What to Eat Before and After a Workout

What to Eat Before and After a Workout

– Well, here’s all the workout done enough for today! – He told me the coach after the gym. – Now go home and … eat!

– What? Eat? – I did not believe I was hearing.

I have always been sure that after school whether in the gym, whether it be fitness or swimming pool – to eat then taboo. Otherwise, all efforts will go down the drain. And then what, it turns out, it works out, and … you can eat?

As it turned out, not so simple. And here there are some nuances. Oh if started to play sports, you need to watch your diet.

– 60% of your success will depend on what you will eat – even before the training gave me my coach.

The main thing to know that we can and need to eat before class and after. So, practicing on simulators and wanting to get a toned body with a beautiful relief of muscle, a person should more eat protein foods. In what products it contains?

These include: meat, poultry, liver, dairy products, cheese, eggs, cheese, seafood (but not crab sticks), soy.

However, one only protein feed is not correct, in the diet should be present and carbohydrates, which can be accessed krupami- buckwheat, oatmeal, rice, barley and fruit. Are needed, of course, and vegetables.

What to Eat Before and After a Workout

– Many people are mistaken in that, for example, oil is useful mayonnaise, – says the coach. – Is oil lower in calories? Well, no! If the salad add one spoonful of sauce or mayonnaise, any harm you cause. The main thing is not abused and does not turn into mayonnaise.

This also applies to white and black bread. With whom, by the way, you have to be more careful, do not overeat.

Incidentally, chocolate can also be used not only as a food.

Before training need to eat at least two and a half hours to the stomach was not scored, but that you did not experience hunger. So you can not normally workout, where we take the energy when thinking about food?

Fill the body a couple of hours before workout carbohydrate food that has earned the brain and nervous system has not been shattered.

Carbohydrate foods you can get from eating, such as oatmeal or buckwheat with some salad. You can have a snack of fruit, just remember that the most high-calorie considered grapes and bananas.

What to Eat Before and After a Workout

For those involved in the early morning – a breakfast of oatmeal porridge is the most it! You do not like breakfast? All the same, on an empty stomach is better not to engage in, eat at least an orange or an apple in half an hour before training.

And here’s what’s important – the immune system! After all, in a weakened state, when there is absolutely no effort and energy to effectively deal with, you can not.

And here we come to the main question – what to eat after a workout. First, let’s explain what actually do not, anything to eat after workout.

Firstly, the main sense of power after a workout, as explained by my coach – a “feed” your muscles. In other words, you are finished studying, have completed all the sets and workout, your task is to eat foods rich in protein within an hour. This protein is so to say the constructor for a beautiful muscle. Enrich the body with protein meal triggered the formation of muscles.

After classes are recommended to eat cottage cheese with yogurt or sour cream, a glass of milkshake, but without the sugar, lean poultry, fish or egg protein or squid. As regards milk, then it clearly should be low in fat. Milk, for example, not more than 1.5% fat yogurt – 1%, the curd is not more than 5% cream is not more than 10%.

Cooking food is better or steamed, or grilled or boiled. But from fried on cooking oil in the evening should be abandoned.

In general, experts say, even strictly follow your diet, you can enjoy the food. The main strike of his ice cream, sweets and flour. Of course, any person not a robot, and at times, so you want something tasty, but to arrange such holidays stomach less often, and before reaching the fanaticism. By the way, sausages better, too, to delete from the diet. Protein therein, usually small, and more different preservatives and colorants.

By the way, lose weight and ease muscle tension can help a sauna. At least a minimum of two to three times a month is worth it to visit.

For variety, the menu can be made hot salads, for example: boiled chicken breast, boiled eggs, Adygei cheese and olives, plus lettuce. To fill this salad can be a tea sauce spoon. Or stew beef slices, add the arugula, lettuce, tomatoes cherry and sunflower seeds or pumpkin, season with some red type tkemali sauce.

Turn imagination, combine and play with products did not arise dismal state, you have to yourself something limit.

And most importantly, what warn trainer – sport should not be an episode in his life, he has to become a part of it. Workout, bring the figure back to normal, and then throw a workout – so you return quickly to where we started. Only regular workout to stay young and active.


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