Traveling with Kids

traveling with kids

Remember the song: “We are going, going, going to distant lands …”? Who of us in childhood did not expect the trip to rest and did not prepare for it? This was the most significant event of the holidays, it is about him, we were told in the book entitled “How I spent my summer.” Now we are the parents, and our favorite boys and girls with the same look, as we used to be, waiting for trips and traveling, then to share their impressions in a school essay. Children like all – and preparing to rest, and charges the suitcase, and the road. But the latter is not always tolerated by them is normal. Children are often swayed, they may have a fever …. How to reduce possible problems to a minimum?

If you are traveling by train

Train – one of the most accessible and safe vehicles. True, too slow. The road to the destinations it may take several days. How could a child does not get bored? Especially if it is agile and curious character. Therefore, be sure to think over for leisure toddler. What can we offer him?

traveling with kids

– Board games. Now you can find them on sale are many. This has become “classics” “Activiti”, “Georgia and take me”, “Uno” and the relative novelty, which also will fall children to taste:. “! Futrak”, “Alles Trolli”, etc. If the car ride more guys play and invite them. So your child will be the company. It will be like in the song with which I started this article: “Good neighbors, happy friends.” Often children are embarrassed to get acquainted.

– Magnetic puzzles. Collect them – a pleasure for children. Choose the ones that depict favorite characters toddler. You can arrange a competition on speed. Take two puzzle boxes with the same number of parts in them, note the time and start the assignment. The winner is the one who will collect picture quickly. The road is better to take a small amount of puzzle pieces. They collect and convenient (does not require a lot of space), and the process is faster (this is important, because children get tired of the monotony);

– Pencils, coloring books, albums for drawing books. The family of one of my girlfriends, my mother ten years girls, there is a tradition. Her daughter loves to read from this lesson, it does not tear. My friend uses this passion daughter in long-distance trips. They advance with a girl studying what children’s books have recently appeared, about which there are good reviews. Then on the eve of a trip together go to the store and buy selected books. As a result, my mother is calm because the child, they say, “in business”, and the girl is not boring;

– Atlas. Suggest a game: you call letter, and the child has to find a city that begins with it. Have fun, and along with the geography tighten;

– Games. Here imagination is boundless! Play a game of “animal”, “name”, “broken telephone”, “tic-tac-toe.” I will share a game, which came up with another friend of mine for his son. This fun already, probably, five years, the girlfriend was the first time traveling with a child, it was necessary to entertain him. Now her son has graduated from the third class, and they travel a lot with my mom, but this game is still his favorite. she “Granny’s Chest” is called. The first player says: “I went to the attic and found ….” He can call any object, even non-existent. For example: “I went to the attic and found the vessel in which he lives a genie with a green beard.” The second player has to continue the story. For example: “I went to the attic and found the vessel in which he lives a genie with a green beard. He still has the yellow dog named Lou Lou. ” The third player must continue the story of the second and so on until the child does not get bored. It may, at first glance it seems that in this game there is nothing interesting, but in fact it captures children. Moreover, the game develops memory, imagination;

– Which in the modern world without gadgets? If the child is very bored, and he was tired of books, and coloring pages, and puzzles, games offer a daze in the mobile phone. Take the road mp3-player, audio book download a good child, when the baby will be bored, you will have something to entertain him. Listen to the child’s opinion. Did he ask you for a long time to download a book.

– Walk at the stations.

Now that dealt with entertainment, talk about the child’s safety in the train. Complementing the familiar expression, we could say that the problems of Russia – is not only fools, roads and football, but also dirty trains. To prevent poisonings and other similar problems that are satellites of violations of sanitary norms (or rather, their absence in most of our trains), stick to certain rules.

Firstly , make sure that the child every time they wash their hands before sitting down at the table, and after using the toilet.

Secondly , it does not hurt to bring along hand sanitizer. Use it whenever there is no way to rinse his hands. Wipe them a table and other items for which the child is taken.

Thirdly , if you are traveling with a baby, who still goes to pot, do not drive it in the toilet, let him do his “business” in the compartment. Apologize to the other passengers, they will understand your reluctance to carry a child in a public restroom.

Fourth , be careful with food. The road take only those foods that can be stored for quite a long time without refrigeration. It bagels, biscuits, nuts, cereals and fast food puree. The latter, many mothers are wary, believing these products are junk food. Of course, useful in their little home and a child’s diet is not necessary to feed, but the way they are indispensable: simply and quickly prepared, are individually wrapped, do not spoil. Try not to use water from titanium. For the preparation of the “hot” meals (the same mashed potatoes or noodles) take out of the house with a thermos of boiling water.

Fifth , in any case do not buy a food stations from private traders. Undoubtedly, it may be fresh and tasty, but at the same time may be long overdue. Why take the risk?

