Cold and Allergy

cold and allergy

Our winters are sometimes extremely harsh: be cold and windy. No wonder one of the reasons for the defeat of the French Russian cold steel in 1812. Yes, what I mean, even we, the “root” forward cautiously approaching cold and carefully fill up your wardrobe with warm clothes.

Let’s talk about a topical issue for many people, especially in autumn and winter, the “cold allergy.”

What is a cold allergy?

It is a kind of reaction to the cold. It can manifest in different ways. Paradoxically, many, faced with this disease, believe that they have a cold, bronchitis, otitis media, arthritis or disease, that is, they have no idea about the true cause of their suffering.

Kholodov doctors call pseudoallergy allergy or false (not real). The thing is that the events in this case developing in an unusual scenario for allergy. After all, for the “launch” of an allergic reaction is to some allergen exert its irritant effect on the body (pollen, animal dander). In this case, the cold can be an allergen, it is not an antibody produced in the body. Under the influence of the cold tissue proteins temporarily, as it were stuck together, forming unstable immune complexes that break down quickly in the heat. Drink hot tea, take a warm bath, or just go to a warm place for a while – that’s the simple steps that will relieve manifestations of allergy. However, the next time you go out, the symptoms will appear again. Therefore it is necessary to know the symptoms of allergy to cope with during the foe.

How to distinguish a cold allergy.

It is quite difficult to distinguish allergic to the cold from the banal colds. The symptoms are the same in both cases, the only thing you need to note that if you are allergic never fever. Another simple test. Houses take a piece of ice from the refrigerator and attach it to the inside of the forearm for 5-7 minutes. In that case, if there was a blister or swelling at the application site, it shows an increased sensitivity of the skin and the presence of you cold allergy.


The most common manifestation – it is cold urticaria. Basically suffer open areas of the body – the face and hands. First, the skin begins to itch and then turns red, and formed on the surface itchy blisters, peeling skin. Affected areas may be with defined boundaries, or may merge, covering the whole body.

There are several types of allergies in the cold:

Cold cold. When you exit to the street runny nose with clear discharge, when entering a warm room all the symptoms disappear. It lasts all this snotty saga until the onset of spring and warmth. Remember not to be used to facilitate nasal breathing vasoconstrictor drops. Since the short-term relief after state, the symptoms get worse twice.

Cold conjunctivitis. Pain in the eyes, severe tearing, which appear only in the cold season due to the narrowing of the nasolacrimal duct. At the same time a tear does not pass into the nasopharynx as it should be, and rolled through the eyelid. In this case, doctors are advised not to wear contact lenses and makeup before going out, because you can buy in addition to the cold allergy, allergic to cosmetics.

Meteorological cheilitis – inflammation of the lips. It may appear not only in the cold and windy, but after the ice cream eaten. Lips cracked, shelled, the corners appear perleches painful, characterized by inflamed red border around the lower lip. For prevention, going outside, lubricate the mouth hygienic lipstick, petroleum jelly or liquid vitamin E.

Cold sciatica. Develops due to inflammation of nerve roots and spinal cord. There are unpleasant and sometimes painful sensations in the lower back.

What to do? Immediately home. Take a warm bath, drink hot tea with honey. “Askorbinki” You can take a few pills. Most importantly, out into the street, dress warmly. Our ancestors in the severe frosts saved “dushegreyki” dressed fur inside.

Prevention and treatment of cold allergy:

– Many doctors prescribe antihistamines with cold allergy, the entire autumn-winter period. Medications can be prescribed only by the doctor.

– Warm clothes, going out into the street. Clothing should be wool or synthetic, as these things only aggravate the symptoms. It is best in this case helps underwear.

– Before going out you can drink hot tea or eat a bowl of soup, so the body retains heat longer.

– If weak allergy, it is useful for the prevention of hardening.Pouring and sponging with cool water.

– Going out into the street, richly lubricate the face and hands with protective creams.

– Not bad helps regular washing of the face and hands rubbing infusion series.

– If you have allergy on the face, you need to get home as quickly as possible. Itchy rashes can be treated with a soda solution (1 teaspoon per cup of water) or weakly acidic solution of vinegar.

The only thing a little consolation – it is the experience of people who have gone cold allergy itself.”Seasoned” say that all of a sudden there was this allergy from them so suddenly she disappears, in English, without saying goodbye.

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