Essential Rules of Healthy Living

Essential Rules of Healthy Living

I’ve always been a supporter of a healthy living, and with the advent of a small child in the family of my efforts in this direction have intensified. Indeed, so eager that the baby is healthy growing up, I ate, if possible, only the right food, more to be outdoors, and as little as possible sick. Healthy living – it’s not just a set of measures aimed at improving the state of our health, it is also a source of beauty, youth and longevity.

Healthy living

It’s even more a lifestyle, it is how a person builds his day, allocates time for work and leisure, as well as feeds, is doing in his spare time, pays whether physical exercise time, whether sleeping enough. It is understood that the residents of modern cities with their crazy rhythm of living and adverse environmental conditions with each passing year it becomes more difficult to adhere to the rules of a healthy living, so this issue should be approached more responsibly.

Essential Rules of Healthy Living

One of the elements of a healthy living- the mode of the day. I’m not talking about simply performing their daily tasks on schedule, as it was, for example, in the garden or in the children’s summer camps. I think it makes our life dull and predictable. I mean, every day we should try to eat and go to bed at about the same time, should try to distinguish between work and leisure, to spend time home , carve out moments for personal care and sports.

Now, to organize his day helps me to our baby. While it is small, can not do without a clear mode of the day. It there is a certain time to sleep and to eat a meal, in between these basic things we play, go for a walk or doing small household chores. And the day I was adapts to the child’s mode: I’m eating with him while he sleeps – doing work or chores around the house and in the evening, after the routing of the baby to sleep, try to make room for recreation, communication with her husband, viewing any film or study sessions. It really helps intelligently organize your day making a list of things you need to perform tomorrow. Such planning takes very little time, but it is very well mobilized and allows you to select major and minor things.

Favorite work – is another essential component of a healthy living. A person can not live a normal living without working.

Firstly, the work – it is a source of earning money , and secondly – a tool that allows us to feel full members of society, to show what we can do, what we can do and what we can achieve.

It is important, when the work in addition to material values and brings moral satisfaction. Among my friends there are those who have already found “your” job, and those who work only for the money. Recent work brings no pleasure, they go there only out of necessity, are looking forward to a weekend or holiday, and constantly complain about the boss or a small salary. It is clear that these people work will be accompanied by constant stress and negativity, that sooner or later leads to various diseases. (For information on how to get rid of stress , see here ). It is therefore important to find a job that a person walks with a desire and a smile on his face. If you, for whatever reasons, are unhappy with your current job, you think maybe it’s time to change something in your life?

In no event should not forget about the rest, even if you have a very exciting and interesting work. Everything is good in moderation. And the best holiday – a change of activities, ie if you have a sedentary job, the rest, in contrast, must be active. When I worked all day at the office, I always tried to lunch at least for half an hour to go out and walk a little. After the break the brain understands much better.

It is difficult to imagine a healthy living without a healthy diet. Along with the food the body receives all the necessary vital energy . For normal functioning of the body, every day we need to eat a certain amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. That is why it is so important to our daily diet was balanced.

What you need to know about carbohydrates.

As for carbohydrates, they supply the body about 60% of the energy. Carbohydrates are divided into fast (simple) carbohydrates and slow (complex). Simple carbohydrates are found in fruits, berries, flour, pasta, sweets. Once in the body, simple carbohydrates are quickly digested and converted into sugar. At this point, we usually feel cheerful and lifting forces, but not for long. Once there was a release of sugar into the blood, the defense mechanisms are included in the body that tend to pay off this “sugar spike”. In the case enters the pancreas, which produces insulin. Insulin, in turn, trying to get rid of excess sugar, transforms it into fat. Meanwhile, we, in addition to the appearance of extra grams to her waist, again begin to feel the fast growing hunger. Jams on the run another muffin or a sandwich, actions of our body pattern is repeated …

Extra weight – not the worst, the consequences of systematic snacks fast carbohydrates. The main danger lies in the metabolic disorders and increase in blood sugar levels. All this can lead to obesity, diabetes, decreased motor activity and other diseases.

Complex carbohydrates behave differently. They are digested slowly, so the energy that brought them, spread evenly and have a desire for something to chew on in between meals. In addition, complex carbohydrates contain much less sugar than simple. It contains such carbohydrates in cereals, meat, legumes, nuts.

Now we know why one should abandon a quick snack rolls, sandwiches, sweets and give preference to normal meals with a varied diet. Of course, I understand that the modern way of life is difficult to overcome itself and give up bad fast food, but it’s a matter of habit. When I was a student, I also did not find the time to ensure that normal lunch and often dispensed coffee and pizza fast food. But in the evening, coming home, I pounce on the food, carefully prepared by my mother to my arrival, and eats at night. Now, when I became a mother myself, I began to look at this issue through the eyes of others and try to cook only healthy food for my family. For more information on healthy eating, visit the website “9GAC” in the article “10 Myths About Healthy Eating” .

Breakfast – a healthy start to the day.

