Why Dreams Don’t Come True?

Why Dreams Don't Come True

When dreams come true? What you need to do in order to come the fulfillment of desires? Why someone dreams come true, and someone – not? And lots and lots of these here “when, what, how …”. Against this background, only one, but is timid and, at times, filled with pain and resentment, “and why I have not ?? “. Why someone dreams come true and desires execution does not make long to wait, and someone dreams do not come true? Why it did not happen then, dreamed about as a young man, because no one specifically does not want to get sick, to live in poverty and to be lonely or unhappy in the marriage. So why is it that not all of our dreams come true? Especially those that are so important for a happy and fulfilling human life: good health, a happy family life, high income, self-esteem and respect for others, the implementation of talent and luck in life.

Why? And whether or not at all “to blame” life? Or is it somewhere we are not inspected, not brought conceived a desire to end, were not able to let go of your resentment at the past and did not translate promising relationship to the next level?

Maybe, somewhere we are overspending their finances, many drinking, eating wholesome food in moderation, did not observe the mode and do not engage in sports?

Maybe somewhere we ourselves were not able to wake up and stop the daily run on the track and begin to think for themselves in order to bring much desired wish-fulfillment?

Maybe somewhere we do not want to take responsibility and to abandon “free” life, to sacrifice something in return, albeit at a happy, but require a lot of time, effort and attention to family relationships?

Who commands us now?

The only thing that always agree with is the fact that very few people in childhood are taught to think and think for themselves. But, yet again, it was in my childhood, and it is long gone. And who is now forbids us to use their brains for its intended purpose? Who is now prohibited to go out and buy or borrow a library book on the development of thinking? It is clear that few people are parents asked: “What you did (she) think of this or that occasion? And you decided that? Well, I accept your decision and action. Know if you need my help, I’m always there and will always help, but to climb into your life and interfere with your development is not going to “ – with the fact that so few people are brought up as a child, I completely agree.

But now we have grown, they have become large, even boys and girls, and men and women. So who are we now prohibited and continues to command what to do and how to live? Why is it now we can not begin to think and make decisions on their own?

Analyze themselves, their actions, their programs and beliefs, their actions and reactions?

Why Dreams Don't Come True

Why do we now continue to walk in a circle, on the same track, in which our ancestors walked, step by step, repeating the actions and reactions of other people?

Why we do not begin to think? And in general, what it means to think about yourself and your life?

Fulfillment of Dreams is not far off! We begin to think for yourself!

What does it mean to “analyze their actions and deeds and to calculate something that they will” ? – So this is to ask yourself honestly: ‘Why do I live? Maybe because I am lazy? And, first of all, it is lazy to think? Allocate yourself an hour of time every day to sit down and think about their lives. And why not realized my most important for me dreams and desires? “ And then, as honestly admit that many dreams simply remained ephemeral dreams, but never really were not supported by concrete actions and steps directed towards on their implementation.

In response I hear: “What do you mean, I worked, I did so many things!” – And what did that? Yes, they say, well, talked a lot, well, well – a lot of talk, and did what?

Do you have a dream? – Yes, I have three whole dream!

For example, a person is sick, but wants to be healthy. You know, during my practice, I was faced with only a few people really to be cured, and the diagnosis in such people tend to be quite heavy. The rest remained “ill” and only their verbiage continued even convince themselves that, in theory, they would not mind being healthy. When they were asked:

– And do you have on the recovery plan? You are thinking about what is a healthy lifestyle? What you want to cure the illness in the first place, and what – the second? Have you pondered why you’re concerned about a particular organ? Maybe your heart is overweight? And your stomach and liver from excessive fatty and fried foods? And, perhaps, in your many old scores to people and to life, and all this is reflected in your body as a disease? Perhaps you are dissatisfied with any area in your life? The overwhelming part of a their desires, then all this is reflected on your well-being? – So do you have on the recovery plan? – In response, you can see the puzzled look and hear objections and reflections on the theme:

– There are doctors, that even if treated. Anyway, all this is useless, and what I just did, so doctors bypassed and all for nothing. – It feels like we are from different planets, in different languages people speak and so deep “sleep” that simply does not perceive what he is told.

