Educating Young Children

Educating young children

How to raise a child healthy and calm, that at this very happy to stay and not too crocked? All those who have children, I think, are well aware that this is not so simple. Educating young children – this is a difficult, but interesting process.

I remember when my daughter was still young, I finally found some time for yourself and escape from the house with her friends. I complained to them that I have no rights, only responsibilities. I have everything put away, I have to cook, I have to wash, I have to put, I must undress, dress, throw, push, wipe, etc.

– Well, do not worry, there is an anecdote. Tired of the child? Only the first 65 years of hard, then get used to.

Dear mother, do not worry. This period is very fast. After three years of a child from day to day it is becoming more independent, and to the five years I was almost free. Now I will tell you how to relieve yourself these first five years, to be not just a mom and a happy mother.

Educating Young Children

Forget about the perfect order. A small child makes a mess around. This is normal, so do not be worried about a little mess. As soon as the child gets older, you will once again be perfectly clean, and the nerves are intact. I went to his girlfriend, who has a small son, too. She calmly cleaned in the closet. No shouting in the house, no one is hanging on it. Son sitting on the rug in the corner and tearing a newspaper, suggesting a mess.

– Look, look what he has done for you?

– Yes, I deliberately gave him a newspaper. He likes them to vomit, while I win 30 minutes for their cases.

What does it mean for the tortured mother 30 minutes? Yes, it’s an eternity! Yes, it’s just a gift! Of course, now my daughter will tear a newspaper, I immediately decided.

My daughter is in the period from 0 to 1.5 years I just do not get off. Even in the toilet, I went with her in his arms. Give her a newspaper, I did not dare, because it is not just tearing the paper, but also took into his mouth. So I bought the cheapest pack of writing paper and gave it to tear. She snatched it into small pieces with such pleasure that completely forgot about me. It turned out that this activity is very good for fine motor skills. The child vomits paper develops the handle, and you are free, you can quickly cook a meal, or a little rest.

Educating young children

Gradually, a newspaper (paper) tired. But if you follow the child, you will find other interesting activities.

Then my daughter was curious splash in the water. To do something urgent in the kitchen, I took a rubber mat, seated her in a corner of the kitchen, poured it into a bowl of warm water, gave toys, and she handles boltyhala there, spill the water. In general, the need was busy time for me. Then I just had to quickly remove everything and wipe the floor.

When her daughter was 1.8 years old, we went to visit my sister. Daughter sketched leather chair, polished table and scratched console. My sister was angry as ever. Children she had and the upbringing of young children she had completely different views, to put it mildly, far from reality. She was adamant that her children would be playing in the corner with toys and would not spoil things – it is a delusion of all new mothers. They think that beautiful toys are needed for children and the children are not able to break away from them. Forget about it until 4 years. Before that age (maybe even later) children interested in everything what play Mom and Dad. Our daughter split the 3 phones (though she had several beautiful toy phone), as long as we were not smart enough to put the device on the floor, so that she could at any time to talk on the phone.

All that takes a mom or dad, then the baby needs. Children’s dishes lying around, but my mother’s casserole so interesting.
Place the child next to him at the table and give this pot and spoon. Let cook while you cook.
I also gave large (which can not stick to the ear and nose), pasta, beans and gave her water. It prevented them in a pan – cooked. Of course, the daughter of “spoiled” products, but this is a small fee for your peace.

Clean away from the eyes of a child are the things that I cherish . Something that can break, scratch, break. Else let it be toys for him. Remote, phone, dishes – all the child interested.

After 2 years, when the child is already becoming a little independent and use different facilities for children. For example, in large stores there are special corners where the teacher will see to your child to take his game. And you can relax and do some shopping. In our town there is also a children’s centers, where a couple of hours you will free the teacher.

Go to playgrounds, playing with each other, children are also being diverted from their parents, it’s a great holiday for you. In addition, if the site has a mother, you trust, it can trace the child, and you go to the store. We were in the courtyard of this mother with her daughter, the same age as ours. We took turns staying with children. For convenience, these walks can use lightweight strollers pushchairs canes .

What other nuances you need to know about the education of young children, it is the fact that small children can not concentrate. For example, you say, “Put on your socks,” – and continues to do his business. As soon as you turn away, the child immediately forgets what you asked for.

