How to Get Your Child to Sleep

How to Get Your Child to Sleep

I think the answer to this question at a certain time start looking for all parents. To those who have not quite found, I decided to help a bit. Focusing on our experience and the information received from friends will give some tips on how to teach a child to sleep on time.

Six Tips to Get Your Kids to Sleep

1. To teach a child of any age to go to bed on time, you must first learn this by the parents. As a friend of the family me mother is constantly complaining about a child who did not fall asleep during. ” I told him and sing songs, and shake, and he is not in any sleep!” Once I learned that, in parallel with the process of placing the baby to sleep baby dad usually makes repairs in the apartment. Well, tell me, as a child at the same time can sleep? Problematic obtained. in other words, putting the baby to sleep: get ready for bed themselves, do so that all members of the family were ready to lay down to rest If you have any unfinished business, then put them in a while Draw a willingness to go to bed (lie down with the kid.. , turn off the light, etc. ).. In a word, let the baby understand that everyone (and not only him) to go to sleep. If necessary, after the baby is asleep, you can get up and finish their business.

2. About half an hour before the time when the child will need to go to bed, exclude active and emotional game. It is better to read the book, puzzles, etc. In short, practice calmer entertainment. The main thing is not to overdo it and not fall asleep front of the child, while he engaged in business. Of course, I’m exaggerating. However, I know of a few cases of this series: “My dear, when Khulan asleep?”. Answer: “I’m not sure, I think I fell asleep before him” .

3. Before going to sleep to do with the baby all the necessary for his business: to eat (or drink a yogurt), brush your teeth, fold in place toys. This is to ensure that the lying in bed, baby is not looking for reasons to get out of it for any reason. “I want to pot!”, “I want to eat!”, “I want to drink!” – all these words, many mothers often hear from their children before bedtime.

Six Tips to Get Your Child to Sleep

4. Follow mode, ie always put your baby to bed at the same time. For my son’s perfect interval from 21.00 to 21.30, but I believe that everyone – his regime. Maybe someone quite satisfied to go to bed at 23.00. The main thing is to stick to this schedule is always and no matter how much the child woke up in the morning or after a nap, with a few exceptions for special occasions.

For his son, we make an exception for the New Year (for three consecutive years, he meets it with us under the chiming clock) and on his birthday. Believe me, after about a month your baby will get used to a regime and would be easier to put to bed.

5. Do not force your child to go to bed. The site “9GAC” there are a lot of articles about how to negotiate with the baby without controversy and sentences, read these articles in the section Parenting . The meaning of this point is that you should make your son (or daughter) have wanted to go to sleep. For example, you can promise to read something before going to bed or to promise the next day to go somewhere together, if he (she) is now fast asleep. And if your kid 3-4 years, you can dream up relatively beautiful dreams that he had dreamed or magical creatures that guard the dreams.

6. Try not to rock the baby. This is especially true of children under one year. I confess that before I was sometimes much easier to lull the baby faster than long to sit with him and wait until he falls asleep himself. Indeed, in the first case it goes to sleep for 5-15 minutes, and in the second it can take about an hour. However, in such a way, we provide ourselves a disservice by teaching the child to a non-self-sleep. Of course, you can shake (by the way, is very convenient to do it sitting on a gym ball) or reproach in his arms, when your child is sick and capricious, but no more. Better to spend time on something that the child himself to sleep in his crib than to long and hard to wean him from motion sickness.

These are the six points, in my opinion, are the most important to ensure that your child is always falling asleep during. Only, of course, they need to comply, not when you have time and desire, as always. If you succeed, then I think that success will be achieved very quickly.


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