How to make your Lips Bigger

How to make your Lips Bigger

Millions of women are scratching their heads: how to increase the lips in the home without resorting to surgery? Why do men really like women with full lips? This is a mystery. But, nevertheless, the fact remains.

Lip augmentation at home – is not such a difficult task as it might seem. In fact, the main thing – to set a goal and go to achieve it, without deviating an inch.

There are different ways to answer the question “How to increase lips at home?”. You can select one of them, and you can try different, focusing on the most effective and convenient it is for you.

Exercises for lip augmentation

Lips are equipped with muscles that can be pumped, repeating every day special exercises for lip augmentation:

  • Whistling. We need to whistle for 5 minutes at a time – anything, any melody, it is better every time different. You not only natreniruesh lips, but their razogreesh this exercise.
  • Showing tongue. Choose a time when you no one sees, and shows tongue for 5-10 seconds, pulling it as far as possible. Repeat 10 times.
  • Imagine that you need to blow off a large dandelion: strongly naduy cheeks and forcefully exhale through inflated lips relaxed. Repeat the exercise 5 times.
  • Smile – tube. Alternating smile and folding the lip into a tube. This should be repeated 15 times.
  • Circles. Close your lips tightly, and then “Draw” their circles in the air – move in a clockwise and counter-clockwise. Exercise is effective if it repeated five times in each direction.
  • Wolf howl. As wolf howls? He monotonously repeats something like “avuuuu”, “vuuuu”. Povoy and you – just five minutes, but carefully “vypevaya” every sound, slowly and carefully.
  • Bite! Within 2 minutes, bitten lips, but not pain. This will help to enhance blood circulation, make the lips more plump and bright.


How to visually enlarge the lips with the help pump

There is such a special thing for lip augmentation, it is called “pump for lip augmentation.” This is a very popular tool. Another name things – vacuum massage. This method helps make the lips plump and tempting for some time – usually two hours. Experts say that, if you use the pump to increase the lips regularly, then there will be a cumulative effect – the bulk will be able to hold up to 4 hours. Not bad!

Use pump for lip augmentation is very simple. It is necessary to put on a normal lip balm, then press it to start the pump and “tighten” the air. In the first month it is recommended to stop the process after 3 seconds and repeating it is not more than 3 times a day. Further it is possible to gradually increase the duration of the treatment, but in any case less than 2 minutes ‘pumping’ a day.

How to increase lips with the help of glasses

There is a special cup (cap) for lip augmentation. It was created by Korean artisans. How to increase the lips by a cap? Very popular brand Fullips cap.

The principle of operation is the same as in the case of the pump: a cap put on the mouth, and then suck in air, to create a high pressure inside the cap. Keep the cap so you need a minute. When your lips get used to this exercise – it is possible to extend the one-time approach to a few minutes.

Edema, which is formed on the lip and makes them plumper, holds up to two hours. By the way, if you do not have such a cap – it does not matter: you can use any glass, it is best with soft edges, the main thing – that it is the appropriate size.

How to increase lips with makeup: funds

If you’re more likely to think about how to increase the lip at home, but you do not want to use any injections or any devices – remains to resort to tricks of makeup. How to visually enlarge the lips with makeup?

The main thing – to choose the right color. If you need volume, give up wearing matte lipsticks – blueberry, fuchsia, burgundy, brown, intense red. Such shades, conversely, makes the lips more narrow.

To increase lip with makeup, take advantage of the natural lipstick colors. Suit any pastel shades: peach, pink, light beige.

And also need pencil natural colors as possible – the same as lipstick.

The second important point – lipstick structure. Take away all velvety, matte, which do not give the light, and prepare the ones that shine as much as possible. Gloss effect – exactly what you need.

An excellent choice – all kinds of lip gloss, it is desirable – in its composition containing light-reflecting particles. Welcome pearl shades.

Many makeup artists, seeking to solve the problem, how to increase the lip at home, resorting to an interesting trick: first applied matte lipstick without shine, and on top of it – a transparent lip gloss, with a strong flickering effect.


How to increase lips with makeup: Appliances

  1. Step One: Apply concealer over the entire surface of the lips. This is important: in fact concealer helps hide flaws, irregularities and skin roughness.
  2. Step Two: pick the right color pencil and accurately depict the contour of the lips. Optionally slightly go natural boundaries – not more than a few millimeters. Appears strip of skin between the lips and pencil silhouette – Stroke it.
  3. The third step: to outline the hollow above the upper lip. To do this, use a light pencil or eye shadow with light reflecting particles.
  4. Step Four: Apply lipstick.
  5. Step Five: Apply gloss over lipstick. You can select one of the ways: either the whole surface of the lips, or only in the middle. If you choose the second way – to apply a gloss literally one drop into the middle of the lip, and then repeatedly squeeze and unclench his lips to shine evenly distributed.

Choose your way how to increase the lips at home, and to strike the others their beauty!