Or another example:

– We want to become rich. After a few years we will be with Dima your house on the beach, but still we went to relax on the exotic islands, buy a huge house in the center, and will constantly travel the world. And yet, we will never be in need of money, they will always be with us!

– a beautiful dream, just wonderful. You probably already have made a detailed plan of their actions, both long- and short-term, for the coming weeks?

– Plan, a plan yet?

– Well, what’s the plan. One that it is called ordinary. Plan how you will realize all your dreams. Where are you taking stock of what you have at the moment, and that can be done now in order to bring their wishes to their execution. What are the conditions of life, what kind of education where he worked and how much gain? And then what should be done to increase the income, which advanced training courses to complete, or some new profession to explore, which will bring more like inner satisfaction and material? Reflections and thoughts about what you do today that five days, two weeks, and that in a month and a half?

– No, the plan in general, we did not make any. And why do you need this plan. Life is life, now here to dream, talk, and then something turned up, so we just get rich. For example, I suddenly appreciate the new management and will enhance the career ladder. Or my baby rich.

– Well, dreams – this is useful to dream it all starts. But you must be able to dream. You do not just talk and dream, perhaps, have long gained a variety of magazines with pictures, which depict your desires. Cut them out and pasted to your images, all stuck on paper, we hung in his bedroom every day, together, come and view these images of your future life. And then, perhaps, lie or sit down, close your eyes, relax and begin to visualize?

– Images, photos? So and where to get them? All because it costs money, and time is not particularly somewhere to go there, buy magazines, then another, and something to cut-and-paste. And if anyone will see of your friends or relatives, so in general ridicule.

– Well, then, you probably already started to save and to postpone part of their income for the future, to become financially free and afford all what dream? Learning investments, read professional literature?

– What do you mean! Of course not! Why do we put off, if it is so small salaries. Yes, and that to postpone, we are still very young, we all – the 20, 30, 40 … years. So still want to walk, afford all: buy a new car to the front of your friends are not ashamed, and go relax abroad. And all have been several times and we have never. And also to make repairs, furniture to buy new – and all must, we must, we must. Where here to delay …. That’s when another job appears, there will be higher income …. Here then, maybe. And now, no, it’s not for us. Do not get us to save, I am fully convinced of this, I will not even try! Now, that’s what I basically!

Often exactly what happens. A man sits and complains that the money he paid little and life “barely-eaten enough” in the family budget confusion and discord in the family, and health, they say, just will not do, and others do not appreciate – not respected. He sits so sitting, aching and whining, rather than to take and look at ourselves and at how he “pulled out” of all his whining. And then stand up and say to myself, “Look, my dear (expensive). I have so much strength and energy, so much time of his life spend and invest in the nagging and resentment, on seeking out in the lives of others, what and where they have failed, where they are “bad,” I had been treated, and then, where my life is not It failed – that for all this time would long ago have been able to do at least half of what he had dreamed. Or maybe everything and more! Yes, my energy would be, as they say, but in a constructive way! Look at myself, at my life, and that you were given, and what did you do with all this? Or I did not do anything? Or “whined” everything and hid behind the grievances, discontent and disappointment? 

Yes you believe in yourself!

And really, let’s see, because once the man was promising, talented specialist. And in a family like all went well in the early years. And money is always able to earn enough.

Health and tough different. So what’s wrong with him? Where the “disappeared” all the talents, income, relationships and health?

That man has done with the opportunities that have been bestowed upon him from above at the beginning of life’s journey? And he was going to continue to do so, what else is left that does not fall apart and require his attention and energy? As he disposes of their lives and their talents? As multiplies and increases as improve and that gives other people and the world?

Or, still, using its capabilities without thinking, losing the chance for chance, without learning to translate the relationship with a partner to a different level when you need it? Not develop their talents further, already forgotten the last time I studied and read something other than newspapers and magazines? Do not postpone a part of their future revenues, are not interested in and does not learn to invest, and spend every last penny? Eats, drinks moderately healthy food and drinks, and then complains that the forces and smaller, and health is not the same?

So that man does with his life? What he does for the fulfillment of dreams? And to his dreams come true? At that time, he spends his life?


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