How to get rid of Freckles

how to get rid of freckles

At the fairer half of humanity is not easy: long hair, they certainly want to cut, then to build them, straighten curly and smooth, in contrast, curl …. And so women all over, including in relation to freckles. For those who they have not, the sun kisses cause sympathy, and who have – the desire to get rid of them. Freckles are decorated with the face of my close friend. But she regularly grumble that the verb “to decorate” is not appropriate and is trying new ways to deal with them. There are many methods to get rid of freckles. The prevention of their appearance must begin long before the arrival of warm days. As a result, the number of sun¬†freckles becomes larger. It is therefore necessary to take measures in advance. This will prevent new freckles less visible and make available.

Freckles in the spring considered

How many (health, appearance, personality traits) and freckles, we have inherited from the parents. Their appearance is due to genetically mortgaged feature of skin pigmentation. As a rule, the first freckles appear between the ages of three to five years. Especially they are subject to redheads and blondes. It is noticed that the older a person becomes, the less he has freckles. By old age, they disappear altogether.

Freckles is also called the “kiss of the sun.” With the onset of spring and summer, when sun¬†activity increases, they become more. Some representatives of the fair half of mankind at all winter freckles disappear. For example, this happens at my girlfriend. So she loves this time of year more than others.

Freckles in the spring considered

Freckles often appear on the face, but may be on other areas of the body. And I have repeatedly noticed that the “sun deposit” on the shoulders, arms, emotions usually does not cause, it is perceived by the owner of freckles as a feature of the exterior, with which it is possible to get along, but not so on the face. In this case, the experience of each girl, how to get rid of freckles, would be enough for a whole book.

So, if you intend to declare war freckles, remember some rules. Firstly, freckles as I noted above, like the sun. So you need to be careful with sunburn. When soak up the beach, cover your face with a scarf and use a cream with a high sun protection and regularly update it on the skin. Sunbathing you can be up to 11 hours and after 16. Do not forget about the headgear during walks in summer city, especially in a period of rest in hot countries. Wide-brimmed hat will protect not only the face of freckles, but also prevents dehydration of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles.

Secondly, care choose also taking into account the propensity for the formation of your skin freckles, comprising necessarily be UV filters.

Thirdly, we all know that beauty is largely dependent on what we eat. It is also true freckles. The daily menu should be present products containing vitamin C. It is a bleaching agent with freckles and acts as a filter, preventing the process of pigmentation. So lean on citrus fruit, sauerkraut, parsley, currants, apples. You can drink away the course of this vitamin. It is enough to use it 1 g per day for a month. My friend does it in February.

Fifth, pay attention to cosmetics with whitening effect – creams, serums, lotions. Use them regularly. Such means release many cosmetic companies. Coupled with the household masks they will be even more effective. But do not use whitening cosmetics just before the exit to the street. This can cause even greater pigmentation. To the like soaked, they need an hour. Your dresser should not be alcohol-containing drugs, because they increase skin sensitivity to sunlight.

And finally, fourth, did not focus their attention on foreign and freckles. People perceive you as a whole and, as I have already noted, many of these satellites of the sun cause our sincere sympathy. Learn to accept yourself for who you are.

Masks against freckles

Probably about the bleaching properties of lemon and cucumber know even those on the skin in which no freckles. These products are affordable and effective means to combat them. Cucumber juice can not be diluted with water before use, but lemon is necessary (two teaspoons of juice of half a cup of boiled water). Treat your skin twice a day for a month.

BLEACH qualities have also dairy products. Every day for two weeks, apply a mask made of cottage cheese and yogurt, taken in equal amounts. Stir the ingredients and keep the skin for 15 minutes.

how to get rid of freckles

Help get rid of freckles and other masks, but they can do only in the evening, because after them undesirable to the skin being insolated.

