10 Myths about Healthy Eating

myths about healthy eating

Losing weight, calories, eating right – it would seem, on the subject written hundreds of books, thousands of articles, produced a lot of gear, so we need to know all about it. However, in a society portrayed in certain myths with respect to a healthy diet, so that “rooted” in our brains that get rid of misconceptions will not be easy. Let’s see whether certain statements by a least some soil?

Myths #1: Get fat by fatty food

At first glance – that’s right. And on the second … In fact, we do not bring carbohydrates fewer calories than fats. In order not to gain weight, you need to properly organize their daily diet, taking into account the ratio therein of fats and carbohydrates. At the same time 65% of a healthy diet should be carbohydrates is, but not what you want, and “slow”. These include primarily hard wheat and all of them made – wholemeal bread, pasta. Note: no fancy cakes or pastries to the “slow” carbohydrates are not!

Go ahead. 15% of the daily diet of an adult should be vegetable fat, and 10% – the animals. Proteins belong to the third place – they account for 10%.

Nutritionists advise not to give any of the fat or carbohydrates because the fats allow us to keep youth and elasticity of skin, healthy joints and ligaments, and carbohydrate food in general is the basis of nutrition. Fats contribute to proper metabolism, help the body absorb vitamins A and E if you exclude from your diet fats, hormones are practically no longer being produced, which can not be tolerated.

Myths #2: The intellectual activity consumes more calories than the physical

1300 calories per day – enough to rate as the representatives of the intellectual elite, and for the simple hard workers. This amount is able to meet all the needs of the body and all of its energy – both mental and physical. If you spend mental resources and thus have physical exercise – all the same it is not necessary to increase the number of calories consumed.

Myths #3: Pregnancy brings all overweight

Normal healthy pregnancy can be the cause of a large weight gain. Pregnancy is not a disease, it’s a perfectly natural physiological condition of the woman, and so it will not be difficult after delivery quickly “bounce back.” Another question – pregnancy, accompanied by abnormalities, complications, hormonal problems. All this can lead to endocrine disorders, which lead to an increase in body weight.

Myths #4: Eat a lot in times of stress – this is normal

Food – not a sedative! It’s just a source of energy, which, of course, can be both a source of pleasure, but not to the same degree. If you have a habit of constantly when you are nervous, “gang up” on food – you need to visit a medical psychologist who will correct the wrong food habits.

Myths #5: Do not eat after six o’clock in the evening

This is not entirely true. Firstly, you can not eat 3 hours before bedtime (preferably – 4 hours), and secondly, it is important what kind of food you eat at the same time. If you have dinner lean boiled meat and vegetable salad – do not worry about excess weight, it is not for you “stick”!

Myths #6: Eat your breakfast, share your lunch with a friend and give your dinner to your enemy

The most proper nutrition – not three times a day, and at least five. In this case the entire amount of food nutritionists advise divided into unequal parts: breakfast and dinner accounted for 25%, 35% leave for lunch, and between meals, arrange another light “snacks” – lunch and afternoon tea, during which you will eat about 15% of the daily diet.

Myths #7: Gain weight in winter – this is normal

In fact, it considered to be normal weight gain in winter in the range of 2-3 kg. It is caused by cooling during which the body is trying a little “stock up Zhirkov.” These 2-3 kg, in the good, have completely melted with the coming of spring. But if you type in every winter 5 kg, that is not going away – this is far from the norm.

In order not to grow fat in the winter, you need to ensure your body to move. Sensible exercise will not take much of your time – go a couple of stops on foot, climb no elevator to the fifth floor, roll the hula-hoop while watching your favorite show.

Myths #8: Not to get fat, you need to drink green tea

Green tea helps to regulate blood pressure. As far as its ability to rid the body of extra weight – this is a real myth, although very common. Of course, if you start drinking green tea instead of coffee without sugar with fat cream – it will be a good decision, because your body will get less fat and carbohydrates.

Myths #9: If you want to lose weight, it should be completely abandon sweet

Life without sweets – is not only cruel, it is also harmful, because sweet foods gives our brain. You just need to learn to limit yourself. For example, one teaspoon of sugar per day – this is normal. I want another sweet?

Add to this that a choice from the list:

– 10 g of dark chocolate;

– 2 teaspoons of honey;

– 1 candy;

– 1 marshmallows;

– 1 Marmeladka.

Myths #10: Breakfast should eat porridge or cereal, fried food is bad morning

One type is very useful, balanced and delicious breakfast – plain scrambled eggs, fried with tomatoes, mushrooms and lean bacon. Another good thing to add here a couple of spoons of green peas and a slice of wholemeal bread. You get a great boost of energy and a minimum of calories!

As you can see, proper nutrition – it is not too difficult and frightening as it may seem. Much allowed, not allowed, only one – the lack of a sense of proportion!