Life After Death. Does it Exist?

life after death

Is there life after death? This question bothers almost everyone, since it is impossible to know the exact answer to it. Until relatively recently, reflections and revelations on this topic appeared only in religious literature. Scientific books, newspapers and magazines little touched upon this theme, since almost all the doctors and psychiatrists have denied the existence of the soul and the afterlife, and do so categorically. But in 1975 he published a book by Dr. Raymond Moody called “Life after Death” and served as an impetus for a more detailed study of this topic. The press and television trumpeted about this book all over the world and have begun discussions, debates and disputes.

Dr. Moody has collected a series of stories of people about their experiences of clinical death, and their visions on the basis of which it was concluded that life does not end after death, and goes to another form of existence – incorporeal. The human body dies, but the soul can not die, because it is immortal. After the release of the book a number of clerics and doctors decided to check all the data and conclusions of Dr. Moody. The results of these inspections and tests surprised many, as it turned out that after the physical death of man, his soul continues to hear, to think, see and feel.

In-depth analysis of this issue conducted and a professor of medicine Michael Sabom. He published the book “Memories of Death”, which are written not only his thoughts and conjectures, but there are documentary evidence.

Many doctors are starting your observation, we were skeptical of the findings against Dr. Moody, but capturing and observing more and more evidence of the existence of the soul, completely changed his outlook. In his book “Life after death” and describes a systematic study of the psychiatrist Kenneth Ring, who designed and made a special questionnaire for people who have experienced clinical death.

All people have different attitudes to the death, for the most part, people believe that death is like a dreamless sleep, closed his eyes – and all that emptiness. Only after normal sleep wake up people, and death – an eternal sleep. Now, in a time of great change, probably every one of us think about that the life after death, after all, is. Someone thinks that there is a heaven and hell, someone thinks he is after death be born again in another body, some worry that the life we lead today will have a big impact on what to us after our physical death.

Descriptions of survivors of clinical death, are different, as people tell it in different ways, but most of the meaning and outcome of all turns out the same. In the process of dying, at some particular point man suddenly she heard the doctor announce his death. And then he sees himself: his body lying at the bottom, and the doctors, trying to revive him. Man realizes that he sees, hears and feels, but it is out of its body shell. First, a person experiences a shock and trying to talk to everyone and touch all to say that he is alive and sees and hears everything. But the question is that it is just what one sees and hears.


 When is a shock, a person begins to feel an inexplicable serenity, peace, joy and love. That part of his “I”, which suffered ill, complaining, demanding and wanted – disappeared. And come relief. Most people told me that at that moment they realized that they no longer want to return to your body, but that their memories were broken.

These people have experienced short-term clinical death, but there are people who have experienced clinical death longer. According to them, on the soul begins to move through the dark tunnel, at the end of which is visible output or light. And then the stories of people already begin to differ from each other. The souls of some people fall into the field of love and light, where there are warm and kind creature, some call him an angel, the other – Jesus Christ. The souls of other people enter the world of great beauty, where they meet with their deceased loved ones. But the souls of some people fall into a terrible place, which they called the “underworld”, where they live terrible and hideous creatures.

Most often, such meetings are accompanied by viewing the whole of human life, he sees his past, his actions and gives a moral assessment of these actions. After watching a man stands in front of a barrier or boundary and comes understanding that if he enters it, then in his physical body, he will never come back. People who have experienced clinical death, returned as want to change something, to complete or do in their physical reality.

Not all people who have experienced clinical death, remember that it was with them. According to many mystics and psychics, people being “out there”, he makes the choice whether he wants to remember or to forget their amazing journey.


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