How to Choose the Right Car for You

How to choose the right Car for you

The main factor that is often decisive in the choice of vehicle, – the price; It is it makes us focus on a particular model you liked the car. Expensive cars, of course, gives you a definite competitive advantage, but the professionals are buying model, analyzing all the features and capabilities. His search for a suitable vehicle they start remembering the following factors.

Before you choose a car, you need to find as much information about the different models and brands, as well as about what is now the price of the car market. And if you have already decided to buy a vehicle, you should carefully consider several key issues related to the purchase. It is worth considering what kind of vehicle you can afford before you start to negotiate the viewing of a particular model.

Remember that the cost – it’s not just the amount that under the law you pay for your vehicle, but also the registration and car insurance. And if you buy a used car, as a rule, there are additional costs associated with the replacement of some elements (oil, filters, belts, brake pads, tires), maintenance, etc.

Therefore, it is worth considering what kind of vehicle you can afford, and whether it will be enough of your finances.

Rate 10 parameters before selecting and buying a car (especially if it is used).

1. he brought from abroad, or is in your area.

Vehicle registered in the region, will bring lower costs; in addition, you will be able to quickly execute all documents and the next day to go to his car.

If you buy a vehicle, imported from abroad, then be prepared to pay much more: clearance, income tax, payment to the tax office, as well as registration.

2. Gasoline or diesel? And maybe gas?

Before you choose a vehicle, one has to think about how many kilometers a year it will pass, and depending on it to choose the most cost-effective option is for you. If you travel a lot, then think about purchasing a car or a diesel vehicle with gas installation. It is known that diesel engines are the most efficient and effective.

How to Choose the Right Car for you

When it comes to choosing a car on gas, there are differing opinions here. Motorists say that this is the cheapest type of fuel, when it comes to service. But let us ask ourselves a question: whether it will be safe? Not every engine works well on gas, so before you buy such a car is necessary to consult a specialist.

As for gasoline engines, they take a lot of fuel, but when buying out a little cheaper.

Of course, much depends on the region of residence of the future owner. If you have cold winters, the gasoline engine will, no doubt, it is safer, because freezes less petrol than diesel fuel.

You may ask, what about the electric car? At the moment, the technology of their production and infrastructure is still underdeveloped. Many professionals say that the purchase of an electric car is not too profitable for the budget conscious drivers.

3. Small or large car.

Here, the answer is clear – you have a large family or not? You want something to carry, or not? How often are planning to travel on vacation or trip?

Before the final choice of the car, I would just like to draw attention to such a thing: the child should be transported only in the car seat. You will not be very convenient to carry out his landing (and his too), if you select two or three doors.

In my opinion, more comfortable and more enjoyable to choose a large and tall vehicle such as an SUV or minivan, which do not have to bend down and “squeezed”.

4. Comfort and convenience.

If you buy a car, it is difficult to find in a model of all that you want. It is best to choose a few items that you think are needed in cars, for example, air conditioning (especially important in the summer), a minimum of 4 airbags (safety considerations).

Power windows, mirrors, automatic transmission, steering wheel, cruise control – these are the features that will make your ride by car easier and more comfortable.

For example, I would like to tell you: my friend bought his first car in the cabin, it was brand new Lada Grant 2012. Everything was good, but there was no air conditioning in the cabin. Already after the first summer, he put his car for sale. Without air conditioning to enjoy all the “charms” of riding in the heat.

5. Transmission and drive.

Manual or automatic transmission? If you do most of the time idle in traffic jams, the best option would be for you automatically. If you live far from service centers and urban congestion, choose mechanical. You will appreciate the small difference in price after will stand for 2-3 hours in a traffic jam in the car with an automatic gearbox, where you only need to translate the foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal.

How to Choose the Right Car for you

Front-wheel drive cars are less prone to drift, rear-wheel drive are not considered quite manageable on slippery surfaces, four-wheel drive is technically more difficult and therefore more likely to break. Here some No specific recommendations. Remember – it’s your choice, so choose the drive of your car of the future, taking into account its intended use.

I purposely omit some details of the car, which affect the price, but do not affect the safety and technical component.

6. Security.

Safety – an important parameter when deciding on the purchase of a car. Most of crash-test results produced by almost all models can be found on the Internet.

There are many new car models, which are equipped with advanced safety systems: airbag, ABS, crumple zones. You must decide if you can pay for additional security an additional amount, and not a little.

7. Reliability.

On the Internet and in car magazines, you can find a lot of information that will allow you to assess the reliability of this model based on test drives and specifications.

It should also be remembered that it is necessary to check whether the declared information about used car condition truth. If the car is offered for sale, cheaper than other versions of the same model, pay close attention to its technical condition.

If you want to buy a new car, the price will be approximately the same.

8. traps when selling.

This point is crucial in the sale of almost any vehicle and is called the “bride.” It is known that the car buying through the eyes of even quite the perfect engine for most buyers will not cause interest, if the body was launched, and the interior is dirty. Therefore, each vendor in the first place begins to scrupulous cleaning of interior and exterior of cars.

Investing US $ 100-200 in dry cleaning, polishing body, enterprising salesman has a powerful effect. Such procedures are expected to result in an increase in the cost of cars.

The main thing, remember that such actions seller may try to hide serious problems.

To the best possible detail and accurately check the history of any car, you have to pay attention primarily on the width of the mounting gap between the individual body panels. In the case of the car up to 5 years of operation, any noticeable differences in the elements can tell you its “dark” history.

Also pay close attention to the signs of loosening the mounting bolts, whether there is a clear line. Note whether there is heterogeneity in body color elements, as a rule, you can find them on the inside of the door or the hood, indicating that re-painting.

Unwinding counter.

Deft deception among car dealers is unwinding counter. This unique action takes a few minutes and, as a rule, does not leave traces after the intervention of a specialist. This trap to identify not so easy.

To minimize the risk of buying a technically faulty car that perfectly disguised flaws, you have to keep a cool head and be very careful, as in the conversation with the seller, as well as examining the car. Do not hurry!!! It would be useful to the presence of another person, it is best if he is an expert, who will notice flaws or signs.

9. How and where to find ads that will help you in buying?

Of course, the main source of information is the Internet. There are many sites where you can view the ad.

In my opinion, it is very useful to look at, and foreign sites, for example, German or French, so you can estimate the cost of the car, brought from abroad, which will help you to better navigate the market.

10. Insurance costs

Your age, location and driving skills affect the car insurance discounts. An important criterion is also the model of the vehicle in which you are driving. The sum insured will be higher if you buy an expensive car, since it requires higher repair costs and are more likely to fall prey to thieves.


Choosing the right car can take a really long time and effort. To simplify your task, you can contact the company, which explores the automotive market for you.

Such firms are able to offer tailored according to your requirements of almost all car categories – from used to new. In this case, the cars are valued according to the criterion of “price-quality”. Also evaluated the factors affecting the safety of the vehicle, power, reliability, economy, insurance costs and other.