The first signs of Pregnancy

The first signs of Pregnancy

11 main symptoms of the ensuing pregnancy

Many women are convinced that as long as there is no delay menstruation – pregnancy makes no sense to speak. However, there are signs even earlier than the delay, allowing a high degree of certainty to say about the pregnancy.

There are changes, sometimes faint, which, in combination with intuition allow the woman to know that she will soon become a mother.

1) Drowsiness and weakness

You feel sleepy, even if the night was fast asleep. The fact that a pregnant woman instantly accelerates metabolism. This is necessary to support the body – and your future baby, but at the same time causes fatigue. Sleep as much as you want! And more often try to take a nap.

2) Nausea

In some women, morning sickness can appear literally from the first days of pregnancy. This is due to a sharp drop in blood sugar. Nausea (morning sickness) often accompanies the future mom only during the first trimester. However, some suffer nausea nine months.

Try to eat more regularly as possible, include in the diet only natural products.

3) Breast Augmentation

Literally in the first days after conception, you can feel the discomfort of wearing a bra. Chest swells considerably and increases, and after a while her nipples darken.

4) Changing taste and smell

About passion for pregnant women to know all the pickles. But this is only one of possible variants of taste changes. You can start eating foods that previously could not see. expectant mothers often “pulls” on a sour or salty. But the favorite foods can cause disgust. It happens. What’s in your mouth an unpleasant metallic taste, enjoy food poisoning.

The sense of smell is also beginning to take the problem: you suddenly realize that you can not, for example, roast potatoes, because you’re sick of the smell of oil. In the clean and ventilated the apartment suddenly begins to haunt the smell of smoke …

5) Forgetfulness and nesobrannost

The purpose of the body is now one – to successfully bear a child, and the rest is now – “extra” optional. Therefore, future mothers are often in dispersed form – forget the keys and the money can not solve a simple crossword puzzle, long remember, what they got out of the house … Do not be afraid: it temporarily at a later date all normal.

6) Change of basal body temperature

This occurs even before the delay. Sharply increased basal temperature. If ovulation has occurred – the temperature is kept at the level of 37-37,2 degrees a few weeks. If conception has not come – the next day basal temperature returns to normal.

7) Selections

Already on the 6th day after conception, you may find slight spotting. They say that there was the implantation of the embryo. But such isolation appear not always and not at all – this is also normal.

8) Frequent urination

If after conception was a week – can appear frequent urination. This is because the pelvis increases blood circulation, bladder and sends a signal of fullness even when very little urine has accumulated. The frequency of urination is usually normalized by the fourth month of pregnancy.

9) Emotional instability

Women in early pregnancy can suddenly no reason to cry or be offended, but after a minute of fun to laugh or feel unusual happiness. Irritability expectant mothers – a reason for many stories and even anecdotes.

10) deterioration of health

The woman’s body is being introduced embryo, half of the chromosomes of which is alien, as obtained from the child’s father. In order to prevent rejection, a few drops immunity, that is, the body’s defenses are not working at full strength. Therefore, pregnant women are more likely prone to colds and ailments.

The main thing – do not be taken without consulting a doctor powerful drugs! They can cause serious damage to the crumbs.

11) flatulence

Intestine with the onset of pregnancy become more “lazy”, increased flatulence, can torment constipation, stomach volume increases. From this trouble there are plenty of safe, gentle means.

All these signs of pregnancy can occur long before the delay, indicating that the pregnancy and the need to treat your body with special care.


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