Once I said that 5 times, the result remained the same. At first I thought it was a riot. That she deliberately did not want to wear socks. But the daughter of my obedient, and I realized that the reason is different. The fact that she could not concentrate.

To achieve a result, I began to do so, take the socks itself, come to her, the flow and say, “Put on your socks.” She puts them right in front of me – and the issue has been resolved.

Help your child gradually with the development of the child and the concentration will be. And then it will be enough words .

Somehow I came to my girlfriend, who has two-pogodok children. Senior – son, younger than my daughter for a year. A friend told me that when he first went to her parents, she saw her children from the side. At first I could not understand this, because until I was her daughter from the saw. I always had the feeling that it hangs on me and is a part of me. At the same time the most difficult part.

Then we went to visit my aunt, there was my cousin. And his daughter had forgotten about me completely, lay with her aunt, and she went everywhere with her aunt. I was free and thus could observe the child as if from afar. Very informative, it is not the same feeling when the child is fully with us.

With growing momentum child begins to move away from the mother, suddenly aware that the world is big and it all interesting.
There are periods of a kind of crisis, when the child is totally refuses to listen to anything.

You can not do anything. You just have to wait out this period.

Educating young children

It will take quite irrevocably. We started this after 1.5 years of age (or a little earlier). Daughter began to run away. On the street it is frustrated and rushed away from me. I had to run after her, so she jumped out onto the road. It is very tiring. No words, no amount of persuasion do not work. Only went outside, everything is rushed. Recommendations such as “Hide yourself and the child is frightened,” my daughter, had no effect. I hid behind a tree and look after her. Daughter turns – me nowhere. It was as if nothing had happened quietly carried on. No – do not.

And when we were in Moscow airport, she was 1 year and 10 months. Just seeing these spaces, she started to run away from me. I have 2 suitcases and bags, to run her hard. I catch her, screaming at her. She laughs, tears – and forward. I have any thoughts? Suddenly someone steals it, or it will be lost, because still can not even talk. Fear begin to literally go crazy, I think my mother will understand me. In the end, finally ozverev, I grab her by the neck, succumbed on the ass, and drag to the passport control. She screams, breaks. Aunty behind the bar looking at the passport control the whole show makes very specific conclusions. After checking all of my documents, she took her daughter by the hand and calmly asked:

– Girl, where is your mother?

Daughter pointing at me.

– Clearly, it’s still my mother.

The reaction of this woman made me think about how I simplify the task itself and move this period safely? Do not scare the others, and especially the child?

Here are techniques that have helped me to overcome this period:

1. The stores have special carts, I sit down in the cart and daughter quietly shopped. So it was interesting and jump in any way.

2. At the railway station and the airport also has a trolley. I put them on bags, top seated daughter and ride it until it came time to take a train or a plane. In the next article I will write about traveling with a small child. My daughter is 5 months a year traveling with me, and I have accumulated some experience.

3. At home we began to walk in the courtyard, where there are no cars and can be quite easy to get away from his mother and return to it again. It is much farther from home, but where I could relax and sit on the bench. Gradually, this period has passed, I have even forgotten what it was.

And in conclusion I would like to highlight a few question about children’s theater performances and all sorts of social events. Children get tired. Depending on their age, their lack of patience from 20 to 40 minutes maximum. Therefore, leading the child to play, get ready to leave after 20 minutes of home. The child gets tired, starts to jump, spin, presenting it no longer holds. Do not spoil the nerves themselves or a child, or neighbors. Go away. Under 5 years old, we went to all views on a little bit. My daughter immediately began to want “in the toilet, drink, hard to sit or uninteresting.” Either way it was necessary to force the mother to leave.

Only 6 years she was able to watch the circus and not get tired. And 7 I’m sending her a watch cartoon in the movie theater, she waiting for her at the entrance.

Do everything to make you well. Use every opportunity to relieve their parents’ work and the period of early childhood education. Then you will be pleased, and even you would never blame a child for causing you trouble. The mother of the child is not a servant, a child and does not want his mother was a slave. Our children need a happy and rested mom! So ask yourself the question of how to raise a child and not get tired, and the answer will surely come.


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