11 Ways You May Be Shortening Your Life

11 Ways You May Be Shortening Your Life

Strive to live as long as possible, while remaining healthy, energetic, and fun? It is not so difficult. It is enough to know exactly what it prevents, and get rid of the identified factors. Of course, there are still all sorts of accidents, but we hope that we are not affected.

1. Malnutrition

For the body is equally harmful as obesity and lack of nutrients. To find a middle ground, you need to eat varied, mindful of the natural vitamins contained in vegetables, fruits and other foods.
Try to minimize the consumption of junk food, stuffed with preservatives and dyes, – chips and crackers, as well as smoked and mayonnaise.

2. The habit has quickly

If you’re trying to eat his portion as soon as possible – you put or render considerable harm to their health. This often leads to obesity, especially women over 40 years, and obesity is minus 10-15 years of life. Have you ever heard that you need every piece bitten off to chew 40 times, that is to do 40 jaws movements? So do not save on this time!

3. Smoking, drinking and “energy”

Talk about the dangers of alcohol and smoking does not make sense – this everyone knows from childhood. If a cigarette – your faithful friend, sooner or later it will lead to problems with the lungs and heart. If you’re used to drink a little, but almost every day – this is also not good: a habit of ruining the health imperceptibly but inexorably.

As far as energy drinks, for all its apparent harmlessness, they act on the body killer: one can of energy drink – it’s like to have a drink right 10 cups of very strong coffee.
In addition, accustomed to the energy sector, you quickly feel that without them, life is a joy – everything seems dull and gray, you feel the lethargy and weakness.

4. Narcotics

Comments, as they say, are unnecessary. Even “light” types of drugs, such as marijuana and pills popular today, sold almost legally in the clubs, become a cause of the destruction of the body and cause addictive. Addicts almost always suffer from incurable or chronic diseases. What kind of longevity is all about? As is known, the elderly, drug addicts do not happen …

5. Poor sleep

Not emptying constantly, you are very much risking their health. Your body needs to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. While these numbers are individual, and someone needed 9 and even 10 hours in order to sleep. The systematic lack of sleep – a direct path to diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

6. Aggression

Angry and jealous man always someone hates, very often – the whole world. This is not only unpleasant for others, it is very harmful to the health of the “scratch-cat.” The nerves of a man constantly in rickety and state of stress, anger literally corrodes from the inside, not allowing to enjoy life and enjoy something else. Close to old age, such people are cashing in a whole bunch of ills, including almost always present dotage.

7. False

Accustomed to lie for any reason, you begin to carefully watch their words, fearing said. It is very unnerving, makes living in suspense. In addition, at all times adhere to one version is quite difficult, sooner or later the lie is revealed, the secret becomes clear, and the exposure of fraud entails a lot of trouble. Is it so tense? Is not it better to tell the truth and to calm down?

8. Laziness

The man who used to spend their days in idleness, he brings his own end.

Life is so short – it is a pity to spend even an hour, even minute to such nonsense as senseless lying in front of a TV or a seat on the social networks!

This pastime will not bring any satisfaction, most likely, it will give a headache and feeling stupidly killed the day.

9. Sedentary Life style

Over the past two decades, our children have become chronically ill. As the results of research, every second high school graduate has at least one chronic sore. The reason for this – dramatically reduce the physical activity of children. If earlier (remember your childhood!) We spent almost all of his spare time on the street, running race, climbing trees and jumping over a skipping rope, but now children are not detached from the TV and computer. Do you want to reduce the duration of his life because of this? Then it is too late, get to work – walk in the fresh air, Loans dancing or some sport, sign up for fitness. Yes, at least go a few stops on foot and climb stairs with no lift!

10. Depression

If you reside in the doldrums, nothing pleases you, and talk about the high life is meaningless. Prolonged depression can seriously impact on the psyche and, therefore, overall health will deteriorate significantly.

11. Loneliness

According to American scientists, who conducted serious research, more than obesity, alcohol and cigarettes, we harm the loneliness! According to the data, people who spend their days among loved ones, relatives and friends, one and a half times more likely to live to a ripe and healthy aging.

What is the reason? Firstly, a person surrounded by loving people who feel responsible for them, and therefore protects their health. And secondly, when all around – children, husband, parents, friends and acquaintances, you get a much more positive emotions, which also affect the health and life expectancy.

Please note: all the listed items are not too difficult to control. And if you you want to do it seriously – you have all the chances to reach old age in good health and cheerful state of mind!


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