Best Spring Travel Destinations

Best Spring Travel Destinations

Spring Vacations:
When planning a vacation, often are guided not only on the price issue, but also to choose a specific place where it should go at certain times of the year.

And this is very important because a wrong choice of the month, the country of your dreams, and the rest can be spoiled.

For example, to send you to South-East Asia, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, in the summer months (July-August), and we believe that the floor holiday will have to spend in the room, as these months are considered to be the rainy season, which, agree, can not spoil the mood. Especially when the white sandy beaches with turquoise waters beckon soak up the sun.

But there are countries in which, on the contrary, it is best to go in the summer. In particular, this applies to the Mediterranean countries. Since the spring in Greece, Tunisia, Malta and Cyprus will be a little cool. Swim in the sea there can be only from mid-May. Cool spring for a beach holiday on the Adriatic coast, in countries such as Croatia and Montenegro.

Before the summer is still far, until the autumn, too, but what about ski resorts while generally speaking do not have to. Despite the cold snap at home in early March, still spring now!

On the nose the May holidays, and so want to give himself though not long, but memorable vacation somewhere abroad. Unwind, get a lot of impressions and pleasure from what he saw seats.

So, where is best to go to rest in the Spring?


This city is beautiful at any time of the year, but in the spring he seemed to wake up after hibernation and is revealed in all its splendor. It was mid-March and mid-May crowds of tourists come to Amsterdam for one of the remarkable sights – tulip parade. It can be seen in the Keukenhof Royal Garden. Indeed, there is something to see!



If Amsterdam is a fascinating spectacle of the parade of tulips in Japan is undoubtedly cherry blossom. The trees, which bloom pale pink buds, so nice feast for the eyes, that they can be enjoyed indefinitely. In the evening, Japan’s cherry blossoms frame the parks with beautiful lighting so that they look even more amazing. However, you should know that the bloom lasts only a couple of weeks and starts in regions of Japan unevenly. For example, in Tokyo – it’s the end of March, and the island of Honshu – the middle of April and beginning of May.

South Korea.

From mid-March to June is a real spring. Particularly striking cherry blossom begins. In addition to the attractions of the South Korean capital, Seoul, will not be forgotten and delightful natural scenery. National parks, hot springs, rice fields, picturesque mountains.


Lovers of pristine nature, where the infrastructure has not violated its integrity, will appreciate a trip to Karelia. Spring river rage and let go rafting in the canyon of crystal clear water, the air is saturated spring freshness, abundantly covered with forest vegetation. An ideal place for those who want to relax from the dusty, bustling city in the lap of nature. In addition, in Karelia can not just enjoy the passive recreation, breathing the fresh air, but there are a lot of tours for active tourism.


This is a country year round, but in the spring is a holiday Easter. And when it does not at this time, it is best to make a tour of religious sites in this country ?! In addition to hiking, sightseeing tours at the same time you can relax on the shores of the Red Sea, as well as experience the beneficial properties of brine and mud of the Dead Sea.

Best Spring Travel Destinations


If you can not wait to swim in the sea, while in March, you can safely go to the UAE. The air temperature warms up during this time to + 26 degrees, and in April and did passes for + 30. At the May holidays to all heat-loving fans will savor a holiday. When we have a summer at home, in the UAE is unbearable heat, therefore, not only to enjoy a beach holiday, but also be comfortable to make excursions around the city and sights, not exhausted from the heat, it is best to go there in the spring.


Great beach and sightseeing holiday in the spring in Morocco. Especially from mid-April to mid-May. In the summer, suffocating heat begins. But in the spring it smells so nice citrus, all in bloom, warm air is gently caresses the skin, and the sea in the popular resort of Agadir, Morocco allows you to make heat and keep warm. And a walk to local attractions to make it more comfortable in the spring. A look at what is in this country. This Casablanca – the white city, and the heart of Morocco – Marrakech and Essaouira, Fez, Rabat – in each of them there is something memorable and special.


Hot period in this heavenly place finishes at the end of May and beginning cooler. For those who love exotic islands, but can not stand the heat, Seychelles spring – perfect. What else is needed – with huge palm coconuts, gorgeous beaches, sea milky and secluded luxury bungalows …


The dry season begins in the spring and this exotic resort like Bali. But from November to February it is pouring rain.So it pays to pack their bags and go to this wonderful place, where in addition to a beach holiday awaits Indonesian cuisine, fresh seafood, surfing, climbing to the volcano, interesting excursions, and just a great time.

Best Spring Travel Destinations


Insanely good spring. What is not surprising, because Paris is considered the city of love, and when it does not spring to mind are awakened new feelings, I want to change or add bright colors to the already existing relationship! France – this is the country where the spring you will feel a surge of new emotions and impressions. And to help in the flowering gardens and The Palace parks, fountains with crystal clear water, the province where all blossoms and smells fragrant smell of croissants.

In general, it should be said that the European countries are almost all perfect for relaxing in the spring. Italy, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic – to the sights of each of these countries is very comfortable to walk in April-May. When the sun leads to the colorful images and does not freeze inquisitive tourists, ready day and night to make promenades on the local streets.


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