– Buy in a drugstore dandelion flowers. A tablespoon of raw pour a glass of boiled water, insist hour, strain it and wipe your face as many times per day as you can, until you see the effect. I share a secret: when I need to cook a small amount of herbal infusions, I do it in the circle for brewing tea with a strainer. Very convenient – flooded with boiling water the grass and covered the lid (it is included in a set of clubs), he gave the stand, took a sieve, and the infusion is ready;

– Connect a tablespoon 6% vinegar and lemon juice, add two teaspoons of boiled water at room temperature. In the dry type of skin it is recommended to add a small amount of glycerol. Wipe the face with this mixture morning and evening;

– Grate horseradish and apple. Use as a mask once daily. Hold for 15 minutes. Try to make a mask only horseradish. Rub it and apply on face for three to five minutes. In order not to cause skin irritation, wipe your face before applying this mask any vegetable oil;

– Treat the skin a small amount of vegetable oil (olive, mustard). The next step – a compress. Dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda in a liter of hot water, soak in the resulting solution, a towel, wring out and cover the face. Lie so until the towel cools. Then apply a mask of fresh cabbage, previously chopped her small cubes;

– Wipe the skin lotion based on vinegar (20 ml), lemon juice (15 ml) and water (10 ml);

– Mask of parsley – is another way to get rid of freckles. Note that in the spring and summer, it is made from the stems and in autumn and winter – roots. Skip bunch of parsley through the meat grinder, should get two tablespoons. Apply gruel on face for half an hour;

– Remarkable bleaching properties are strawberries, black currants, gooseberries, cranberries. Mash a handful of berries with a spoon. Keep on the face for 20 minutes;

– Mask of almonds will also help get rid of freckles. Pour half a cup of peeled almonds 250 ml of boiling water. Let configure themselves for five minutes. Then drain the water in a separate bowl, it can be used for washing off the mask, and almonds mince. Mix the resulting mass with the juice of half a lemon and a tablespoon of boiled water. Stir the mixture and apply on face. After half an hour rinse;

– Try lemon-honey mask. Squeeze the juice of one lemon and mix it with two tablespoons of liquid honey. Prepare two gauze. Soak lemon-honey mixture first one, hold it on your face for ten minutes, then take another (also keep ten minutes). Wash with warm water. Requires course of such masks 15 (two per week). In order not to waste time every time on the preparation of the mixture, keep in mind – ready to be stored in the refrigerator for a week;

– Rub two or three carrots, press the juice. Wipe them face twice a day;

– Mask of quince. Actions, as in the previous recipe;

– Prepare a saturated solution of sodium chloride. Wet in it a cotton pad and wipe the face several times. Allow to dry, and then rinse the face. Repeat morning and evening;

– Mash two tablespoons canned green peas, add the same amount of serum. Mix, apply to the face;

– Kvass. Process soaked tampon in it face every morning before washing. Wait five minutes and then follow their regular procedures;

– Need lemon juice, horseradish and sour cream. Take all in equal proportions and mix. Hold for five minutes;

– Will help in the fight with freckles and onion juice. Wipe his face with morning and evening;

– Watermelon mask. Mash the flesh of watermelon and hold on the face for ten minutes. If the skin is dry before applying this mask, wipe it with olive oil;

– Very easy to prepare potato mask. The only negative – that it gave the result, it is necessary to keep the skin hour. If you have the time, or any anti-freckles spend is not sorry, potato peel and finely grate. Slightly squeeze the juice and apply slurry on the face.

To mask proved to be effective, you need to do them for one and a half or two months. Be patient. Select one or two masks and alternate them. Watch the reaction of your skin. If you notice her irritation, blemishes, give up the mask and do other procedures, as long as they do not pass, so you do not have to decide together with freckles more serious skin problems. And even better – like its gold mines, because they have noted the sun!

Mr. Manaljaw has significant expertise in representing life sciences firms in conducting world clinical trials and has portrayed health care shoppers in developing ventures in Asia and the geographical region.