Body Care Tips for Women

Body Care Tips for Women

Each woman seeks to preserve and enhance its charms, to be attractive and beautiful. The Beauty of a Woman , it is not only the beauty of the person, it is also the beauty of the body. It is therefore necessary to look carefully and wisely, not only for the skin of the face, do a variety of facials , but also need to take care of the body and skin. You need to pay her enough attention that it was velvety and maintain firmness and elasticity for years to come.

many important parameters for the beauty of the body. And proper nutrition, and good sleep, and regular sports trainings. And yet for the beauty of the body is an important assistant cosmetics. Do I go to cosmeticians? Rarely! I mainly take care of the body in the home.

I love shopping with makeup. However, some friends have asked me in surprise:

“Because you’re so small is beautiful, what are you buying?”. I often buy cosmetics for personal care .

The basis and the beginning of the beauty is the purity of the body. Take a shower or bath, we are accustomed to from childhood. So, from the very childhood we already know how to take care of his body. In our childhood we parents are washed with soap. Now, many cosmetologists frighten us so that the soap has a detrimental effect on the skin, disrupting its normal pH-balance. I do not know much about what is “normal pH-balance”, while I agree with cosmetologists and are used to cleanse the body shower gels. They moisturize the skin and is ideal for daily use. And as I have the freedom to choose the flavor and I needed the gel functions. After all, he can relax and can cheer up and give cheerfulness.

Once or twice a week instead of the gel, or after it, I use a body scrub.

I put or render it in a circular motion, gradually rising from the legs to the chest and arms. Be careful with scrubs on sensitive and irritated skin. If you just made a waxed or shaved skin, refrain from the use of scrub on these sites.

Say, scrub removes dead skin cells, and it is very useful. Maybe the experts are right, because the skin after showering with the scrub becomes very smooth and delicate, but most of all I like it because of the very good feeling when you use it. Apply the scrub can be no more than 1-2 times a week, otherwise the skin will lose its natural protection. This is particularly important for dry skin.

Body Care Tips for Women

After taking a shower I look at my shelf with creams, where my “beauty recipes at home,” and very often can not choose which cream to use. The options are many: and is quickly absorbed lotion and nourishing body cream and soothing agent after shaving, and creams for hands and feet, and anti-cellulite agent.

But we have to make a choice. Now my main choice falls on antitselyullitnye means, after a shower I put them in the first place. Anti-cellulite agents are used more for the prevention of cellulite , as it does not affect him directly and not treated. But moisturize, nourish and improve skin texture.

I am interested in the composition of anti-cellulite agents, and learned that they include:

Caffeine, which promotes breakdown of fat;

Mineral salts – removal of residues;

Plant extracts (. Algae, green tea, horse chestnut, pineapple, guarana, cacao seeds, etc.) to improve metabolism and promote weight loss;

Essential oils and many other components that contribute to the elimination of toxins and increase metabolism.

Anti-cellulite creams and gels are effective for the prevention of even only for daily use for a few weeks . They prevent the appearance of fat, help to tighten the skin and improve the skin blood circulation.

So first, I’m on the thighs and buttocks nanoshu day Anti-cellulite gel on her stomach nanoshu special firming gel for the skin of the abdomen, chest – tightening gel breast skin. At the end on the availability of the funds of the body, I put a nourishing cream. We can say that pampering is complete, but we were not well-groomed feet.

I’ve always wondered, why share the foot cream and body cream? That the legs do not belong to the body? Answer the question I could only way – our feet need special care than the whole body.

I am very happy with my legs for him nice touch, and the skin on his feet is always soft and well-groomed. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I have very little wear shoes with heels. In fact, many doctors believe that people with the best legs – it is those who do not wear shoes. In fact, the legs have to 10 hours a day to be wedged in the not always comfortable shoes. Of course, after such a humiliation they require careful care and attention. We need simple beauty recipes at home and at our feet.

The legs preferably every evening wash with warm water and is already well known to us, shower gel, and even better to do foot baths. These trays can be added or sea salt, bath or foam, or a special tool for foot bathing. This procedure reduces leg fatigue, improves circulation, cleanses and softens the skin.

It is believed that most of the health benefits of such a procedure in the evening before bedtime. It relieves tension of the whole body, improves sleep and strengthens the nervous system.

After the bath I continue to foot care using fine pumice, thereby removing rough skin. Once a week you can clean the heels a special scrub for the feet. It contains the antifungal additives and components that reduce swelling and sweating. Its light rubbing in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes, then rinsed with water and the procedure repeated again. Weekly use of a scrub for the feet promotes skin renewal and improves the level of absorption of cream.

