Preparing to Become a Mother

preparing to become a mother

Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers seldom be concerned about the conception and birth of a child. They belonged to her pregnancy, as a completely normal state of women and quietly gave birth to five or ten children. Nowadays, modern technologies, crowded metropolises and prestigious clinics for women falls Sea desired and required information, which our ancestors did not even think. And in her mind the questions arise: “And if I can give birth to a healthy baby?”, “How is the preparation for pregnancy ?”, “Is it worth it to trust doctors, because the medicine in our time is not credible?”, And so on.

Most often, unfortunately, the conception of the child takes place without preparation, and the woman, out of the blue, the news of the pregnancy falls. And it starts running the hospitals, fear, stress and things like that. Having a baby – this is a very important step, and it is best to prepare for it in advance, then to nothing clouded your meeting with your desired and long-awaited child.

Pregnancy Planning

To begin to get rid of the self-imposed fears and anxieties, stop listening to the bad news, and talk, and tune in to the wave of love and trust in the world. Do not listen to talk about other people’s troubles, diseases and ailments – to you it has nothing to do. It is important to understand – there’s just you, your husband and your unborn child. Your task – to have a healthy and strong baby, and only about it and you have to think.

At least six months before conception, you have to start a new life. Stop to drink alcohol, smoke, stay up late watching television or a computer, to work the night shift. You need to protect and strengthen your body, and for this we need to go to bed and get up at the same time, exercise, eat right and have only positive and bright ideas.

Take your time and money and go full medical examination (with spouse), or later may be too late. First, you have to go to the gynecologist, who will give you directions to all the right doctor.First of all, it is necessary to determine the blood group and Rh factor of both spouses. Then it is necessary to assess their immune and interferon status. If you find any viral infection, be sure to treat them! Particular attention should be paid to the analysis was to viral infections, as after pregnancy treatment of such infections difficult and powerful drugs will significantly threaten the health of the future baby. Teeth, pharynx, intestine and vagina should be completely healthy.

If one of the prospective parents have any chronic diseases (cancer, endocrine, internal diseases, and so on) before conceiving a child they need to consult an expert and, quite possibly, to undergo treatment.

The best preparation for pregnancy – it is absolutely a healthy lifestyle! And this includes all of the above – from nutrition to combat chronic foci of infection and strengthen the immune system.

Conception of the child

What is conception everyone knows from school. It is the formation of a new organism in the process of merger of sperm and egg. The key to successful conception is proper nutrition.According to medical statistics, one of the causes of miscarriage and inability to bear a healthy child is, as it is banal, poor diet.

For two or three months before the alleged conception should be completely excluded from their menus fatty foods, preservatives and semi-finished products and introduce organic vegetables and fruits in your diet.

Do not succumbed to advertise, buy and guzzle synthetic vitamins and nutritional supplements.It is best to consult a doctor who will prescribe the necessary and useful vitamins or mixtures.

In your diet, at least three months prior to conception, should include foods that contain folic acid. For the most part, it’s fresh greens, carrots, cabbage, beets, potatoes, legumes, bran, nuts and seeds.

No diets and severe restrictions should not be, as it is stressful for the body. Regarding vegetarianism doctors do not speak categorically, but, however, it is recommended in preparation for pregnancy and pregnancy itself does not limit itself to the proteins. However, if a woman receives a large number of vegetable proteins and spends much time in the fresh air, vegetarianism is the place to be.

Hormonal contraceptives should also be taken to stop for two or three months before the planned pregnancy.

Do not forget that the future father’s health is no less important than the health of the expectant mother. Consequently, all spouses and survey procedures should take place together and live a healthy lifestyle too must both.

Approach the issue of planning pregnancy and conception as the more serious as possible.Then you will reduce the risk of unpleasant surprises and effects to zero, and your pregnancy will proceed calmly and safely.


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