Happiness – it’s a way of life.

How to be happy? Happiness - it's a way of life

What is happiness? Where to find it? How to be happy?

What prevents us to be happy? How to keep happy? These issues have always been concerned people up to the last days of his life or until the miraculous moment of finding happiness. In order not to “wander” in search of happiness, but in the near future to go to meet him, let’s try to deal with this issue here and now.

I arrived yesterday from work. It’s cold and rainy. At the head of a swarm of urgent problems. I am very tired, was a little upset about small failures. I “was emptied down” from fatigue. My mood has disappeared somewhere.

How are you feeling could disappear? Yes way! It can be, roughly speaking, good or bad. Very I do not like, and even afraid to be in such a mood. At that moment I did not know how to be happy and so hung up on those nasty little things.

Happiness – is a complex and incomprehensible such a contraption. What is most sad, no one teaches us the science of happiness. And do not come up with even a science of these sciences is much more important things to do. Because we wandered “miserable” life and the method of “trial and error” looking for their own happiness, by the way, we do not always find it.

Happiness - is a complex and incomprehensible such a contraption.

The well-known to all of us the parable:

God molded man from clay, and left him an unused piece. – What is more dazzle you? – God asked. – BLIND me luck – asked the man.Nothing God answered, and only put a man in the palm of the remaining piece of clay.

It turns out that each of us has a piece of clay. Just one moment, I must say to himself: “I want to be happy!” And start to mold.

1. First you need to clearly imagine their happiness. The main parameters of happiness as the ultimate goal, you have to submit to the taste, color and smell, from all sides, even from the inside, if possible. Try to make a list of everything that makes you smile and be happy.

Most look into it and do not deny yourself those small pleasures that make you at least a pound of happier. In that case, if the goal you feel unreal, and to some extent the fabulous, do not worry: your unreal view of the target. As the saying goes, there is no impossible tasks, just to impossible tasks require a little more time.

2. The achievement of happiness is often compared to climbing the high stairs.

Overcoming every step, every little success and have the pieces that make up our happiness.

Therefore, put in front of the problem, and gradually solve them. Select the most important areas, those that are essential for you. For some, it is a family, a house, children, other work, career, business. And try as much as possible to realize themselves in these areas. Our brain is wired in such a way that tries to save people from potential hazards.

You can add on to this education of conservative parents, our habits, etc. As a result, our brain leaves us without any chance of winning. Many people want to start their own business, but be careful that does not work, because nothing undertaking. They want to build a house, but to be afraid of failure, dreaming to grow tomatoes in the greenhouse, but fear that they will not grow.

All the chances to fulfill your potential and be happy to die at the stage of desire. Therefore, the most important thing, do not think about the bad, do not think about what might happen. You have nothing to lose! You have previously had no tomatoes or their business.

how to be happy?

3. A very important condition on the way to finding happiness – to live for today. At our disposal there is a great moment that we should make the most use. Learning how to live today is difficult.

More often than we care about their future, that the child gets older and goes to kindergarten and then to school, then married and that’s when I’ll be happy. After 2 weeks of salary, summer vacation and winter holidays go to rest in hot countries.

So you can wait a lifetime “something.” Only in the end, we realize that life has passed, and with it the joy and happy moments that go unnoticed by us. So, we live in the present!

4. Love yourself ADORABLE! We women are beautiful and amazing creatures, we are constantly trying to find at serrated and disadvantages. And if you do not find, then, believe me, be sure to come up.

To be happy, you have to love yourself with all faults. Psychologists are advised to do the following: take a piece of paper and write down all of its shortcomings. On another sheet consistently try to turn disadvantages into advantages. For example, “I do not have a big nose – I have a beautiful Greek profile, I is unique and no one else like her,” “I’m not hysterical – I’m just a very emotional nature”, etc.

5. Find something for everyone. The more diverse our occupations, our life more interesting. For completeness of self-realization, a woman must have a lot of hobbies. Rarely any housewife really happy during his lifetime.

So, beheaded, how to be happy? It’s simple – man is born to be happy! I wish that others seeing your sparkling eyes and a charming smile, spoke with envy following: “What is it happy …”