For me, a healthy living, it is including a healthy diet, which begins with a buffet breakfast. If I did not have breakfast, you will feel lethargic, sleepy and neenergichnoy. Many people prefer, instead of the normal full breakfast drink a cup of coffee and a sandwich. Coffee, of course, helps us to wake up and energizes. But this energy is taken from the internal reserves of the body, instead of being brought from the outside, so its effect quickly ends. And to replace the vigor comes fatigue and apathy. Before dinner is still far, but the body has already hungry and does not feel in shape. Again, there is a desire something to eat in a hurry to wait for dinner.

Essential Rules of Healthy Living

The alternative – a healthy, full breakfast. Some people refuse to breakfast because they do not feel in the morning hunger. In this case, I recommend to drink in the morning on an empty stomach a glass of clean, warm water. It cleans the intestines and activates his work. You need to eat in about half an hour after that.

Most often, I cook for breakfast various cereals – oats, wheat, rice, corn, millet. All these grains are useful in their own ways, they contain complex carbohydrates that are slowly digested, so the feeling of satiety persists until lunch. To diversify cereal nutrients, I add there a little bit of butter, fruit, nuts or dried fruit. As a rule, in the morning very difficult for me to wake up a little earlier to cook porridge, so I try to cook it in the evening.

Another common breakfast our family – an omelet with vegetables. Preparing it quite quickly. First, fry the onion, tomatoes and red peppers. You can also add finely chopped broccoli, zucchini, leek. While overcook vegetables, to whip the eggs in a separate bowl, season with salt and add a little milk. The resulting mixture is filled with vegetables and cook for a few minutes until tender. It turns out very tasty, useful and beautiful. Red pepper – a source of vitamin C, in addition sweet pepper beneficial effect on the skin – protects it from drying out and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

Also, breakfast is good will cottage cheese, sour cream or natural yogurt. We can also add nuts or fruit. To wash down the best cheese freshly squeezed orange juice. Everyone knows that the orange juice – a storehouse of vitamins, combined with cottage cheese vitamins are digested better. At the same time, thanks to citrus, the body is better able to absorb the protein contained in the curd.

Healthy eating, lifting immunity.

In autumn and winter it is very important that the food was full of vitamins and minerals. So the body will be easier to resist the flu and colds.

A lot of Vitamin C is found in sauerkraut. Many believe that in the sauerkraut in winter contain even more vitamins than in fruits and vegetables. This is not surprising, because until the vegetables and fruits will reach to us from the warm countries, most likely, they will be practically no vitamins. Sauerkraut can do a variety of salads, vinaigrettes, or to use it in its pure form. My grandmother is usually added to the cabbage a bit of onion and olive or vegetable oil – turns out very tasty, and most importantly, useful!

Recently, I learned that in canned salmon contains very useful for our body’s omega-3 fats, which prevent heart disease and certain diseases of the brain. Adding salmon salad with fresh cabbage, you get a very unusual taste. I try to make this salad at least once a week.

In order to protect our family from cold and to raise immunity, all winter instead of tea we drink is brewed in a thermos rose hips. A handful of dried rose hips rinse and toss into a thermos. Pour the boiling water for the night. In the morning you’ll have a very pleasant and healthy drink. I do not add sugar because I like to use rose hips in kind – a little sour. But if you feel not enough sweet, you can add a spoonful of honey or sugar.

Next I drink brewed in the teapot. To cook it you need the ginger root, rosehips, stuff a few cloves, cinnamon bark, peppermint. All these herbs and spices brewed with boiling water and infuse for half an hour. Ginger previously better to rub on a medium grater. A rather rich, warming drink. It eliminates the pain in the throat, warms up the nasal congestion disappears.

Very good, if you get to eat at least a spoonful of honey a day. About how the honey raises immunity, know, probably all. I am convinced of this, watching her husband. He is very fond of honey, every morning and evening eats little honey pialki. And the flu season, when all around coughing and sneezing, he very rarely gets sick.

Essential Rules of Healthy Living

In addition to all the above, a healthy way of life – it is also the observance of the rules of hygiene, hardening, regular exercise, avoiding harmful habits. Many people hear the word “hardening” immediately assume that we are talking about wiping snow or swimming in the hole. In fact – hardening – is deeper and more complex concept. By hardening can be attributed, and a contrast shower, walking barefoot on the grass and the ground, sleeping in a well-ventilated area, rubbing with a rough towel. All these measures are tempered our body, and, consequently, improve health. Only approach to hardening need to mind. For example, if you decide to take a contrast shower, then the first week of the water should be comfortable enough.

Then, when the body starts to get used to the water temperature must decrease gradually (for cold shower), and to increase the (hot). That is, the minute you stand under a hot shower, then the same in the cold. I accept douche in the morning. It awakens and energizes the whole day.

By tempering can also be attributed, and a visit to the bath, unless of course, you bask in the sauna and bathing. Bath is very good for our body. Heated, the skin pores begin to open, together with then through them out toxins and other harmful elements. Bath – is a ritual, accompanied by a deep cleansing of the body from the inside.

Remember that health – is a magical gift that nature has awarded us. We are able to preserve and protect it. Therefore, it is important to take a responsible approach to compliance with the rules of a healthy living. Especially because it’s not complicated. And when it becomes a habit, you will understand that adhering to the correct way of life, we become more energetic, agile and cheerful!


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