How to cure a broken heart

broken heart

Heard recently phrase that in our times most Heartbreak and hope than machines. Therefore it is not surprising that many of us would prefer to see the broken┬áheart …

Disease history. Symptoms.

After a broken heart – it is emptiness, it pursues. She seemed to be enveloped and it seems there is no escape. Dead end. Why is this happening? Maybe I not love it? And why is not that …? He’s a good, kind, sweet. The best. And is it my fault that he still loves his “former”? That said, I’m sorry, let’s be friends. Blame? No, its not at fault … Is that told him one day that he loves, puzzled … But she told the truth … She, too, was in love, and not one … And, too, had a lot of pain from what she I thought that he loves, and it did not like … it is also a special, the other the best. But it is not love, and perhaps did not like … It hurts. Now she did not forget, perhaps, never … But you have to let him go … Many live with such pain and live well … and she will live, as before, only without him, without his eyes, hands and smile … Live like -What other without him … He was the meaning of her life, the sun, endlessly warm and joyful. And now … A damp gray rain rain on the street and in her soul. She had no more strength to go on living without him … He took a piece of it, perhaps the most important. She was left alone with my sorrow … Heart broken!

How to glue a broken heart? Treatment.

1. After a hard parting, many turn in on themselves. They want to be alone, to mourn, to think, to cry. Cried necessary.
With tears out all the accumulated negative emotions inside of you. But leave an idea is not the best. Nearby there are always people that you care about: friends, family, relatives, colleagues. That they then will spend the first resuscitation with your heart.

2. Allow yourself to do whatever your heart cute, despite the consequences, at least a few days. Arrange a hen, “a holiday belly”, rest in your favorite place or places where there had long dreamed of, loans are (barber, spa, swimming pool) and buy a new dress or insanely expensive underwear. Or maybe a parachute jump or fly in aerotrube? Do all that, on what would have never dared to “former” life. Attention men, of course, it is always important for us, but you will understand that and can be infinitely good without him. We must live for myself and for myself beloved, to get the maximum pleasure and joy of life.

3. But the known method to cure a broken heart.

Visualize the channel, connecting you with the “eksom”. Closing his eyes, we present the two tubes through which energy circulates between you. Again mentally, take scissors and cut the tube in half.
The ends that are suitable for you mentally to pinch. The wounds on the heart will begin to coalesce, though not immediately, but will be much easier.

4. Try to maximize load itself. For example, work. Occupational therapy has always been an effective tool in matters of the heart. Free time for feelings and thoughts should not remain.

5. dismiss the idea of revenge on the former. No need to prove to him that you were the best at it, and how much he has lost. We must try to forgive him.

Remember the last time about your joint fine minutes, tell him thank you mentally (only mentally!), Because thanks to him that you were very happy for a while.

And you can already switch to other men!

6. Psychologists say that one of the most effective ways is to complain itself to his misfortune. Aloud. In front of the mirror. It is believed that it is a good idea helps to relieve stress. I like not a psychologist, I advise you to finish this therapy before a mirror pair of funny faces. Now more than ever you need positive emotions.

7. Do you know a wise phrase: “Everything that does not kill us makes us stronger”? Scientists believe that the brain needs 21 days to adjust to something new, whether it is a new work, study, or a new life without him and with a broken heart. Three weeks later, even if nothing is done theoretically it should be easier. The wounds on the heart will begin to tighten themselves.

8. If absolutely nothing helps, you can turn to a psychologist-experts Affairs of heart, who always has in store adhesive for broken hearts. Not necessarily recorded on internal reception, you can talk with a psychologist on the Internet. According to statistics of the Moscow service of psychological help people rarely seek help because of the rupture of relations (300 per 20,000 cases).

9. The most important thing, “Do not,” Contraindications: Do not treat a broken heart alcohol. Firstly, for the health and well-being – it is little use therapy. Secondly, going out of control, the case could reach the night plaintive calls “Axa”.
All previous attempts to heal a broken heart, “down the drain”. A vicious circle of some sort!

Meetings and partings, gaining and losing – it’s an inevitable part of our lovely life. And no matter how it was hard at first, to restore the mental strength and to cure a broken heart is possible.

Mr. Manaljaw has significant expertise in representing life sciences firms in conducting world clinical trials and has portrayed health care shoppers in developing ventures in Asia and the geographical region.