The most expensive coffee in the world

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Animal Abuse

Everyone knows how much damage the animal causes the fashion industry – handbags, leather jacket, boots and coats dyed speak for themselves. Recently, British scientists said that even grow skin from the DNA of the late Alexander McQueen’s much more correct from a moral point of view.

However indecent attitude to animals caused a stir not only fashion – makers of the most expensive cafes around the world can make them compete.


The most expensive coffee in the world

Who has not heard the name “Kopi Luwak” – not a real coffee lover. This brand in any related articles of coffee appears as the best, most sophisticated and most expensive type of coffee in the world. Entire legends go on a chocolate-vanilla taste of the drink, which is produced with the participation of African palm civet – animals civet family.

They are, in general opinion, firstly, choose the best coffee berry plantation and secondly promote fermentation, from which improves flavor and bitterness is reduced. We decided to look into the process of production of coffee in Bali and talk about it without fairy tales and legends.

In Asia, home to Viverra, amusing creatures of the cat family. In the most unfortunate of them similar to the fate of the French turkeys, which are forcibly fed foie gras producers.

In Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam are caught and fattened Viverra coffee beans, which are then extracted from their feces (which in itself is unappetizing) and a little fried. As it turns out Kopi Luwak, a type of coffee, a cup of which will cost $ 100.


Viverra not opposed to dine and coffee beans in their natural habitat, but overeating leads to serious diseases of the digestive system of animals. In addition, Viverra – animals night and coffee producers include them in the cells on the sunlit farms.

Luwak in the local language is pronounced “luwak”, but since most of the more usual pronunciation “Luwak”, we will not be anyone to retrain and will continue its so-called – “Kopi Luwak”.

In animals straying rhythm, leading to early death. Today, the coffee exporters are trying to respect the rights of animals, and not to buy grain, processed by Viverra. Hopefully, coffee drinkers will find a humane alternative to the Kopi Luwak, which for fashionistas around the world has long been eco-fur.


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