How to celebrate New Year

How to celebrate New year

Every New Year is held with depressing monotony: you remember about the necessary preparations in the 20 days of December, when the stores accumulated the entire population of the city;

unique gifts for family and friends to look once, buy souvenirs or just another banal sweater; Three days before the holiday devote to cooking and cleaning, and 31 th in the evening valishsya from exhaustion … In the end, the celebration of
the New Year brings no joy, and you give yourself a bitter word, that here in the next year everything will be exactly Therefore another.

I know yourself? Let’s not wait a whole year, and will change the familiar script now.

Down fuss!
Relax! Holidays created in order to properly relax and not get up for many days to watch the stove. Why put a lot of effort to dress up any special, no matter what is unlike the Christmas tree? Well, surprise guests, well expose the photo to a social network. You’re trying to do?Why invent and prepare dozens of unusual salads? Guests excellent cost two or three. In the end, make a gift to myself – consecrate holidays rest!

Change plans
Where is it written that you are obliged to invite guests to the New Year 20 and feed the whole company?Break the stereotype!

If people tend to visit you – let them carry food and drink with you!

According to the salad will bring – is already well on the bottle of alcohol – even better, you will only hotter.And members of the household – her husband and children – appoint responsible for the sweet.

Plug family
Generally, proper division of responsibilities in the New Year’s Eve can save you from most of the fatigue.

Nothing will happen to household, cleaning if you do not, and they are. Let not all be perfect – leave as is, after the holidays still have to clean up. By the way: the purchase of products for the festive table, too, can be entrusted with her husband and children. Nothing, on the right!

Anything you can do, do in advance
Some people are starting to purchase Christmas gifts for friends and relatives in the summer. We can not say that they are completely wrong.

Imagine how great it is: still only the middle of December, and you have already prepared gifts, the main products bought to the table (alcohol, canned peas and corn, mayonnaise, crab sticks, shrimp, mandarin, etc.).

Plan costs!
Otherwise, after the holidays have to count every penny. Make a rough estimate (also in advance), with an indication of how much money you can afford to spend on the table, how many – on gifts, a new outfit, entertainment and so on. And in that at all costs stick to the specified amounts.

And again, it is good to defer a certain amount of money “after the holidays” because the next paycheck will have to wait quite a long time.

… And their actions
Yes, it is possible to write a plan of their actions for the coming New Year holidays. This is rescue you, because now you do not get lost in the holidays, and you will know exactly – what day to dedicate the choice and purchase of a Christmas tree, which – decorating the house, and what – the purchase of products.

Pre-compose the festive table menu: two or three salad and a couple of cold dishes, one or two of hot meat or fish dishes, side dish, dessert. Now the sign for which of days – 30 th or 31 th – you will cook a particular dish. Do not overload the menu, a variety of sophisticated dishes: you are very tired and not be able to fully enjoy the holiday.

Now write what you need to buy to prepare a feast: food, candles, napkins, drinks.

In addition, it is possible to paint, when you and your family are going to visit the circus, where to go to visit to her grandmother, and when – to play snowballs and build a snow fort. Believe me, such a simple plan could save a lot of time and nerves!

Delegates authority
It is very simple: let the guests who will bring candles, sparklers someone who flappers who masks. Why only you have to worry about how to arrange the fun?

Assign each advance one comes up with two or three fun contest, the other prepares everyone for a little surprise, the third learns how to guess the New Year, and organizes “Beauty of Magic”, the fourth will provide a fun dance music … Have fun to complete, not to sit the whole night at the table!

Meet the New Year refreshed

31st morning, try to sleep a little longer, and to no one bothered – disconnect the evening phones. If you get up early, probably closer to midnight you will start sleepy, and the fun is not fun.

Do not forget to have dinner beforehand hours at 6pm to catch are not hungry for the holiday table.Otherwise, have a couple of glasses of alcohol drunk on an empty stomach, can “knock out” you out of the saddle.

Do not sit at the table too soon – tired to celebrate! It is best to start to see off the old year at 10 o’clock in the evening, gradually picking up to a year in the New. It is not yet too late, let the younger kids to have fun with you, tell poems and sing a couple of songs, receive gifts and can taste different delicacies. Up to 12 they are unlikely doterpit usually wins dream kids before.

No matter how you hurry in an effort to do everything before the arrival of guests sure to allow at least 30 – 40 minutes just for yourself. Take a bath, without haste cover them with makeup and costumes. This will help to put in order their thoughts and feelings and to meet the guests beautiful and fresh.


Finally, the most important – smile ! Good mood is absolutely necessary to meet everyone’s favorite holiday, and your sincere smile sure to configure the others in the desired fashion.


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