Human Energy Centers

Human Energy Centers

From the fullness of human energy depends on its state of health and life attitude. According to the energy conservation of energy in the human body should circulate freely, as stagnation or leakage of...
benefits of honey

The Benefits of Honey

Honey - an amazing product with a wide variety of properties. Famous for its taste, he firmly took its place in the human diet for thousands of years ago. However, honey is not only...
newborn baby

Newborn Baby

Newborn baby perceives the world as a stream of rapidly changing sensations. All feelings, sounds, images for him unfamiliar and unrelated. The child is no sense of time, feelings and he can not separate...
drink water

Water Quality & Health

Water - the most widespread on the planet, and the most mysterious still mineral. It exists in a variety of conditions, has many vital properties, including memory. Water is able to behave in the...
laughter best medicine

Laughter is Best Medicine

Humor infects. The sound of roaring laughter is much more contagious than any cough or sneeze. When laughter is shared, it binds people together and increases happiness and intimacy state. In addition to the...
health care in russia

Health Care in Russia

Health care - a system of socio-economic and medical measures aimed to maintain and improve the health of each individual and the population as a whole. The nature and content of health care depend...

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