Smart and Effective Ways to Get Rich

Smart and Effective Ways to Get Rich

What you need to do in order to become successful and rich? What strategies should be used? What works and what does not?

I will not give any specific figures of money. For some it may be a hundred thousand dollars for someone a million, and someone needs to at least one hundred million dollars, to feel like a rich man.

However, if you manage to increase your income and the number of property order of magnitude (10 times) or more, you can already tell that your efforts are not futile.

So, what specific strategies lead to success and wealth, and why some have been working hard in this direction can not move a single step? The fact is that an increase in income and the accumulation of property is quite a lot of trails. You can do something, and it is. And many actions can potentially cause you to life was easier financially and you feel more wealthy man.

However, if you want to become a rich man in the sense that it does not earn 20% more, and at times and ten times more than they are now, then we must understand that there is a very limited number of strategies that can lead you to riches.

And if your goal is to become richer, the lack of understanding of the limitations on the way to riches certainly lead you to failure.

So, if you want to become is a rich man, that is just a few of the wide paths and a pair of difficult mountain trails. First I will explain them briefly, and then talk about them in detail.

The first way – is to create a business.

It is the most common way to become richer. The vast majority of wealthy people – businessmen. Not just the majority, namely the vast majority of rich people. And if you want to become successful and rich man, be sure to consider this path for themselves, even in some not today, time perspective.

Smart and Effective Ways to Get Rich

To start at least start up in your mind the idea that maybe someday you will become the owner of your own business. And you can not become. But, at least, does not close at the thought. Learn more about the business, get used to it.

I’m not saying it’s an easy way. But understand one thing. With business becoming successful and rich easiest. I am not talking specifically about you, maybe you will be easier the other way, but the statistics speak for business.

It is clear that the need is not just a business, and a successful business.

Advantages of this method.

– To create wealth is the easiest way.

– You can become a relatively wealthy (earning, for example, 10 times more than now), without even having a small business.

– If you understand the notion of risk and reduction, it is one of the most reliable methods.

Disadvantages of this method reach the wealth.

– Typically, this process takes a long time, although there are the lucky ones who get it all at once and quickly.

– This method requires the ability to deliver results both now and to think in the long run. People who are able to achieve results, in fact, one.

– If the business fails, the owner can do nothing to earn or earn quite a bit. There may be dozens of employees, large rooms, a lot of nerves and work, and the net profit scanty. This is at best. And there may be years of work, and in the end nothing.

The second way to get rich – a vertical career.

In other words, you have to become a major leader. It is the second most common way to riches. But, of course, you need not be just a head, and the head of a large organization, or at least one of the members of the highest rukovodstva.I if the businessman can become relatively rich, even having the property of small but profitable business (for example, 15 employees ), then, once again, to become rich by being a major leader, you need to manage dozens of times larger organization.

Smart and Effective Ways to Get Rich

As I see it, it is usually with a number of the employee at least a few hundred, and usually a few thousand or even tens of thousands of people. Although the number of employees, of course, is not the main criterion.

The official income of a large head in our time quite easily exceed the average income of an employee is 100-1000 times. In addition, the informal leader of the bonuses are often even surpass its main income.

I can see how successful managers allocate a share in the company, they receive direct and veiled kickbacks, use inside information to perform with exceptional transactions, receive interest-free loans for dozens of years, etc. And such income (bonuses), again, often exceeds the basic income significantly.

It is clear that not everyone can become a major director. However, if you have the inclination and the ability to sneak up on the career ladder, it is one of the chances for you to become a rich man. And even if you can not get to the top, it is still moving up at least 1-2 steps can make you several times richer. This is sometimes not as difficult as it seems.

Advantages of this method:

– If you have the ability to lead people and are able to deliver results and have a career technology, this may be the fastest way to achieve wealth. After all, their own business has limited the development of speed. It usually takes about 10 years, so he went to the average size. More usually the entrepreneur takes several years trying to master the business, even if he is talented enough (at work from another employer or through an unsuccessful business). The main thing is that the entrepreneur can not get anything in the first years of operation.

The movement of the vertical ladder can be extremely rapid. For 10 years, many are making, if not tops, the very high levels in their careers. And what is good is the fact that along the way you have just feel significant revenue growth, not only as entrepreneurs, the prize at the end.

– As a rule, it is not necessary to be able to achieve results as high-grade. Usually there are some criteria for evaluating the head, which seems to be as a result, but have him remote value. You must be able to achieve it is the formal result. For example, not to advance science and to write a thesis. See the difference, I hope.

To achieve the same formal results is not so easy, but it is at times easier than to achieve real results, as it is necessary for the entrepreneur. Therefore, if you have a real effectiveness problems, it is better to start moving as the leader. (Do not be fooled by me. I do not need this deception. It is better to admit that you are not able to achieve results in the literal sense of the word, than to deceive ourselves).

– It is necessary to have a minimum ability to lead, leadership skills, self-motivation, self-decision. All this is necessary and for the owner, of course, even to a greater extent. But again, demanding only already on the upper levels of the career. Step 1-2 steps up requires not so much confidence and ability to lead.

Confidence can earn a few months, a maximum of six months or a year. If there is confidence the ability to manage quickly mastered.

The third way to achieve wealth – an investment .

Investing – is inserting his or other people’s money into something that can bring in revenue. Usually it is, of course, stocks and shares in some companies, and real estate, but there are also rarer forms of investment.

