site that sells products through posts in forums (usually allowed only in the advertising message signature), in social networks. You can advertise yourself in Yandex-Direct or similar networks.

But let’s go back to your site. Again, if you have created a website, the most difficult task – is to make it popular. If your site visit, then choose the affiliate programs under it and make money on them – this is usually a simple task, than to make the site popular.

The third way – is the sale of links from the site.

The fact that the site traffic from the search engines depends also on how much the site are links from other sites and what kind of sites.

Theoretically, the reference should be to put the owners of other sites on their own, when they find the network interesting material. In practice, however, 80-90 percent links are bought and sold.

So if you have a website with some parameters that are needed for the sale of options, you can start to sell them. To do this, there is also a special exchange.

In general, the problem here is not the sale of options is so complex, and the details I am about this way of earnings will not write, so as not to go into the jungle of details. The main thing – is to create a site from which these links would be quite expensive and would have sold out.

Advantages and disadvantages of earnings via their website.

One of the main disadvantages of income using their website is that it is a long time process, sometimes requiring also investing some money (sometimes a lot of money). If you have to write an article on the exchange of copywriters, the first money you can get with some luck a few days.

The site also starts to give some kind of minimum income in six months or even a year after the beginning of his conduct. And even when some income appear, it is often the best option would be to invest that income back into the development of the site.

Another minus earnings via your site, and pretty decent, is that such earnings requires a fairly decent education. Of course, the sea created programs that have simplified this process to the limit. But, nevertheless, still require learning the technical side of things.

Of course, there are pluses in this earnings, otherwise anybody was not engaged. The first advantage is that the earnings of the site is not so much limited as when working at freelancing.

How to Make Money Online

Freelancer, it does not matter, it’s a programmer or a writer, eventually rests on the income ceiling, which for a copywriter (the writer) is usually somewhere in the 60 thousand rubles. per month (if you work 28 hours a day). The owner is a good site easily passes the threshold of income and may well receive 100 thousand rubles., 300 ths. and even much more.

The second big plus earnings through the site is that the earnings of the site is not so much depends on whether the owner of the site does not work or works. If, for example, a copywriter (Freelance writer) fell ill and can not work a couple of weeks, his income immediately drops to zero for these two weeks.

If the sick or do not want to work the owner of the site, for some time, a couple of weeks for sure, he can not even feel any drop in revenue. It is very convenient, as the man difficult to work at the same pace and with high intensity. This is not to say that a successful website owner works less than a freelancer. As a rule, any owner of a successful business is working very much. But most importantly, it can work at their own pace, and it is often important.

One last plus earning money online on their website is that part of the work site can and must eventually delegate to others. What would it be for work, not so important, but more importantly, it is possible to make and not too difficult.

Freelancer is, by definition, does everything himself. Of course, I’ve heard that some people manage to work freelance and spread to other employees. However, it is not so easy to do. Work as a site owner simply delegated to others.

Total, make money online can be. Earn online can be quite a lot, often more than a regular job. Internet – is not only a toy, but a real tool that can make you free from employment, help to make or even create your own small business. In an extreme case, in addition to earn main job. Who are interested, study these types of earnings, try and you must succeed.


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