The Golden Rules of Raising a Child

The golden rules of raising a child

To educate a child is very difficult. This is – a difficult process requiring competent approach. Often, many mothers can hear phrases of this kind: “What child is naughty! It is necessary to take up your education! “. Although at this point they do not even realize that the task is not feasible.

Why? Because to educate a child to start with his birth, rather than trying to do it then, when there is a lack of the fruits of this very bad manners. It is known that the character traits, personal qualities are put up to five years. Only from the family depends on what kind of person the child will grow up. Before parents always put the task in the kid kindness, politeness, the desire to help those in need, obedience and many other positive qualities.

How to do it right and, more importantly, how? In fact, one prescription for all parents simply do not exist. All depends on the individual child and his dad and mom. However, there are some basic rules that should be followed every day. It is also important to review the communication within the family. If Mom and Dad do not respect each other, swear and do other things wrong and immoral, then the baby will perceive this behavior as the norm, therefore, will grow in the same, as well as his parents. Moreover, its are in this case would be impossible.


Rules of communication with the child

1. It is important to remain calm.

Even if the mother – a very emotional and a hot-tempered man, in the presence of her child she should be calm, not screaming and especially miss his hand sharply. Perhaps this rule is the most important. It does not matter what age at the child. When the crumb is in infancy, from the sharp cries he may wince, cry with fright. When he was five years old, he can take them to protest – it largely depends on the individual characteristics of the character.

In this case, the baby will start either too scream and cry, or be offended. The consequences of such treatment of a child does not take long to wait: after a short time it will become very irritable, disobedient. No wonder, because it simulates the behavior of parents and, therefore, behave in the same way as they are. Also, it will adversely affect his nervous system.

2. Show a good example.

As mentioned above, children model the behavior of adults. Parents – example of a role model for them. Who better than them can show how to behave properly in this world? The kids like monkeys, all over the copy adult behavior. In education need to be cunning. Why not take advantage of this nice feature of children’s role models and good examples to show regularly? For example, buy a kit for embroidery with beads , attributes for drawing, sewing and show my daughter or son is interesting to spend time for this exercise.

Unfortunately, adults do not always show good examples. You can often hear from these children swear words that not everyone knows the shoemaker. Toddlers are very accurate copy adults, so it is important to behave (at least for the kid) so as to show the child how to behave properly.

3. Comply with the requirements of unity.

It is important that all the adults that surround the child with him were equally strict and gentle. In no case should not be allowed to, for example, the pope forbade crumbs to watch TV, and my mother, on the contrary, it is encouraged. In no case do not need to say: “You can not, because my dad forbids.” It is important to explain the reason for the crumbs. Otherwise, it will take a person who he constantly forbids all as the enemy.

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