If you are traveling by car

Many of my friends who have children and have a car, they say that like most visits to the mode of transport them. You are your own boss, you can stop at any time, when the child is tired and starts to act up, you can take more toys, because they do not have to lug them myself, as is the case with the train, for example. Often it turns out a huge suitcase because we do not know what things are worth taking in the canter, and what to leave at home.


Perhaps parents with cars and right about the benefits of movement to them. I draw your attention to the problems that may arise during car trip with children.

The most common trouble – it’s rocking. In children poorly developed vestibular system. He formed only five to seven years. By the way, more than others prone to motion sickness kids, mums and dads who themselves suffered from this scourge at a young age. Unfortunately, preventive measures against sickness does not exist. To strengthen the vestibular apparatus is impossible. We can only wait until the child grows up. In older children hardly swayed.

So you’ve decided to traveling by car. Let’s start with the principal. If your car is not very comfortable, better give up the idea for the trip and select another form of transport. So it will be safer for the baby.

It’s best to hit the road during the hours of the day or night’s sleep, baby. In this case, it is likely to fall asleep in the car also, and he was not seasick.

Do not overfeed the child before the trip, but do not leave hungry. Ideal – to feed the child for an hour and a half before departure. Offer him a nutritious meal to a long time he remained satiated (pasta with chicken, cottage cheese casserole, dumplings with pumpkin). Do not give your child dairy products, sweets, cakes, fizzy drinks. They cause nausea.

Entertain baby talk. Make sure that he is always looking forward. Ask him various questions (whether in front of a lot of cars, what color they are, etc.). If the child will look around, the more likely it is that his seasick, because the window all the flashes, the kid run up his eyes, he tries to keep track of moving objects. Also note that sit crumb should be strictly in the course of driving.

If your child is prone to motion sickness, before the trip go to the pediatrician. Now pharmacies can buy special products from motion sickness, your doctor will help with their choice. Stock up on candies with a sour taste, and often offer their child. This is also a good remedy for nausea.

Do not worry unnecessarily. When my mother is restless and waiting for that baby is about seasick, it really swayed. Baby mother feels the mood. Therefore, do not set all the way to the fumes of questions about his health, do not ask, cradles it or not, whether you need to stop, etc. Similarly, the behavior you will only aggravate the situation, and the baby will actually become ill. Here is an example from personal experience. My second cousin’s daughter is growing. They are often chosen on the family cottage, which is located at a considerable distance from the city. My sister was seasick in childhood, and until adolescence, so she remembers, as always with the fear of waiting for the road. When she became a mother, it calms her daughter that she was not seasick before each ride. Girl waiting for this constantly, and it is often swayed. All our relatives sure if my mother did not begin these conversations and not frighten the child, the girl would not seasick. Self-hypnosis, as we know, no one has canceled.

Do not forget to put in a travel bag flavored wipes for children, several small towels, a bottle of water, a change of clothes for the child in the event, if it is still seasick and it will need to change clothes.

If you are traveling by plane

I conducted a survey among the children of their friends and found out that the plane – a favorite form of transport little fidget! Babe likes to look out the window, watching the clouds as I was told by one of the interviewed children, five-year Yegor, “to be in the sky,” and yet they are attracted by the flight attendants dress, food special “aircraft” saucers and that the sun nearby. So with the emotional mood of the child there are no problems, if you have decided to fly to the resort. But in terms of the baby being some difficulties may arise.

traveling with kids

As when traveling by car is the most common problem – this is motion sickness, so when flying – laying the ears, which gives children the discomfort. In one magazine I read this advice to solve this problem. Most ears laying in the process of landing. For 15 minutes to soak it in hot water two handkerchiefs, squeeze and put in two plastic cups. Then attach to the last child and keep the lugs so. This council gave the stewardess. So for him, I think, is worth considering.

Coping with ears laying the help and lollipops. Offer their child during takeoff and landing.

Toddlers are very emotional. They are susceptible to any changes. And here just imagine – a trip to a new country, a crowded airport, plane …. How not to worry about ?! A common reaction to such experiences – the temperature rise. It is in no way associated with any disease or health of the child is not in danger, it’s just a reaction. So do not panic, but rather put in the handbag antipyretic. If in flight the child has a fever, give him half the money doses. Once you reach the place, and the baby rest, his health will be normal.

Clothing for the flight to be the most convenient. Prefer made of natural materials. Choose “layering”. It is more practical, as the air temperature in the cabin changeable during the flight can be a kid then hot, then cold. When it layered outfit to solve these problems easily, you just remove unnecessary at the moment thing or put on again.

Many mothers and fathers refuse to travel with their children, for fear that the child would be a tedious road, and the journey will not bring joy. But, as you can see, observing certain rules, potential problems can be minimized. In any case, as we know, the main thing – attitude. Go on the road with only positive thoughts, do not think about what may happen, do not tune in to the bad, and the trip will take place just perfect. And the happy eyes of your children will be the best proof of that!