Children’s medicine – Care without harm

children's medicine - care without harm

Children’s medicine

Every adult giving a child a particular drug wants to be absolutely sure that the drug not only help, but will not cause any harm to the favorite child. That is why the appointment of agents to be competent, balanced and particularly valid, and the use – clear and accurate.

According to statistics, almost half of pediatric drugs have not passed the appropriate medical tests on children, so do not take into account the physiological characteristics of the growing organism.

Meanwhile, children lower metabolic rate than in adults and the liver and kidneys (especially in infants) are under development, however drug excreted faster. How to use tools, the effectiveness of which doctors doubt yourself? In addition, even if the drug is considered safe, when calculating the required therapeutic dose is rarely taken into account not only the age, but also the weight of the child, and it’s also very important indicators.

It turns out that for watchful parents all have to watch yourself having received the recommendation of the pediatrician to check the list of drugs, and only then make a responsible decision – to give it to the child or not.

However, in Russia there are already a number of drugs that adults unconditionally trust. And here the parents’ opinion is based on some characteristics of what must necessarily possess the means used for the treatment of children.
Safety first!

When choosing medicines for children adults primarily think about whether it’s safe means will not cause whether it is damage and not provoke Are complications.

Unfortunately, in our country still felt the effects of social insecurity doctors and their lack of material support: in many medical facilities are sorely lacking qualified staff. Therefore, parents are often puzzled look on their names written out children of potent drugs, surprise shrug their shoulders and go in search of information about this vehicle.

Only after reviewing all available materials – instructions for use, manuals, online resources, etc., – an opinion is finally formed. As practice shows, adults often refuse to carry out the instructions of doctors.

On that same pay attention to the parents? Firstly, is there any information on the clinical trials conducted or not. Secondly, the interests of the drug. The logic is very simple: the components of the means which are of vegetable origin, natural cause far greater confidence. Thirdly, another important point – at what age it is possible to use the drug for the treatment of the child.

For example, drops Otrivin “moisturizing formula” designed to eliminate runny nose and nasal congestion, applicable even in the smallest children – from one month. This is possible thanks to the fact that the drug gently envelops the delicate mucous membrane of the nose, soften it with moisturizing ingredients and prevents it from drying out.

At the same time a few minutes after taking the drops give kids an easy and free breathing, and this effect persists after a further 10-12 hours. Such characteristics, confirmed by appropriate clinical trials, do means the holder of the highest degree of security that is so important when choosing a medication for the treatment of children.

Efficiency – a pledge of confidence

where the speed priority exposure to the drug and duration of preservation of a positive effect. Information can be obtained from the instructions. And of course, the experience of other parents and your own help to choose one or another means.

Fortunately, today there are many forums where you can find the answer to almost any question.Thus, as an example, the effectiveness of natural Plantex medicament, especially for the prophylaxis and amelioration of infantile colic.

The active substances are funds essential oil and fruit extract of fennel – a plant long known for its healing properties. The tool does not just gently relieves intestinal cramps, helps to reduce gassing and normalizes peristalsis, but also regulates the digestive system of the baby, and that prevents the development of colic. Millions of parents trust their children’s health this drug, which once again confirms its reliability.

Convenient and easy

Yes, yes! When it comes to a child, it is essential that the drug was easy to use. This means that the shape of the release agent should be as adapted for children. These requirements are an example of the preparation can be considered Nurofen for Children is so popular among parents.

This is not surprising, because the drug quickly relieves fever and relieve pain of various origins – the standard of ease of use.The drug is available as a syrup, which means that children swallow it simply, unlike tablets. And, of course, sweet and delicious! No treatment, and a real treat, as the syrup is made with orange and strawberry.

Another advantage – a bottle of medicine included a handy measuring syringe that can accurately calculate the necessary amount of the drug. With the dispenser is also conveniently give your child the medicine, because they do not shed no means drop. How I would like that all manufacturers of drugs for children is so concerned about the comfort and the child and adult.

Well, especially children’s medicines are. It is clear that it is best when a pediatric drug has all these qualities at once. Then, each parent can be confident in the correctness of the choice made and the fact that this drug really will not harm the child.


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