Herpes Infection

herpes simplex infection

Herpetic infection – this is not some particular disease. It is a term that brings together the whole group of diseases and in need of some clarification.

Viruses, like all other organisms, scientists are divided into families, genera, species specific. Currently in the wild have found 80 similar to each other representatives of the family of herpes viruses, with 7 of them are isolated from humans.

These viruses, though similar to each other, but the cause of the disease is very different, and on terms and in clinical manifestations, and dangers for the human body. By the way, we have already met with the three diseases – not like, but they are caused by the herpes group of viruses is. It chickenpox, sudden rash, and just considered, infectious mononucleosis.

It is time to talk about a particular virus, most probably released that can cause very diverse disease, and sometimes deadly. It is called “herpes simplex virus”.

According to numerous studies, the herpes simplex virus infected 65 to 90% of all inhabitants of the planet Earth! Infection occurs in children, contact or by airborne droplets and by 6 years 80% of children already have in your body the herpes virus.

The virus, as it should, penetrates the cells and there is in an inactive state for life – that is, if the virus infection occurred, any medicines not completely get rid of it. But there seems to be no big deal – inactive virus is no particular harm does not bring. At the same time, when certain accompanying conditions associated with decreased immune system (colds, other infectious diseases, stress, physical fatigue, malnutrition, lack of vitamins, trauma, etc.), a virus, as it wakes up, starts the black business and It causes the disease.

One of the most common manifestations of herpes simplex – a rash on the lips, more precisely on the border of the skin and the very lips. In people, these pruritic vesicles called a “fever.” Easy to replace, that some people (children) the most fevers are common, others very often, at the third – not ever happen. Here it all depends on the immunity of the general level of health of the individual.

We already wrote about the main non-specific antiviral protein several times – interferon. The fact that each virus body reacts differently, generating a certain amount of interferon. In the language of scholars, each virus has a “personal interferonogenic activity”, readers will forgive me for much buzzwords. A special “hazardous” herpes simplex virus consists precisely in the fact that he almost did not stimulate, or a very small extent stimulates the production of natural interferon. Hence – the instability and lack of immunity, frequent repetitions (recurrent) disease.

“Fever” on the lips – it’s flowers herpes simplex virus. The manifestations of the disease may be much more serious – eye disease, common lesions of the skin and the oral mucosa (stomatitis), extensive lesions on the genitals (the so-called genital herpes), inflammation of the lungs and the worst manifestation of infections – herpes encephalitis – severe inflammation of the brain unpredictable, but, as a rule, very sad consequences.

What you should know:

1. The severity of any manifestations of herpes infection is determined, above all, the state of immunity! In that time it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the main method of prevention – a natural way of life, ensuring the normal functioning of the immune system.

2. Currently, there are drugs that can selectively inhibit the proliferation of the human body Herpes viruses. The most famous – acyclovir (synonyms – gerpevir, viroleks, Zovirax), and its appearance – the same revolution in medicine as the discovery, at the time, penicillin. Acyclovir is administered topically, for the treatment of lesions (ointments, creams, jellies), conduct treatments (sometimes very long) pills, with herpes encephalitis and other embodiments, especially severe disease drug is administered intravenously.

3. Treatment of herpes infection usually involves the use of interferon. Not those we know well and relatively cheap nose drops and expensive and truly effective forms of interferon, which are introduced in the form of injections. In addition, a special medication greatly increases the body’s production of interferon (tsikloferon, neovir).

4. Herpes infection, and it is obviously treated. Fully lime virus, as we have learned, it is impossible, but forget about it – is quite real. The main disadvantage of any and all methods for treating herpes infection – a discrepancy of incomes of our compatriots cost-effective medicines.

5. The complexity of the treatment of herpes infections not only in the cost of medicines. Treatment long, is carried out in a specific pattern, and which take into account the state of immunity and related diseases, and the option of infection. Parents just need to know the main thing: “herpetic little things” – like bubbles on the lips, may sooner or later become a more serious problem, and not a herpes sore, when the self can lead to success. Hence the urgent need for consultation with a competent specialist and a full survey.

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