How to Overcome Your Fears

How to Overcome Your Fears

How to get rid of the fears of the unknown?

Fears, phobias deprive us of a full-fledged life, we do not experience those emotions that a person who is open to adventure may experience. We do not live, but exist, as if being in a case. Be sure to fight and get rid of their fears.

We ourselves suggest that by jumping, for example, with a parachute, we will have a cardiac arrest. Rave.

The man thinks that he will fall into the abyss, nowhere with great speed. But in fact, making a jump, until the parachute opens, you feel as if you are floating in one place, only the wind inflates the skin very strongly, it feels like you are over some kind of air tube. And then, when the coveted parachute finally makes a jerk and throws you slightly into the sky, blissful silence ensues. The wind no longer blows so hard in the face, you smoothly descend to the ground. It is so good, so cool, to be enchanted, to consider small, like ants at home, fields, colorful and multi-colored, like the canvas of the Earth.

And whence such thoughts that the jump will be bad, the cardiovascular system will not withstand the loads and so on. What loads? The load is now in your head. These negative thoughts crush and paralyze all other organs.

Fear of heights is a natural fear. Even experienced skydivers are afraid of heights. But after numerous trainings and jumps, this phobia goes into the background. What else hinders and poisons a person’s life, does not allow him to commit an act, a feat?

This feeling of uncertainty. And what’s in there? What will happen? And how will it be? Surely this and that, and the person begins to wind up horrible pictures of what will happen to him.

But you do get into the minibus every day, taxi, behind the wheel and … don’t know what the road will be today, what will be waiting for you on the track ?! And imagine if all the drivers were shaking with fear, winding themselves up, that just now a car would jump out because of the turn and an accident would happen. Yes, there would be a mass psychosis and emotional breakdown. Yes, and accidents, really would not be enough. Therefore, be sure to get rid of their phobias, they prevent us from living fully.

It’s impossible, it’s simply strictly forbidden to invent a bad outcome in your head, black, pessimistic cadres and tragic thoughts.

Acrophobia – everyone has a fear of heights. But for many, it develops into a phobia, when even while standing on the balcony, the head starts to spin, legs weaken, hands freeze – well, where does it fit?

To get rid of fear, you need to look at his face. Who will win? You are not a weakling who saves before a difficulty. Or how?

How to Overcome Your Fears

First of all , start with safety to be one hundred percent sure that: the parachute will open, the insurance on the mountain is firmly fixed, the attraction is durable and reliable, as it is checked every day. In general, when you decide to rise to a height and conquer the sky, the rock – to commit an act, you must be sure that nothing threatens your life. This is quite realistic if you are acting under the guidance of professionals. Then some negative emotions will stop whispering to you that you will break.

Secondly , it is better to work in a team. When someone is nearby, support is felt. The desire not to fall face down in the dirt, perhaps even a share of some rivalry.

Thirdly , so that there is no sense of obscurity, try to find out, so to speak, on the coast how you will feel how the process will take place, say, flight, fall, landing, and so on. The feeling of uncertainty will no longer be so pushing on the psyche, when you have the information what to expect.

Why am I telling about overcoming the fear of heights, focusing on parachuting? Because it is this method that turns out to be very effective, helping a person to realize that height, uncertainty is just a mirage. And what incredible emotions can be felt by making the jump. It is as if you are freed from negative emotions, from slagging of the body from stress, nervous experiences, and so on. The parachute jump is the best medicine for the blues and depression.

Unfortunately, the feeling of fear of heights is not the only phobia that enslaves a person. And not the only fear that you need to get rid of.

Many are afraid of the dark. Frankly, in childhood I was terribly afraid of her too. Falling asleep, the main thing is that in the next room the light was on and even thin, but the light slit penetrated my room. Then some calm came, as if this gap was a ray of light in a dark kingdom. But in childhood it is normal, most babies experienced the fear of darkness, which passed with growing up. And if not? If you have already passed for a long time … dtsat and you still feel the horror when it becomes dark?

In fact, fear does not arise because of the dark time of day or dim light in the room. Fear arises from that, but what can we see in this darkness? Or not to see? Here you go along a dark street and start to drive yourself: well, now the maniac will jump out, and over there are some shadows, oh, what kind of monster is this ??? And fear, as you know, has big eyes. On inventing fables to yourself, it can really be thought of that.

