How to Keep a Strong Relationship With Man

how to keep a strong relationship with man

As the easiest way to improve relations with a man? How to most effectively influence the man so that he began to respect woman? Let me remind you that a man can not love a real woman he does not respect. (On the contrary case) This is a feature of male psychology.

Of course, the main way to improve the relationship with the man – is to increase self-confidence. It is necessary to increase the confidence of 10%, like insecure woman with man at once to improve 2 times, and at least 10% for women with medium confidence.

Develop self-confidence before the formation of subconscious reactions and behavior. For example, a quick response to a joke, confidence during fatigue, focus on other thoughts, and even confidence when you’re trying to seem uncertain, requires training.

However, there are such behavior, which you just need to know, and it does not require lengthy training.
Know, understand, try a few times already and will be the effect. Of course, the effect of such knowledge is lower than that of the training, but all actions require a lot less time and effort.

It was about this behavior and I will say today. This behavior is simple, obvious. But, nevertheless, if you do it consistently put into practice in relation to men, then quickly feel the effects.

The first way to improve relations with man – it is to express their opinions, tell stories from their lives, to share something useful, etc.

how to keep a strong relationship with man

You know, what’s apparently one of the biggest differences from the confident people insecure? As in the first few minutes or hours of men and women self-determined, respectively, conclude for themselves about the prospects for the love of it, marriage and so on?

Certainty or uncertainty is determined by the way a woman expresses his opinion on some issues, talking about himself something, he advises or not.

Insecure women (as well as men) often think that their opinion is not interested in what they are not fully aware of the situation, to have an opinion, etc. Often it has to objective knowledge irrelevant.

Therefore, it makes sense to get used to express their opinion. Exercise can and should, of course, not only a man who you like, but all in a row. It is easier and safer just to train on girlfriends or colleagues. It is more difficult in the professional activity. But we have to try and try.

A few notes to the statement of opinion .

The statement of opinion – it is an effective and relatively safe technique, which develops confidence and even more the perception of you as a confident girl. However, there should be careful to comply with the minimum.

First, very carefully to express their own opinion about the ethical actions of your men in his profession.

Many career women, especially the leaders, law enforcement officers and entrepreneurs requires a certain stiffness or they immediately fly out of the cage. We need to lay off people who might not be enough to live on, it is sometimes necessary to deceive, evade taxes, to pay bribes to manipulate employees or colleagues, do Registry, perform nobody necessary work (showing off) and do much more is not always pleasant, but necessary things .

To criticize (in the guise of expressing their opinion) that part of the men’s work (if there is one, of course) or need to very carefully or even forget about it.

Ethical or unethical behavior with friends, family, and so you have the most, it obsuzhdaemo.

Second, expressing their opinions about the professional conduct supervisor and colleagues.

Here you need to just be careful. For at least some training to your opinion, it was perceived (and not once looked stupid) and you need to be prepared for the fact that it can be perceived as criticism.

In addition to these small refinements, it left a huge number of areas of life, which can and must speak out. Talk about yourself, express your opinion, share tips on where something can be correctly (or someone has done wrong), etc.

If you consistently do that, then in addition to the perception of men (and women) have a more confident woman, you will achieve feedback on your statements. You will realize that here said nonsense, but here you do not know less than anyone, and there has long had something to say, and not be silent. And if you listen to this feedback, you will become much wiser.

In addition, as I have repeatedly written, men need to speak directly about what you need. (With some exceptions) By learning often talk about yourself, you will be much easier to tell the man that you need him.

In general, talk about themselves, about their opinion, to advise someone on my experience – this is quite a good strategy. Use it, and you will gradually understand how it works.

The second way – not too try.

how to keep a strong relationship with man

Obviously, the more diffident woman, the more she tries to please a man. Confident as a woman, of course, also to some extent tries like man, but does so for less that ten times. (Do not do less, and usually tries to less)

To make it clearer, I will give a few examples.

The first example – too hard to dress.  

Let’s say that a woman met a man.

It may at first encounter too hard to dress. For example, put on the best evening dress their best decorations to make some incredibly expensive haircut, etc. etc. And besides that, she may even tell the man that clothes long begged from a friend that this hairstyle she does once a year on major holidays, etc.

This is an example of excessive diligence. The man can come to a meeting in ordinary clothes, or even in a tracksuit and did not expect this from a woman’s clothing. Such excessive diligence clearly shows him that the woman is too interested in it, is not particularly necessary to achieve it, it is almost in love and the only problem – it is a quickie, and think about how it is easier then with the part.

Again, I’m not suggesting that you go out on a date in a tracksuit. (While looking at a date and where it might be a good idea), of course, put on normal clothes, if necessary, make a haircut and no more.