This method is much more rare than the first two. It’s hard to say how many people are using it get rich, as usually invest the money people who have a business or a high income, as in the head. (At least as of this writing) “pure” investors who have invested part of their wages and become rich from this, I have never met, but have read about them in the American books.

Smart and Effective Ways to Get Rich

Typically, investment, even if you use other people’s money or his high income – it is a very long way to wealth. If you use your money, this is the long way that can last for decades. Some visible effect you can feel in 15-20 investment.

Big dates for achieving goals and not so little risk to lose money doing this method seems to be a most unfortunate.

However, we must understand that not everyone can be an entrepreneur or a large head. Sometimes a person has good analytical skills and patience, but there is no ability for career or business, and want to become rich.

Then can come to the aid of investment.

It is clear that for some success in investing money is very desirable as well to increase revenue. Otherwise, at the very beginning, when the interest on the investment is still small, all will move too slowly, and the novice investor may lose enthusiasm.

Advantages of this method:

  • It is not necessary abilities to manage a large number of people,
  • No need to developed the will and the ability to move the case.


  • The slowest way to achieve wealth,
  • The result is visible only through a long period of time. Even 10 years may not be such a big period for investment. In the first few years, the result is almost not visible, as opposed to business or career growth, where growth is even one step, or small business development has an impact on human life.
  • It is necessary to have well-developed analytical skills, ability to manage risk.
  • If the money is invested in companies with a high yield and a high degree of risk, the frequent frustration and therefore requires the ability to cope with such disappointments.

The fourth way to get rich – this is the usual horizontal growth.

This is usually the most difficult path to wealth and the most rare. I am in my life met with quite a lot of rich people and never met anyone who just developed his some skills and thus become rich, not combining it with the business at least in some form.

In other words, if you are the best turner, the best driver, the best doctor, the best engineer, etc., then you will often (not always) will earn more than the turner is not the best, etc. But usually it’s just an income above 1.5-3 times the level of ordinary skill. At the same time to achieve the status of the best specialist can easily spend 10 or more years without any guarantee of success. And you have to work more than an ordinary mechanic. And tired at work will be stronger.

Smart and Effective Ways to Get Rich

If you need to become a successful and wealthy, you need more income to the order and, consequently, more property on the order. Get a return on the order of more than the average, being just the best expert is usually impossible.

However, exceptions are still. With the development of technology, globalization, etc. They began to appear places where such earnings occur. Many of them before your eyes. Singers, athletes, movie stars, using the power of the media, have suddenly become highly paid people, often without creating any business without investing anything and guiding large enterprises.

In addition, a lot of steel to make occasionally, those who with their exceptional skills can help to survive a very large organizations or rich people. (The most tip of lawyers, doctors, etc.)

If you want to become rich, choosing this path, then I’ll just say that this is one of the most difficult ways to wealth, which is ten times the probability of success is lower than in the business, and the competition tougher.

However, it may be because of the circumstances, this path may be for you the most simple and easy. Maybe you have already spent 10 years of hard work to become the best in the region where in exceptional cases may be higher wages for the best specialists. Maybe you’ve already spent a lot of years to become not only the best specialist, but also the most famous and. Maybe your colleagues that you are planning to get around already earn very very much in the next couple of years. Maybe you have friends on the television, who are willing to make for you a daily TV show. Maybe you have world-class athlete and all you say 2-3 years of training, you will enter the top three athletes in the world.

Then, of course, may be you do not need to strive to engage in business or even something similar. Booster that is already there, and become rich.

But I repeat that the strategy to become the best expert – this is usually the most a failure for those who want to get rich with it. And if your strategy is a failure, there is no work, no talent, no luck will not help you become rich.

So if you want to become rich, you ponder how you will be not only the best specialist, but also be able to build their skills around at least a small business. (Maybe with someone’s help)

The advantages of this method:

– If you have spent years of effort and have become the best, it may be easier for you to take advantage of the power of the amplifier (the media, patent law, copyright law) and become rich as the best expert.

Disadvantages of this method:

– This way to achieve our goal (to get rich) is replete with some disadvantages. Typically, this method is too complex, the probability of success is scanty. If you are in the beginning of his way to wealth, this method I would recommend you at least.

– Not only in money happiness. If it is saying about you, then just get the best specialist, even if it does not bring you wealth. Many exclusive specialists get satisfaction from the fact that they are the best. To some extent, of course, this is the reason for their low incomes.

Thus, if you want to become rich, you will need to either become an entrepreneur or a large head. The investor can get along the way, which is almost inevitable when your income is ten times higher than the average.

Now we move on to why the majority of those who aims to become rich, does not reach its goal?

Because of their efforts, diligence, perseverance, intelligence, ambition, time and energy are spent in those strategies, where it is practically impossible to become rich.

It is not so important, whether you give 10 times more results than the average worker, if you are working on a fixed salary. The years of your efforts may not contribute or even just add you problems. And vice versa. If you are an entrepreneur and running 10 times the average effectiveness, your income will be 10 times more. (It is possible that not even 10, and 20-30)

Very much in achieving wealth depends on in which you are working within. If the framework (strategy) is not the one that the efforts may be meaningless. And as soon as you change your strategy, your efforts can lead to wealth.

Again. If you want to become rich, and not simply to increase your income, then focus all their efforts on a business, or on a vertical career. Accumulating the necessary qualities. (For example, the confidence, the ability to manage people). Acquire the necessary skills. (Entrepreneurial thinking, for example). Learn how to get results, learn to work independently, manage counterparts even without a leader status, etc.

And if you work in the framework of these strategies, you are sure to become rich.


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