Nutrition for Immunity

nutrition for immunity

The cold autumn and cold winter makes us more concerned about their health. After all this time is called the season of colds. It is the winter season fall flu epidemics and acute respiratory disease. To maintain health at this time of year, you need to actively strengthen their immunity. On improving and strengthening the immune system is influenced by the fresh air, the most active and positive, exercise, healthy sleep and, of course, proper nutrition.

So, what products are suitable for immunity?

Firstly , it must be fresh foods rich in essential vitamins and minerals;secondly , they have to act as adjuvants, ie, It has the ability to strengthen the immune system in the shortest period of time.

Foods with a high content of vitamin C . It is proved that our immunity and resistance to stress and disease are directly dependent on the presence and amount of vitamin C. At deficiency of ascorbic acid, the body loses its resistance to viruses, aggravated chronic diseases. Compensate for the lack of vitamin C may be eating foods containing it.

Most are rich in vitamin C, herbal products. If you have digestive problems, it weakens the immune system, so you can consult a doctor and, if necessary, to make stomach.

Ascorbic acid in a large amount is found in all citrus fruits. That is why most of the popular recipes for colds include lemon or lemon juice. Regular consumption of oranges or grapefruit – it is a great prevention of colds.

A rich source of ascorbic acid are many berries. This is a black and red currant, cranberry, gooseberry. Vitamin C in considerable quantities can be found in the persimmon, apple, peach, rose. Eating greens: dill, parsley, spinach – can also recharge the body missing askorbinku.

Onions . This is perhaps the most popular product in the prevention and treatment of colds. Its useful properties and pungent smell can kill viruses, bacteria, restore protective functions of the body. Take a bow in the winter you need on a daily basis, in raw form, can be added to various dishes.

Garlic . Garlic is able to remove any inflammation, tumors, liver cleanses and strengthens the immune system perfectly. To restore the immune system garlic, as well as onions, used only fresh. To avoid peculiar smell after his admission, not less good will, if you eat it at bedtime.

Ginger . Due to the great content of B vitamins and vitamin C, ginger is an excellent preventive tool and indispensable in the treatment of early symptoms of colds. Ginger can be mixed with lemon and honey and brew with a mixture of tea, but it can be added to a variety of meat and vegetable dishes.

Med . Perhaps the most delicious and sweet means to maintain the immune system. During the epidemic of influenza and colds, just enough to eat 1 spoon of honey a day. At the first sign of a cold, efficient, will drink tea with honey. Honey has practically no contraindications.

The above-mentioned products – only part of the list of resources that strengthen the immune system. It is important to remember that their use will be effective only if there is a healthy, active lifestyle, and lack of bad habits.


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