6 Steps to Teaching your Child to Read

steps to teaching your child to read

How to convince your child that you need to read? Should we spend time talking or should we just get the child to read? What do parents who have dropped out of the hand of despair? Let’s try to speculate on these subjects. We have prepared a list of the most important tips on how to get your child to read, and whether to do it:

1) The modern world

Read the book – that’s fine. But we should not forget the times we live in. Even some ten years ago, information was seen done differently. Before reading books, newspapers, magazines, she was the main way of getting information. Today, almost any information we receive from the Internet. So often parents about the requirements of reading is not quite adequate, because Mom and Dad did not take into account the rhythm of modern life.

2) substitution of meanings

Quite often, in their expectations mom and dad are too emotional. In severe and pester notations can slip the expression: “if you do not read, then you grow up … a loser.” This substitution of concepts. Parents should do the right accents to “read – it fascinating and interesting”, the output is, “to read – it is right, it is necessary.”

If parents do not change the “minus” to “plus” (dissatisfaction and criticism on the promotion), the child appear complex “does not meet expectations”, but the fact of reading become a “fad” that causes tension and protest in their educational processes. Then you have exactly have to constantly encourage your child to read and to no good it will not.

No need to think about how to make a child read, orders and penalties only deter you from books. Important – the right to direct and support independent reading initiative.

3) Fatigue

It is no secret that today’s children are more mental stress than the previous generations. Today there is a general tendency to inflame a reading around and around to prepare children for school. Kids almost from the cradle forced to cram an ABC book and read by syllables. Because of the race ahead of the curve, in the life of the kid training to become take up too much time, and the requirements of moms and dads are constantly growing. Parents often impose your child a purely vision, naively believing that, if the child is able to read, to the school, he definitely ready. This is a huge misconception. To prepare your child to school, parents should pay more attention to the overall development of the baby: fine motor skills, physical fitness, logic thinking, psychological adjustment to society. And while the ability and desire to read will follow by itself.

4) Read the parents

For proper initiation of the child to reading is extremely important overall homely atmosphere. If a child sees that households spend their free time watching TV, it is difficult to imagine that crumbs will want their own to pick up the book. Therefore, this process is very important personal example. While learning to read need to isolate all the distractions, except perhaps that can be quietly classical music, pre-selected specifically for the plot of the book.

5) Filmstrips

A good motivator for the initiation of reading filmstrips serve to help the restless interest of the reader. The atmosphere of mysterious preparations, magical beam overhead projector and white screen will set up a child for something magical and fascinating. Bright scenes “cartoon on the wall” is more alive and vibrant than the pictures on the pages of books. A small reinforcing texts will not cause fatigue and boredom.

6) Read Together

Another sure way to a joint reading books at bedtime (eg 20-30 minutes). At first, you are reading the child exciting literature, but the most interesting place to stop saying, “Oh, our time came to read. What’s next, we know tomorrow. ” Thus, the child appears interest and intrigue to continue reading and self is put time.

And most importantly – parents should be more patient and attentive, and then your child their first steps into the vast world of letters will make it easy and fun.


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