Learn How to Get Joy and Pleasure!

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Hobbies – is an activity that brings us joy and pleasure. That’s what makes life interesting, full and rich. Hobbies are different: one person can please reading books, and the other – skydiving. And there are people who have a few hobbies, and they are real lucky. They will never be bored, because they always know how to entertain themselves. And there are people who are addicted to all little by little, like and like it, and it is, but really fun does not bring anything.

If you have not decided on a hobby, not disclosed in the Statement all your faces and talents and do not know what exactly you like, but today we want to tell you about the main types of hobbies. Read and feel every kind, and maybe your soul will meet, and you will realize that it is here that you would really like to do! In this case, do not put it in the closet, and look, try, learn and discover a new world.

Types of hobbies

Collecting. This hobby is very common, many people do something, so collect. This may be the brand, money, candy wrappers, pens, souvenirs, paintings, cards, beer mugs, recipes, weapons, badges, books, antiques. This list can be endless.

Sport. There is, where carousing. Maybe you want to dance or learn how to shoot a crossbow? Pleasure can deliver swimming, yoga and various games (badminton, tennis, golf). Active and extreme sports are very addictive, because people are beginning to feel the excitement, climb and jump adrenaline. This may be a parkour, mountaineering, kayaking, rafting, parachuting, mountain climbing, and so on.

Active hobbies. If you are an active person and like to move a lot, you can choose a hobby such as: roller skating, ice skating, skiing or biking; hiking and field trips; fishing, hunting or horse riding; travel, treasure hunting and archeology.

Quiet hobby. If you are a home, a quiet person and do not like to lead very active lifestyles, there are other kinds of hobbies for you. It – macramé, weaving, knitting, and everything related to crafts (sculpture, doll-making and hand-made items, painting on fabric or glass). It can be a hobby and intellectual orientation: writing poems and articles; checkers and chess; crossword puzzles; Reading books; Create photo and video clips, computer graphics.

It might also be watching good movies; Learning anything (astrology, numerology, palmistry, astronomy) and spiritual development (yoga, mantras, feng shui, meditation). Do not forget about floriculture, horticulture, floristry, flower arrangements, painting and photography.

You just have to sit or lie down, relax completely, look inside yourself and ask yourself the question: “Why seeks my soul, what she wants, that it pleases?”. The answer is sure to come! It is likely you will want to learn to play a musical instrument or buy karaoke and start singing. Or you may want to explore and learn about the history or geography, and maybe you decide to go for a massage course.

It may well be that your desire is not quite normal, but do not stop yourself. The main thing – it is a creative process, the joy and enjoyment of life. There are many people who have unusual hobbies. For example, a Wolfgang Linder likes to swim with sharks, a lawyer Dunlap Hannon collects flags of different countries, and Frenchman Michel Pont collects fighter jets!

Do not be afraid to express themselves and start doing what you like!


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