Secrets of Happy Women

secrets of happy women

Remember, as the song goes: “Women’s happiness would have been pretty close, well, have nothing else?” Yeah, well, when pretty close, but the question immediately arises, and how much you are happy with your cute? Most of the women can be heard resentment and
dissatisfaction that her husband “does not help her around the house, with children not involved, he earns little, but about gifts and flowers can not speak.” How many insults as such reproaches listening, sometimes, our man for the whole family life … listen, listen, and do it never does.

How to become a happy women

Why is this happening? It turns out even the presence of a man in a women’s life can not always be happy to help her. After all, what happiness there, if seven in the shops, women working, tired, and her house is waiting for more and hungry, but not doing anything the husband? So how to make sure that her husband helped, cared for, earned enough money, gave gifts, and in the evening do you a massage?In general, how to become a happy women? – You say that everything is unreal and what is not with your man? Then, of course, you can continue this article and not read, anyway, as long as do not want to change anything in your life will not change. Those who are ready to become a happy women ready to take in your life love, respect and admiration for the partner – welcome. I’m sure you re-evaluate and change a lot in itself, and then your life and your relationship will gradually change and every day become more and happier and happier.

happy women

What do you think, why there are women who are husband and flowers presents, after ten years of marriage, and the house often makes more than the women herself, and massage his wife at night, and the children involved, the school goes to meetings and on weekends park, the wife had a rest, and rest on the Black sea organizes (on vacation in the Crimea, see the article “rest in Crimea in the fall” ). And all the house, all in the family, and true / reliable, and a wonderful lover, and the main breadwinner in the house? Why is it that someone “lucky” and someone “suffers and suffers with his bad egg”?

Let’s look not at men (which is to look at them, in fact, they are all the same), and on the women themselves. Let’s look at how we ourselves behave with your partner?

Do we ourselves worthy addition to our man cared for us, cared for and protected?

Do we consider ourselves worthy to live with a strong, successful and loving husband? – Perhaps these questions can and finish the article, but you can still reflect …. Let us reflect on the topic, as well as you have a normal, adequate self-esteem? How you yourself can ask for help from your partner and at the same time inside feel worthy of man you helped and provided care and attention?

Often, only because of this sense of “I am not worthy” and the role of the victim, the women continues to suffer and endure the silence, that another in relation to itself simply does not allow. Why do we behave so that our man ceases to have respect and appreciate? Why is it so happens that all the same man, having gone to another women, it is “very different” and does not allow himself that allowed in relation to his ex-partner?

Think, if a women does not respect himself, how will respect her partner? If she tolerates and allows you to yourself rudeness and humiliation if she does not ask for and does not require his men something to help, to do something for themselves and for the family and is not able to insist on their demands – except a women can be happy in life? The root cause of these problems lies only in the sense of uncertainty and thinking “I do not deserve better treatment, well, that even though this is and that is fine.” But if you look closely, it often happens that a normal her man, only she can not take a women and say that, “Yes, I want my husband gave me flowers, to participate fully in raising children and helping around the house. To go to the grocery store, the family arranged for the evening and earned enough to have enough not only for the minimum cost, but also on the investment of money in the investment, our joint trip to the holiday home and travel to other countries! I want him to treat me with respect and correctly, to be pampered and cared for, courted and conquered as the beginning of our love! “

Once we say to ourselves, and it is best to clearly formulate and write in a separate notebook, what we want to see the relationship with your partner, then you need to understand how to achieve our desires. The main thing – it is every day to visualize the desired image!

We need to understand that if we continue to will not take anything, but silently endure and save a resentment and discontent, nothing will change. First of all, I’m sorry your loved everything that you think you do not like it. And gradually start to build such a relationship, which drew in his head. Start every day dreaming about how you want your husband to treat you, and gradually talk about it and himself. For example, to flowers and gifts gave, gave a holiday on the Black Sea, or just a trip to your city, and then drove to the cinema. Understand, if you do not articulate their demands and wishes, your man and it will be considered that “once you say something, then you are satisfied.”

If you continue to be silent and learn to clearly express their wishes, your man can never know that you have something in it is not satisfied. Do not make that mistake, which is written above. Do not tell the man:

– “You do not give me flowers, you’re a bad husband and father, you do not care about the family, and so on.”

Speak clearly and exactly what you want it !? If you want him to do you a massage in the evening, then say so:

“Beloved, now I am very tired, do me, please, a little foot massage”, most importantly, do not forget to thank him and admire what began to feel much better. A man tried, and it is important to get positive reinforcement of their actions.

Do not forget to bring it to a full education and child care. At times, only we women try to do everything themselves, without involving and not trusting your partner.

If you want him to help around the house, then, create a clear desire, and not vague, “Help me through the house.”

Tell me, is better in the morning, so that he could in the evening tune: “In the evening I want to do the cleaning, help me shake out the carpets and clean the plumbing?”, And in the evening do not expect when he remembers himself, let it rest a little, pick up what you need shake and ask him about it. Again, do not forget after your hero will come back to admire them and gently say, “Well, that I do without you!”. – The main thing is not to overdo it, but that positive reinforcement works wonders – it is an indisputable fact.

happy women

Often women are not satisfied with the income of her husband, and instead encourage him to great deeds and increasing income, the women begins to pull itself the burden of the main breadwinner. And okay, if she likes her job, she is happy and there is harmony and love in their family. Normally, all this is accompanied by fatigue, apathy and frustration in the man, and the family often comes to divorce.

It is useless to batter a man saying: “You do not earn much, so I had to look for a solution to this problem and perform the role of man in the family.” Instead, learn how to give him the responsibility for the increase in income. And, instead of punching his forehead against the wall, and then beautifully screaming that “extinct real men”, release its iron grip and tell your missus that the money in the family is not enough, and you are waiting for a decision from him as from Men both the head of household, breadwinner and hunter.

Just do not say that it does not work. If you do not work, then you are either not tried or do not want to let go of his grip. Or you do not know how to deal with a partner and is constantly trying to pull everything on himself. And some especially zealous ladies just love to play and the controller to then complain, or vice versa, to boast that here, they say, it is what, straight “hero of the day.”

To become a happy family life, and the husband strong and confident, you must first learn to be the most women and do not try to pull all by yourself. Not utyanesh of forces vybesh and happy at the same time not become.

One can cite examples of the sea, but the essence will remain one. Learn to ask for help for her man and of such treatment, which you enjoy. Remember, men love to help and do something for his beloved, so do not indulge them to the rest of his life to mourn and grieve the fact “what a wonderful husband, friend, and your very lazy.”

The main thing – do not try to charge a man a lot of tasks at once. Choose what he can do now, and do not hesitate to ask several times.

There are suggestions that have to articulate for a few months, so it is something began to change in yourself and the situation. Men – they are not always able to quickly change everything, but when configured and start to do something, then you can now safely relax and enjoy the work done “work” and the long-awaited result.

This behavior, when a women still pulls on itself and at the same time complaining about her husband, is inherent to our mothers and grandmothers. If we see a child is an example of how to be a real women, and be able to take care and care for your partner, then certainly we would have lived it is now much easier and happier. But the fact that at the time no one has taught this, does not mean that now we can not learn it for yourself. It is not necessary to take any responsibility and all passed on to other people. It’s time to think about yourself and about your life, ask yourself a question: “And what I’m a women? And what women want to be? What I want to see her husband and his attitude towards me? “Answering these questions to myself, you will lay the way of his future life. You will begin to more deeply understand themselves and see the mistakes that might have made a few years ago and continue to be allowed now. And the main thing – to see it and take a what delusion and gradually begin to build and create a new image of their family and relationship with a man.