What is the AU Pair program and how to go to Europe

What is the AU Pair program and how to go to Europe

If you are young, you are from 18 to 24, like to travel, learn the world, are interested in the culture and life of other countries, you have a great opportunity to satisfy your needs and even earn money . I suggest you, as one of the options, for some time to go to Europe.

On November 24, 1969, the Council of Europe signed an agreement on the activities of the AU-Pair, which contains regulations on employment, social insurance, language learning, rights and duties and living conditions in general for young people participating in this program.

What is the AU-Pair program and how can you go to Europe for it?

This is a youth cultural and educational program in which young people can go to Europe and live in the family of the country they chose (this article deals with Germany), look after children, study German courses, travel around the country, They make new friends. This is a two-way aid program. You, when leaving for Europe, help the family in which you live, at home and look after the children, the family pays for your help, and helps to know the life of the country from within.

This program is not an employment abroad! It is a cultural exchange program that helps young people to see the world, to learn the culture and traditions of another country, to learn its language, and at the same time to earn a little by receiving money (usually from 250 to 400 euros per month).

Why You Need It? And what does this give you?

Typically, program participants study a foreign language 2-3 times a week, attending language courses for foreigners. Plus, communication with the family in which you will live.

Therefore, this program gives you the opportunity to perfectly learn a foreign language, plunging into a natural language environment. If you plan to continue studying in Europe in the future, good knowledge of the language will be useful.

You can also travel all over Europe at your weekend. And most importantly, to enter the host university.

Well, of course, you get an expansion of horizons.

I learned about the existence of this program when I visited my relatives in Germany. At acquaintances the young girl under this program just lived. We met. She described how she could participate in this program, how she left for Europe, what difficulties she encountered and how she could overcome them. All this I will now tell in order.

What is the AU Pair program and how to go to Europe

How to participate in the AU-Pair program?

In Germany, there are several licensed PA-AU systems (AU-Pair). basic knowledge of the language is required, it will not be difficult for you to find them on the Internet using search German. In our country, such agencies also exist, but they are only intermediaries between you and the German licensed agencies.

Having found the necessary agency or several, fulfill all conditions for registration. Today in Germany there are several paid agencies, where you will have to pay for the help that the agency will provide you in search of a family, and there is a free one where you register, and the base of all families wishing to take AU-Pair becomes available to you.

Why do we need German families? Are they saints and love to help foreigners for nothing? No. The family taking AU-Pair receives tax benefits and also buys a house assistant for a fee much lower than if they hired a professional nanny. Those. People who participate in the program are middle-income people who need help with children who want to save money.

What will you have to do? And will you have any rights?

The European agreements on PA AUIR (AU-Pair) strictly stipulate all the rights and obligations of AU-Pair. Your duties will be (depending on the family, all at once or some of the following):

– Childcare (games, walks, escort to school, help with lessons).

– Performing light work at home (cooking simple breakfasts and dinners, cleaning dishes, cleaning in the children’s room, buying food, washing and ironing children’s things).

– The working week is not more than 30 hours. Those. Approximately 4-5 hours a day.

Your rights:

– You are met and escorted to the place of departure home (at the end of the contract).

– You are paid for travel and insurance.

– You live in the family as a member of the family.

– You are provided with a (necessarily!) Separate room.

“You eat with everyone, like a family member.”

– You will have 1-2 days off per week.

– In your spare time you attend language courses.

– You are given 2-4 weeks of paid leave, which you can spend at your own discretion. You can see the country or all the countries that are included in the visa, or go home.

How will you be legally protected?

You sign an agreement with the host country, in which all the conditions of your residence in the family will be registered. The family submits a request to the special department for foreigners. This department checks the financial situation of the family, the standard of living, the address of residence, etc. After that, a special invitation is issued, which you will give at the embassy. Only after this you will be issued a special visa AU AUDIER. This visa is your guarantee, which gives you all of the above rights.

If you are offered to come on a tourist visa, this is an excuse to be on the alert. Because In this case, nothing can be guaranteed, and the goals with which you are invited become unclear. Thus, you must have an AU-Pair visa on hand.

What if you have any disagreements with the host family?

In this case, you should contact the agency and explain the situation. You will find a new family, and after signing all the necessary documents, you will move to another family.

The girl I met in Germany came to the family with two older children. However, the family she came to wanted to use her as a nurse for an elderly lady. The law forbids this, but it did not disappoint her. Her job was to make coffee in the morning, lunch for the whole family and a little dust cleaning. Her payment was 410 euros per month. She was given 1 day off, travel, medical insurance.

After working for 3 weeks, the first difficulties began. The elderly lady did not like all the time how and what she cooked, what she was talking about. For this girl this work was very important, because She earned a wedding while her young man was in the Army. She turned to the agency. The staff had a conversation with family members and everyone came to a decision that they would wait for a new family, but for now Natalia will continue to fulfill her duties.

I must say that there is no need to wait for you to be picked up by a family. Take the initiative in your hands in this situation. In Germany there is a good site Germany in Russian germany.ru, there, on the forums, announcements about the search for AU-Pair are printed. If you are already in Germany and have a visa, then you can easily find a job. In this case, it all happened. The Russian family sought the AU-Pair for two children and Natalia said goodbye to the previous family. Relations with the new family are already lined up perfectly, and she was able to earn money and return home.

Because You live in a family on a full board, the money you get in your hands is already a net income. For a year, she earned a decent amount of 4,500 euros.

So if you are young, full of strength and interest in life – try different options and you will definitely get it.


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