Nyctophobia – this is the name of this infection, which makes us tremble with fear when everything around us plunges into darkness.

How to Overcome Your Fears

To get rid of the fear of the dark, think, analyze, and what threatens you when the lights are turned off? What could be so terrible? Meet your own imagination with your fear and see if it’s so real?

Fear of darkness is also associated with uncertainty. You are frightened, and what is there that hides the darkness and, again, the imagination begins to draw unimaginable pictures. Once I was afraid to swim above the brown algae, which because of their color made the bottom completely black. I was terribly scared, I thought that there was a hole that would definitely draw me there. The dark bottom simply caused horror, but such that it was simply unbearable to sail on. When, taking myself in hand, I said to myself: so, stop – a dark bottom – this is not a hole! This algae, ordinary grass, just a dark color. There is no real threat. She does not have stickies with which she would drag the swimmers. Uncertainty is no more. I know for sure that this is just tina and I can now easily swim over it.

Let your thoughts and fantasies play not against you. You can master all fantasy horror stories? So why not come up with an imaginary miracle, a fairy tale, shining magic instead of these horrible scenes from scenarios of horror films ?! And in general, it is better to watch positive films.

And there is also aquaphobia – the fear of water. Along with the fear of heights, aquaphobia is considered one of the natural fears. Thalassophobia can also be added here – the fear of the sea. Undoubtedly, water is a powerful element, which in a flash can wipe out an entire village or settlement, destroy houses and carry hundreds and even thousands of human lives into the abyss. This is a justifiable fear. However, why a person is afraid of water when she is calm, does not storm, does not play in waves. She is transparent, fresh and invigorating, what are they afraid of?

How to Overcome Your Fears

However, if the first two phobias can be managed independently, then in this case an individual approach is needed. And therefore the help of a professional psychologist will not interfere. After all, just because these phobias did not arise. It is possible even in childhood the child dived incorrectly, or almost choked in the bathroom, or fell into a storm and almost drowned. There can be any number of reasons, and, consequently, the treatment of this fears will be different for everyone. One thing is for sure – you shouldn’t let go of this phobia.

It was not by chance that I took three phobias as examples – the fear of heights, darkness and water. It is like three elements – air, earth, water. And even though there is a huge list of phobias, among which there are even seemingly funny fears, such as: fear of the aurora, fear of markets, fear of Australians, but it is the three phobias listed above that prevent us from living fully.

We refuse to fly in a balloon and miss the opportunity to touch the clouds or the tops of the trees; we do not dare to fly to another country, because we are afraid of uncertainty and height, while in the plane; we cannot feel the indescribable palette of emotions at the sight of the underwater world; we refuse sea cruises on the yacht; We are shaking locked up from the slightest rustle and do not arrange romantic dates under the moon!

All this is fears. Fears that can destroy the power of thought, fears that must be dealt with. Only work on yourself, on your imagination will give a good result and phobias will go to the background. Do not be a slave to your own imagination, which drives you into a corner.

One important point! All this definitely does not apply to people who have physical illness. If, for example, a person has a very weak vestibular apparatus, then even having got rid of the fear of heights, he will not feel the euphoria of flying on an airplane that performs tricks in the sky. The reaction will rather be reversed. So your personal ills should also be treated with caution. But again, do not cheat yourself that you have a bad heart, then, as it is quite healthy. Do not cheat, that your body will not survive, while you do not have a hefty strength and energy. These are all fears, your thoughts whisper to you all nonsense, not allowing to see life in bright colors.

It is also possible that the presence of phobias, in particular the fear of darkness, is associated with recent stresses or poor nutrition. If you have been nervous a lot lately, you should drink soothing infusions, herbs. The diet should contain fruits and vegetables of orange color. Psychologists say that they have a positive effect on the human psyche. These include: grapefruit, orange tomato, orange, persimmon, mandarin.

The main thing is not to leave everything as it is. Terribly unbearable to live with fears. It is clear that every person has them and will be – this is normal. Absolutely nothing is afraid of a bomber or an idiot. But when we are already dependent on phobias, when they poison our lives, then it is absolutely impossible not to fight them!


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