How to wake up in a good mood

how to wake up in a good mood

Good mood in the morning

The key to a successful and easy days, it has long been known to all. Therefore it is necessary to take care of a good mood the night before. If you do not give rest to some problem and requires urgent solutions, you can write on a piece of paper everything that gnaws and torments you.

Try to put all on the shelves. Write all about your problem, let it remain on paper and in yesterday. And the head should be free from serious thoughts before bedtime future.

Even lying in bed, try to think of pleasant things, you can imagine yourself on the banks of tender and warm sea.

morning alarm

Morning must begin not with the loud and nasty alarm sound, and with a pleasant melody. It is better if the sound will be amplified in the rise. Bing – is stressful for the body. And to start the morning with a negative, we do not need. Let you will have mandatory ritual in bed after waking up – stretching, stroking and massage the ears – in order to awaken the body.

If you got up in the morning, you feel some discomfort, aches, you can begin to lightly massage the ear lobe, gradually rising above, but should be massaged gently and easily. So, we massage the ears – awakened body, for that would “turn on” a head – to include enough to light the room. If the sun outside the window is not expected – it needs a lot of light.

In order to raise the spirit of cheerfulness and helpful do light exercises. Begin with stretching exercises.Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, raise your arms up and stretch, standing on tiptoes. Then you can do the body twists in different directions, tilts. Finally, do some sit-ups.

If sleep does not let go – that is, one magic bullet – scratchy mat. Suffice it to trample on it with bare feet five minutes, at which time you can brush your teeth. Then you need to take a douche, which perfectly invigorate and recharge your batteries for the day.

Remember, shining eyes – is not only a sound sleep, but also correctly applied the cream. First, it needs to be warmed in the hands. Remember that the cream on the eyelid skin should be applied very gently movement, best of all, the ring finger on the outer corner of the eye to the inner. Skin age is very thin, so it is important to apply the cream very gently, without stretching the skin.


You should never neglect breakfast. He is the key to a successful day and good mood. Let breakfast is tasty and nutritious, especially in the cold season. You can also cheer yourself up by using colorful dishes. Add color to your daily life. Buy orange or bright yellow plates. Red dishes, besides causing appetite.

Nutritionists recommend to include in your diet foods that have a distinct flavor, color and aroma.

For example, cheese, very fragrant and also a nutritious product that is perfectly suited for breakfast.

In addition to cheese can be bananas, dried fruit and nuts. It is useful to have muesli, filled with milk.

So a regular sandwich with cheese is a source of good mood. But it contained fat blocks the production of serotonin – the hormone of joy, so oil should be replaced, for example, on a sheet of green fresh lettuce.

What else do you need to day wondered? The aroma of coffee, cocoa or tea with lemon. One cup – and wake up and warm.

Before leaving okinte yourself look in the mirror. Your reflection should please you and raise confidence in their own irresistibility.The clothes can be used cute and bright accessories to dilute the gray days.

And the most important thing – you need to set yourself in a positive way by. Think about the good, do not get hung up on little things.

And here we are, cheerful and full of energy go towards new victories and achievements!

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