Cream is better to use fat. After cleansing the skin, feet, wipe dry and massage movements applied cream, beginning with the fingers and working your way up. After applying the cream can be put on clean socks to help absorb the cream better than it is in feet and not in sneakers, not sheets and blankets. Socks can be removed in a few hours or the next morning. Legs are very grateful for such a procedure.

Many girls cling to something to freshen up in the spring, in anticipation of the beach season, I also think that it is important to look good in any season. After all, do you see yourself in the mirror every day, regardless of the month. And as each day dress tights or stockings on your legs.

Body Care Tips for Women

The French believe that the ugly women do not exist! Diet, skillful makeup, style and interior charm – that’s what is necessary for a genuine beauty. And also the right cosmetics for skin care. After all, the beautiful and smooth skin of the body gives its possessor a sense of perfection, the true enjoyment, freshness and everyday comfort. It is therefore important to dedicate time for her care. The path to the beauty of the skin is through the use of the best cosmetics, clean air, water, proper nutrition , and quality sleep.

Little secrets of how to maintain a Beautiful Body at Home

Movement, an active lifestyle, exercise, all that is necessary for the beauty of the body, but how little in recent years, people attach importance to this. And for good reason. It is on the move, in the best physical stress on the body laid one of the main secrets of youth, health and beauty. And most importantly, that the whole body can be maintained this beauty, and at home, and not only in gyms. After all, body masks, lotions and peels, all that is necessary. But if this body you will have a flabby, loose and not fit, then what kind of beauty is all about?

The more you move, the more you exercise (I do not mean professional athletes, on the body of the load should be optimal, not excessive), the healthier, more beautiful and surprisingly, the more confident you feel.

Proper exercise is possible even in sedentary work, even though the way of life, which in recent years is leading mankind.

Body Care Tips for Women

I do not think that you can move only in the gym, or doing aerobics to dance. Even if you go to the gym 2-3 times a week and the other days are driving all the same sedentary lifestyle, it is too little physical activity on the body. And our body, our muscles need to constantly train to keep them in good shape, then to age did not begin a health problem.

Let’s see what else you can do to increase physical activity on the body? Previously, I somehow was completely sure that in our modern society it is available only in specialized halls. But over time I have accumulated an arsenal of features, beauty recipes and methods to combat a sedentary lifestyle. And this despite the fact that I regularly swim and gym.

Let’s order. In the past few years, my work has become largely inactive. This is either standing near the seat-canvas, or work at a computer, or the same work, but in nature, but again, when I sit and write down ideas in a notebook. By and large satisfied with me, except that dramatically reduce the load on the body. After all, before the work I have been linked with a permanent move, plus every day after work I was engaged in dances.

And after some time here this seat, I realized that my body just in a panic. He can not understand why now he is forced to literally hours to remain in the same position, no warm-up, without moving, without the one activity that always helps to be in my toes, to keep a slim figure without dieting and look at least age 7 under the age of his age.

At first, I analyzed his day and realized that most of all I’m sitting in the first half of the day at the computer. During this time, my body was so tired that evening, even the swimming pool is not always helpful.

Plus the constant seat body gradually ceased to look as I would have liked. I especially did not like the condition of the muscles in the legs. You had this something urgent to do.


That helped me a lot, this article by Manalaa on our site. Secrets of Beauty can read here .

After analyzing your day, I realized that many hours sitting at a computer affects negatively not only on the muscles of the legs, but also on the back, and most importantly, causes severe fatigue and high fatigue. To me it does not want. So I began to move every 40 minutes. But it did not happen immediately. When I was involved in the work, in itself this writing process, or create a picture book, very difficult to keep track of time. And I helped my husband in this matter. He shared his secret, he said that he himself at work often gets up from the table and doing a warm-up every 40 minutes. And help him in this timer on the phone.

When he knows he will have many hours of sedentary work, he starts a timer for 40 minutes and when he squirms, gets up and makes the workout. You can rotate the hoop. Plus 10 minutes resting.

It was a real breakthrough for my body again, I feel the power and energy. Firstly, I do not just move, and do very strenuous movements. Very squat, doing turns the body (if you have problems with the spine, do not like exercise), do kick their feet, and, of course, the circular motion of the upper part of the body and the head, shoulders and arms. Also a couple of times per day do a little stretching.

Then be sure to rest for 10-15 minutes, when I drink tea, just looking into the distance, to the eyes a rest, etc.


I began to think about how you can support the beauty of the body in the home, for example in the morning before work and at night? In the morning I started to get up early and do a little workout. I used to be difficult to engage in physical exercise in the morning, and I understood why. I simply did not like the exercises that need to be done. Now, however, I began to do the exercises that I just like. I do not really reflect on their usefulness for different muscle groups, I simply do and get pleasure from it.

