Learn to see the World

learn to see the world

Live the Present!

Think, for what you want to become rich? For most of us, money, allow access to all the benefits of the world, it is the ability to enjoy life.

However, money is never enough, but because the true millionaires are able to get pleasure from life in all situations. The most important and the main condition for the busy life – the impossible dream, to enjoy the unusual and constantly strive for new sensations. Here are a few tips to help make your life ten times richer, starting from today.

Tip One: Learn to see the World.

The world is mysterious and beautiful! Well, admit it, it is so, and there was peace in your perception, when you were a kid. Every morning you wake up ready for new adventures and unexpected discoveries, you believed in witches and fairies and continuously received confirmation of the presence of something mysterious in the world. You want to return the feeling?

Get Me Magic notebook. Let it be a solid and very beautiful cover, then what would certainly have liked you as a child. Perhaps it is necessary to sheathe his gold braid and decorate the cover with stickers depicting wizards, knights and princesses (borrow from the son or daughter). Also, do not forget to buy and magic pen for a notebook, since today their choice is huge. And although they are not all the magic you will certainly feel that one is yours.

Why, say, such childishness: Magic notebook Magic Pen and other nonsense? – It’s a game, as well, and our whole life (only with more stringent rules).

Let’s start playing. Choose a time when you no one will interfere, open the Magic pad and make a list of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen, heard, perceived or otherwise represented.

Describe the feelings that you experienced when faced with a fine.Write without stopping, and if you do not attend an inspiration, here’s a task (like at school) – the minimum number of “beautiful” today – ten. But that’s not all. Your Magic notebook will be two more sections. However, these sections in one sitting is better not to start (although in the end, this is your game – do as you wish).

The second third will be dedicated to the most unusual that happened and is happening in your life. Each of us has occurred in the life of unexplained events and strange coincidences. Write them all. Append here and the stories that happened with your relatives and friends. Well, the world ceases to be so monotonous and predictable?

Constantly updated with all sections of the Magic pad, periodically re-read it, and the world will never boring.

Go to the third most interesting part of the Magic notebook – here you will record your innermost desires and dreams. Every dream, recorded in this notebook, launch hidden mechanisms of the universe (you already know that a lot of inexplicable in the world) and start your way to translate into your reality. Hence the classic advice: be careful make a wish – they come true.

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Tip Two: Learn unpredictability

agree that in our lives is not enough unpredictability, though full of uncertainty. We do not believe in the future as a whole (for fear, first of all, the adverse events) and at the same time suffer from the daily routine.

We are afraid of changes in life (besides fearing negative – feel repetitive leitmotif?) And commit reckless acts just to break the web of everyday life that entangles us stronger and stronger every year. The terrible paradox, is not it? And if you try to fall in love with this uncertainty by making one of the fundamental principles of its life is unpredictable?

What does it give you? Home lost the fear of change, and in fact it is the only obstacle between you and the ideal of the life that you are less and less now the dream. Judge for yourself in order to change the monotonous work Below average small-town company to own a corporation in Silicon Valley, it is necessary to dare to step into the unknown. Although this step will ensure that the future will be exactly as you drew it, so it will never be without this step.

But if we consider the love of uncertainty as a competitive advantage, then there is a clear commercial benefits! From now on, no one competitor will not be able to keep up with you. You will become a driving force of the market, creating more and more new proposals and introducing these innovations before rival just think in this direction. Is not this fantastic!

And the image! – From now on you are not boring, Ivan Ivanovich – you’re unpredictable James Bond (or someone else?) – A storm of enemies and dream women …

Try to love change for the sake of all of this? I think it is worth. If you think well, take the following tips and add a rule to the list of ideas:

• Never go to work the same way

• Daily buy at the supermarket something that you’ve never tried – and record their sense of taste (in the Magic notebook should enter only that made a lasting impression on you)

• enjoy a new activity for you, sign up for Latin American dances, for example (there are clubs for seniors – where you can sign up at any age) or begin to stick together aircraft models, how you loved to do as a child … But you never know another interesting activities around!

• develop sensual sensations: go for a massage, acupuncture, thalassotherapy, practice yoga or simply taking a bath, light the incense and use new fragrant compounds bath.

• Make it a rule, every day, to make discoveries (and record): this can be a beautiful old house in the yard next door, which you never noticed or album with candy wrappers from sweets, which was your greatest treasure in childhood. It should begin to look at the world more closely, and such discoveries will haunt you at every step. Very useful in this regard, to buy a camera and start creating an archive of discoveries. Maybe, thanks to photographs, the surrounding will be able to see the world through your eyes.

• seek to change places. At the very least, will never go away on holiday at the same place – except the belief that everything will be as good as last year, the repetition does nothing favorite routes.

• Create a Statement sets and periodically change them. This may be a bright picture on a wall, color accents in the office or stylish accessories on the desk.Choose sensation of color, or direction. Let this week you bude devoted to, say, Africa (the calendar with the jungle, a primitive wooden idol, figurine giraffe and rhythms of tom-toms), the next – red (corresponding accents surrounded), the third water and so on. Importantly do not be tempted to choose the same type of threads.

• constantly change their own images and roles (not just customers – they do not understand).

• make a permutation in the apartment, move the bed, or at least change your position on the bed (transverse lie, kicks to the head, etc.)

• One action is carried out on a daily basis, contrary to the expectations of others

Tip Three: Look for ideas

It’s no secret that at the heart of the great corporations are great ideas. Although it is believed that great ideas are born spontaneously – it is a myth: ideas come only from those who are in search of. So if you plan to build a mega-corporation, you should start with the ability to find small ideas. We do not give any recommendations on the search for ideas – they are the subject of numerous books and articles.

We will give only three pieces of advice:

• Periodically days intuition. In other words, do not take any rational decisions -Let you is intuition. Naturally it is not necessary to begin such experiments during important business meetings. Although in the future, when you learn to listen to their feelings, it can help you make the right decision.

• Keep a rule, always carry a notebook to record ideas, and always have next to the bed and in the bathtub sheet and a pencil – it is not known when the time comes an ingenious solution.

• Determine for yourself a quota of ideas (1-10 ideas in the day) and rigidly adhere to this rule, even if the ideas are meaningless and useless – most importantly get the hang of.

Tip four: Change the world

How do you look at to change the world? Say, for this you need a lot of money and connections? Not at all – you can do it today:

• remove the trash near the entrance

• set the old lady across the street (reminiscent timurovtsev – so be it)

• pick up a homeless kitten

• Go through the drug in the home medicine cabinet and take unnecessary in a veterinary clinic – someone it will save lives

• take old things into the church (that you do not like – is a gift to the homeless)

• tell parents (spouse, children) how much they love

• Take your books and toys adult children in an orphanage

• give flowers to veterans on May 9,

• Bring cake to work for no reason, and arrange a celebration in the evening

• learn how to smile

Tip Five: Uncover the mystery of the universe

Seem to you that it is too early to think about the meaning of life – there are problems more important. It is truth too. However, after all, make a list of 100 questions that you want answered. This may be the most pressing issues, “who take 200 bucks to paycheck” and less relevant, “Is there life after death” – the most important thing of all to write.

And this must be done immediately, not allowing himself to think too much.Perhaps, on the ninetieth question, you will learn the main thing – their true purpose and then take the first step to the discovery of their own universe.