Kegel Exercises for Women

Kegel Exercises for Women

It is important to take care of your women’s health and to know how to train the muscles of the vagina. In this and the help of Kegel exercises. When you are engaged in the fitness room or at the gym with exercise equipment, sooner or later, these exercises give a visible effect. Or, build muscle mass, or the body becomes more prominent and fit. In turn, the intimate muscles are not visible from the outside, but their degree of development has an impact on many areas of life, especially in the quality of sex life.


It is recommended to perform Kegel exercises for the following diseases and indications:

  • The first to perform a set of exercises should be those with weak vaginal muscles.
  • Second, these exercises are necessary for the prevention of fractures in the upcoming birth.
  • Another indication for the exercises is urinary incontinence, which occurs by itself, or by coughing and sneezing.
  • Omission of the uterus or prevention is also an indication for the exercises.
  • Dissatisfaction with sexual life also contributes to the fact, to begin to perform Kegel exercises.
  • Get rid of hemorrhoids and help correct and consistent implementation of Kegel exercises.
  • In case if you regularly do the exercises, the woman slows down the aging process, as well as delaying the onset of menopause occurs.
  • The systematic implementation of Kegel exercise improves blood flow to the pelvic organs. All the organs in this case operates more efficiently.
  • In addition, if performed Kegel exercises, it contributes to a more rapid recovery after childbirth.

Kegel exercises for Women


In the beginning, when preparing to learn to feel the muscles of the vagina.

  1. This can be done using stop urinating. At first it will be difficult to do, then you will understand how to do it right and feel the muscles. However, this can not be done often, otherwise this exercise will give the opposite effect, that is, the weakening of the muscles.
  2. If you feel this exercise muscles you did not work, try another exercise. Insert a finger into the vagina and squeeze the muscle strength, as if trying to grasp the finger. In this case, you will certainly feel these muscles. Before you start to perform Kegel exercises it is necessary each time to completely empty the bladder. If this is not done, then, during the exercise, you can feel a slight pain and urination. Furthermore, it can lead to urinary tract infections.
  3. During exercise should only be constantly involved intimate muscles. Always avoid straining abdominal muscles, hips and buttocks. they are in no way involved in these exercises.
  4. Your breathing should be smooth and measured. It is by no means impossible to detain. In order to feel whether the desired muscles are relaxed, put your hand on your stomach, and you will feel that your abdominal muscles do not participate in the performance of Kegel exercises.
  5. Pose with the exercises at home should be comfortable – sitting on a chair or lying on the floor. However, sitting on a chair, you can perform these exercises only when you learn how to relax completely, and perform them correctly lying. When you lie on the floor, hands should be completely relaxed and stretched along the body, in turn, knees slightly pulled and brought together.

Kegel Exercises

Once you have learned all of the above information, start training the muscles of the vagina.

First, tighten the muscles and hold them for five seconds, then relax for 10 seconds and repeat the exercise 10 times. All you need to do three or four passes per day.

Once a week will be held from the beginning of your workouts, start pinching muscles for 10 seconds. Repeat 10 times, perform 3-4 entering the day.

Pull your pelvic floor muscles. If you find it difficult to understand how to do it, imagine that these vacuum muscles. Tighten the legs and push upwards and inwards. Hold this position for five seconds and then relax. Repeat the exercise 10 times. Perform all approaches should take no longer than 1 minute.

Compresses and relaxes the muscles rhythmically. It should perform 3-4 sets per day.

Kegel exercises for women

When you learn to perform well above the exercise lying down, you can do them sitting and standing, which means that it is now to implement them you can not only at home but anywhere, such as at work, on vacation or doing any household chores.

Simulators for intimate muscles

Experts agree that high-quality and high-grade vaginal muscles training exercise alone is not enough. As soon as these muscles start to come into the desired shape, should be connected to the use of intimate classes simulators. They are specially designed and developed for this purpose. What types of simulators exist?


Most often, the simulator looks like – the two balls interconnected strong thread, and it also comes from one of the beads so that, pulling on the string, can be retrieved from the vagina balls. The material used to produce such beads can be quite varied – from simple to sophisticated plastic glass. However, the use of experts do not recommend because large incorrect use and as a result there is a reverse effect.


This simulator works similarly to a manual expanders, but it is designed for training of intimate muscles.

Vacuum trainer

This simulator is the most effective of all. It can help you more quickly achieve positive results. At first it may seem that the instrument is very difficult, however, to understand the attached instructions to him, it becomes clear that there is nothing complicated in its use there.

important Tips

What you need to remember before you train the muscles of the vagina with the help of Kegel exercises? What should I pay special attention?

In any case you need care, but here you need not to overdo it. Otherwise, you can get the opposite effect, such as pain during urination or bowel shift.

Urination should stop just to feel the intimate muscles, should not be given this exercise into a daily cycle. Otherwise, such an effect can be achieved as incontinence.

Pre-tune to the fact that the first results will be no earlier than a few months. In the best case, if your muscles were initially not too weak, the effect will come soon, but not earlier than 4-6 weeks.

If within the specified time, you do not feel any results from the sessions, but you think that you are doing the exercises correctly, do not miss a single day, try to appeal to a gynecologist for advice. It will help you understand why exercise does not give any effect.

When will the first results, in any case do not stop training. Otherwise, all your efforts will go down the drain. And, after a while, the muscles weaken again, and you have to start all over again.

During the exercise do not hold your breath. You must breathe evenly and rhythmically.

Also, do not strain the muscles of the hips, abdominals and gluteus. These muscles during exercise does not participate, they are relaxed.

Kegel exercises for women

Kegel exercises can be done during pregnancy. However, it is still better to be safe, and to consult with the doctor who is watching your pregnancy. That he knows you and during your pregnancy, so only he can confidently say no harm to your unborn child and exercise.

Before starting the exercises always empties the bladder. If this is not done, the vaginal muscles eventually weakens and increases the risk of infection in the urinary tract.

If after doing the exercises you feel pain, it means that you have broken exercise equipment. Here you can recommend, also, to see a specialist for advice.

With regular performing Kegel exercises, and in compliance with all the nuances in the near future you will be able to feel that learned to manage their intimate muscles. Your health got stronger certainly tell you “thank you”, and also, no doubt, will please your sexual partner! Good luck to you!


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