How to Whiten your Teeth at Home?

How to whiten your teeth at home

Somehow during the next family dinner, I saw my cousin … a diamond in the tooth! This, of course, not new, fashion rhinestone in the teeth for a long time came up to us, the Russians. But interestingly, despite the fact that my sister is not averse to experiment with the appearance, in dentist teeth she never bleached, but her own husband is the owner of a dental clinic. My sister whiten teeth at home, so as not to harm the enamel.

Explains Alla teeth whitening at home that whitening mechanically harm the enamel. It becomes thinner and increases the risk of caries. With this, you can argue, because there was a lot of know-how with the help of which the teeth are white, to use the services of a dentist. But, nevertheless, someone is trying not to risk their health and the natural content, though far from ideal, the color of tooth enamel.

Well, turn to the dentist or not is a purely personal matter. But try traditional methods to restore teeth previous white, possibly in the home, and without any harm to the enamel. How is it possible to whiten your teeth at home? By the way, white smile adds confidence. When you know that it is discouraging and leaves no one indifferent, the person becomes much more confident. But there are several ways to achieve this, to learn about them.

How to whiten Teeth at home?

First, let’s find out why the actual yellow teeth? It’s not news, but once again it is worth recalling that the whiteness of the teeth we lose if drink coffee, tea and, of course, nicotine. That is, first of all, the teeth deteriorate in heavy smokers.

Incidentally, the frequent use of chocolate also affects tooth whiteness.

A pity, because it’s so delicious. Well, if the frequent use of sweets is not recommended, the masks and wraps chocolate has not been canceled.

Another factor, because of which we can not boast Hollywood smile – is the frequent use of toothpaste containing fluoride.

If you lead a healthy lifestyle and to minimize the consumption of chocolate, coffee, black tea and give up cigarettes, you can stop the appearance of yellow enamel. But to return the original whiteness of it, unfortunately, will not help.

Here, no folk remedies can not do . A very simple way how to whiten your teeth at home, it is a tablet of activated charcoal . It is necessary to crush a couple of tablets into a powder and mixed with a dental powder or dental paste and brush her teeth. We perform such a procedure should be once a week. The result will be noticeable within a month.

It is said that you can whiten your teeth at home with the help of baking soda . But it is worth noting that this method is quite aggressive, so do not abuse them and apply more than once a week. In addition, if you have thin tooth enamel, there are problems with the gums, the method of bleaching with soda is better not to be considered. For those who have a thick enamel all right recipe is as follows: a small amount of soda put on a piece of bandage and gently rub the teeth.

And soda is indispensable in the preparation of some desserts.

One time in three days, you can whiten your teeth 3% peroxide . Keep in mind that it is too heavy artillery, so the main thing without fanaticism.

The essence of this method is this: in a third cup of water add 30 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide and rinse your mouth. The main thing is not to swallow the mixture, and then thoroughly rinse your mouth with plain water.

Some after such a procedure take ear stick, dip it in a 3% peroxide solution and rub each tooth gently, then rinse the mouth with warm water again.

Hydrogen peroxide can get rid of stubborn stains, it is important to know what and how it can be applied.

It should again be noted that the above methods are the only means of emergency. Excessive use of them can not use the more all at once. Otherwise, not so much to help themselves, as spoil teeth.

how to whiten your teeth at homeA more gentle way to whiten your tooth enamel is a healthy fruit. Lemon – this Citrus not only replace with the disease, but also help to whiten tooth enamel. Suffice it to rub a slice of lemon or teeth also add lemon juice on a toothbrush with toothpaste. Such a method, by the way, and strengthen gums. But, as the previous methods, it should be used only once a week.

If tea limonom- is the first remedy for colds, the lemon as a marinade when cooking meat – a spicy and unusual.

Strawberries and strawberry – not only tasty berries, but also a good bleach. It is enough to cause one of these mush berries on the toothbrush and massage the teeth. Then paste should be clean teeth. Since these berries contain acids, and they destroy the enamel, if it remains on the surface.

Tea tree oil – is also not as aggressive, but at the same time, a good method of teeth whitening. It is morning and evening after brushing easy massage movements applied to the teeth of tea tree oil.

Here is another very effective and unexpected way to bleaching. Who would have thought that this will help us … the ash of an eggplant .

You must burn this vegetable at the stake and the resulting ash is converted into a powder, which should brush your teeth. But not more than 2 times per week.

As you can see, all of these methods are not too complicated and does not require special effort or cost. The main thing, as mentioned above do not abuse, since the enamel – the lady capricious and even seemingly innocent fruits such as lemon and strawberries can damage it if you use them every day for bleaching or every other day. All necessary measure. And do not try to make lightning-fast results, everything will come with time, do not forget that health is more expensive.

And finally, some advice, what products should eat in order to accelerate the process of bleaching and nourished with vitamins.

Carrots – it helps to get rid of plaque;

Cheddar cheese – a good bleach, to use it regularly;

Dairy products – also a beneficial effect on dental health.


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