Are Your Dreams Really Yours?

Are Your Dreams Really Yours?

It is always important to ask yourself questions: when do dreams come true? Is this really my dream or is it a dream inspired from without: in childhood, friends, parents, advertising, or acquaintances?

Is Your Dreams Really What You Want?

Is this really what I dream about and when this dream comes true, will I enjoy the result every day and will not regret the wasted time? These desires of mine or other people?

Why ask these questions? But after all, dreams come true easily and by themselves only when they are true, they are truly yours!

It is necessary to imagine that your dream has already come true, and understand, and how do you feel? Is there a sense of rightness and satisfaction?

Or is it disappointment and apathy?

If the dream is still your true, it is necessary to understand all those components that must be observed for its fulfillment. And then, as soon as you are fully ready in yourself and in the surrounding world, everything will begin to happen by itself, easily, freely and effortlessly.

Do not waste your life on others, inspired by generally accepted standards, dreams and desires. Do not spend your life on something that later you will deeply regret. Before you do and devote yourself to some business or some dream, think! And think again, do you want this? Do you want to do what you are doing now, and will not you regret this bitterly?

Think! Stay alone with yourself and ask a series of questions that will help you understand yourself deeper. The main thing is not just to answer, but also to write down your decisions, write down your thoughts on the questions:

– Are these my desires and needs, or are these desires and dreams of my relatives and relatives?

“In that case, what do I want?” What are my dreams and what are my desires?

– Do I really want this house or this car? Maybe I do not want the car I’m dreaming about and do not want to go to the party tomorrow. And instead I want to sit down and get deeper into my life, why do I live and what can I do to change the situation?

– Do I want to work where I am currently working, and if not, what do I want in my life and what can I do for this?

Think, think and think again! Think for yourself, ask yourself questions and write down the answers. Do not consult with anyone while rethinking yourself and your life, for no one but yourself knows the true answer to your questions!

Anyone else, even on the best of motives, will not be able to give you a true, real answer. For your question has already been answered in your heart. Address to him – and the answer will be given to you.

Record, write down your decisions and regularly reread them. This will allow you to keep your confidence on the way to the true goal, on the path of following your
dear, and not expensive another person.

Sometimes we agree, in detriment to ourselves, to do for others what is at variance with our principles and life direction. Then we regret this bitterly. When there are records and there is a permanent image in the head of the goal to which we are heading, other people’s opinions and desires will in no way be able to knock us down or instill doubts and fear. Clear formulation, writing, re-reading and thinking about your decisions will help keep
you strong and confident.

If you realized that communication with certain people clearly does not benefit your further development, made a decision and recorded it, then you gain confidence in yourself and in your life position. Soon you will realize that following your path and your dreams is much better, more interesting and more correct than following the advice and instructions of other people. The more you understand yourself, the calmer and more confident you will become, and the less there will be in you the desire to prove something to someone, argue or convince someone.

Your whole life will be filled with thoughts of happiness, self-realization, health, prosperity, joy and success. And the opinions and judgments of other people will no longer be able to influence your choice and your self-esteem. You will keep a calm, purposeful pursuit of your own way, while respecting and accepting the choice and path of other people.


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