The second example – it is too diligent cooking or even more tableware.

A man comes to the girl on a date and see the candles, some tablecloths, expensive champagne, expensive tableware, etc.

But why would? Does he deserve it? If yes, then no questions.

If you do not deserve, then it is obvious that she tries too hard to please. This diligence almost immediately worsen the ratio of male to female. As it happens, I have several times described above. I have repeatedly posted on the website and in his books that a man must deserve your attention and some concern for your spent time on it.

Again, I do not propose to leave hungry man if he came to the girl home. Of course, you need to feed him. However, it is enough to single dish and the usual plate with a fork.

The third example – a diligence in helping the man.

For example, a man’s kind of a difficult situation. He does not have time to do something, he does not have any connections or skills, it lacks the money or something else. Can she help him? Sure can, why not.

But do not try to be excessive.

If a man is something I do not know, then we can
tell you where to look for it. Excessive in this situation will prosizhivanie weeks in libraries and on the Internet, ordering a couple of weeks, knowledge, and then print it all.

If a man is something I do not have time, you can cancel a date (no offense), you can even sit with him a couple of hours together and understand, but too – it is to do everything for him.

If a man lacks some links that you have, then it is possible to give a small recommendation for him to arrange a meeting, where he could talk about his own remarkable sentence. Excessive will happen – it is to push someone (parents, subordinates or colleagues), that they have forgotten about other options and take only the services, goods, ideas, etc. men you like.

So, in order to please men, of course, we must try. But it is desirable that these efforts fundamentally focused on you, not a man. That is mastered some skill of Psychology of men – good. They brought back to normal weight – excellent. Improve their confidence – wonderful.

Much less need to seek for a particular man. And most importantly, what I write here, you need to avoid excessive efforts. It is not only useful, it is extremely harmful to the relationship.

The fourth example – is excessive attempt to match his interests, hobbies, and so on.

Almost every man loves anything that does not cause the woman any interest. Who is willing to treat or repair cars all day, some sports programs looks, someone is constantly reading about politics and who is willing to work from morning till night. (This of course is not all, there are plenty of different hobbies.)

Of course, it is highly desirable to a woman at least minimally versed in the fact that man is important. It often holds the family, or even the basis for the beginning of dialogue.

It is desirable that a woman at least in general terms, knew what the man it knew at least some of his hobbies. And if the relationship develops, it makes sense to at least a little deeper and know more about that man knows. (If there was interest, and much dive)

But here, perhaps too much effort. For example, a man likes to watch sports, but you do not understand at all, that there may be interesting. If you have never been interested in this sport, and suddenly the clock trying to watch TV, it’s definitely too much effort. (Another question. And the man himself tried hard to know you and your interests?).

Excessive effort rather quickly shows a man that a woman needs him too, has not its own interests and not confidence (or even in a relationship with a particular man). Excessive independence, of course, too bad, but in Russia it occurs is relatively rare.

A third way to improve relations with man – to be at least a little secretive.

how to keep a strong relationship with man

Diffident woman just talk about themselves all. More specifically, it is usually as follows. First, they are not willing to say anything unfamiliar men, something or ask them to defend their opinions. (Shyness)

But as soon as the man showed his affection for her, they talked for several hours as soon as begins the flow of information about themselves.

Sure as a woman doing the opposite. Slightly shallow they are ready to talk with almost any more or less adequate man. However, to say frank talk in great numbers man, he should earn it.

Let’s take the example from them. Learn from one side to talk about everything. Of course, exercise also should not only and not so much on a man that you like, but also to any person. It is clear that the value of learning are basically communicating with strangers or unfamiliar to you people.

On the other hand, learn to conceal information about themselves. Think about what you can tell at the first meetings (and not only in the first place) and to whom, and try to keep this information to themselves. Think about what information you do not need to tell anyone at all ever.

Conversely, consider the fact of what you can talk with almost anyone.

With the same man who likes women, you need to talk more with greater caution. At a minimum, never tell him that you are in love with him by the ears. And do not write him love letters, while he will not tell you about their feelings.

With extreme caution tell him at the first meetings about the problems in the financial field, professional, etc. Very carefully, but it is better not to talk about their previous men.

I think it is clear that we should not tell the man that you sit all day on the phone and wait for him to call with an invitation to a meeting. The remaining items, I think you can finish yourself.

The general principle of this. Learn to speak on general topics (weather, children, events in the world) with any stranger to yourself and to keep the information with respect to the familiar person, but you do not need to talk. In insecure women’s issues with both the first and second paragraph. But if you learn to talk to strangers without special training is not as easy to keep the information can simply be willed efforts, a little practice and analysis.