For me, this is again the same stretching and gentle stretching, always my favorite sit-ups (very good tone, give hormonal shake the body, and most importantly, make the leg elastic and strong), a circular motion the upper part of the body, mahi and circular movements with his hands, his head rotation both sides. Sometimes I am doing a “bicycle” legs.

This is what I like, and my body. You may be enjoyed completely different movements and exercises. All this is not so important, the main thing that you move, give a necessary load to your body.


What is more important is that in the morning I began to pour cold water. This is another of the body beauty secrets at home. Pouring strikingly affects not only our health, but also on our skin and overall body tone.

I always wanted to learn how to harden. However, a child’s parents have tried to teach me to hardening, but somehow no avail. And as an adult, I have repeatedly tried to harden myself on a regular basis. But all to no avail. And three years ago, I read an article on the hardening of small children and took out a lot of useful including for themselves.

In that article, we advised children to start to harden gradually, step by step. So I decided to use this method on itself. Initially, after the morning 10 minute warm-up I was wiping the wet, cool towels. I made a hardening of about a week. I myself do not hurry, do not be customized. As soon as I got tired a rubdown, a morning shower, I began to finish pouring cool water. But how cool! In the end I just did the water one degree and a half cooler, so this was hardening. This went on for a few more days. After that, I was still reduced the temperature of the water. And again a few days drenched in such a “cool” water.

About a month and a half, the water temperature, which I am drenched in the morning, began to approach pretty cool. At this point I stopped. True, after I Postol under a cool shower, I turn the water on foot, and is already here hold on – I completely close the hot and a few seconds my feet bathed in cold water.

After that, I never wipe, but simply covered with a towel and then engaged in its beauty and health. I will let the water dry itself. This beauty secret prompted me one friend, with whom I consulted on what to do in the winter with the skin, which is under the tights begins to dry. She knows many secrets of how to care for themselves and how to maintain the beauty of the body in the home. Quite by chance in conversation with her, I mentioned that in the morning, after hardening, vigorously rubs himself with a towel. How much anger and protect the side of my skin, I heard! And I only dared to carry out such manipulations of their skin!

A few days later, after I have ceased to actively rubbing his body with a towel, my skin is really dry ceased without any additional creams and masks.


On the Internet I found some video tutorials with exercises on your feet, and press back. And in those days when I do not have the training or swimming, I do 15-20 minutes under these rollers. Just bought a disc with stretching and sometimes, for a change, he studied under the disc.

Previously, I told myself that at home I do not have time to work out. Now I learned for myself to find time for their own health.

Because our family is fundamentally no such component as “TV-destroyer of family happiness”, I told myself that the time that people usually spend watching television, I will devote themselves and their health, and of course my family.

By the way, here are the wheels with dancing, aerobics, stretching can be an excellent substitute for the gym for those who do not have at the moment financial opportunities each month to pay for the classes.

Here, the important thing is not to deceive itself and maintain dual control. Draw yourself a table for a month, and hang it near the mirror. And each time, put a plus sign after a workout. In this case, you will not be able to deceive themselves. And you will not think that it takes three times a week, when in reality do, at best, once every ten days.


One time I decided that I will not go up in the elevator, and the stairs will always walk. I have enough for two weeks. Especially hard to climb when you come back home tired. Just forget about that promise.

And once I read that is not really going up the stairs, but it was down the stairs walking burns a lot more calories! So that’s what I wanted. And for several years now as, if not every time, then through just fine, I always go down the stairs on foot. Up – the elevator down – running. Incidentally, the very tones and improves mood. Especially if you really get down at a fast pace, humming some tune and smile the day ahead.


And, of course, walking. At one time I wanted to start running. But when I got married, it is the desire I have passed quickly. And not because the family began to occupy most of the time. No, the thing is that my husband for many years engaged in athletics and he told me in some detail, in detail told about what becomes of the patella if run continuously on asphalt or other hard surface. And since most of the time we spend in the city, where even the parks are now all paths are paved with tiles, then I decided not to check her husband’s words into practice and keep your knees.

Body Care Tips for Women

About the jogging near the highway and I did keep quiet, I think, it is clear to all, that breathing exhaust fumes moderately useful.

And as I run and do not particularly like, but walk – yes, I have decided to do every day march at a fast pace in the yards and parks. So now, in virtually any weather, every day I find the time (usually after work or at lunch) to a couple of hours walking through the courtyards of our city in a fairly rapid pace.

These are the little secrets of the beauty of the body in the home and health, which I wanted to share with you the second part. In just a few years, I have felt the efficiency. My body went back to the form in which it was always. It was once as young, slim and flexible. And what you all want.

Health and happiness to women begins with the ability to make himself (his body) healthy and beautiful. I wish you a beauty all year round!



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