How to Change Your Life For The Better


A person who does not think about his life, how to change his life, about his life goals and does not form his life purposefully lives, as a rule, ineffective and is unlikely to be able to achieve everything he wants. When a person wants to change his life, become happy, he takes responsibility for himself in his life, begins to actively influence everything that happens to him, asks himself:

“What do I want?”

– What are my life goals?

– What does not suit me?

– What do I plan to change in my current life?

– How to get rid of what prevents me from achieving my goals?

Then he begins to search and collect the necessary information (books, articles, seminars about health, about changing the perception of the world, about visualizing the desire, how to increase self-esteem, about the psychology of men, or how to become calmer, about a happy family life, about love and marriage , about how to realize their life goals).

And here it is very important not to dwell only on dreams and searching for information, but also apply the knowledge gained and apply them regularly, begin to really change your life! It would seem that this is so natural and why talk about it at all? But on personal experience and personal observations, I understand that often it’s not so simple.

I had and have friends who read wise books on how to change their lives, books on positive thinking, study theories (how to influence their lives, relationships, career, how to realize life goals, etc.), learn about quite specific actions, methods, trainings that would help them be more successful and happy. But either the desire is not so great, or it seems that they will someday then apply the learned wisdom, or willpower is not enough, or they believe that reading the book is not half the business, and the work done is . In general, I see and saw many cases where knowledge remains only knowledge, without applying them in practice. And, perhaps, this is one of the most sad spectacles.

After all, it’s completely inefficient to just read, just to recognize and endlessly talk about what you want to change your life without taking any real action. So it is impossible to achieve your life goals and change something in your life. With the same success, you can not read anything and do not recognize (why spend time on it if you are not going to use it). If we want some real, tangible changes in our lives, then we must actively apply knowledge and use the skills we have learned.

With regard to the application of knowledge and skills regularly:

Health and beauty.

A common mistake: seriously think about health only when it “grabs” (when illnesses, health problems occur, when we gain excess weight, when a loved one or others start hinting that we are not in the best shape and do not look 100% at all). A lot of examples, when a person was diagnosed with some serious illness, or he went to a hospital, may have undergone surgery. A person is prescribed a certain regimen, they say that what causes the disease, how to treat it, and what it is worth abstaining from. A recent patient, still remembering the problems, pain and experiences, is ready for anything and begins to follow the prescriptions! So what? It is worth the disease to retreat, the state of health is getting better – a person begins to forget about the recent problems or he gets bored of watching himself and leading an informed, in something and a consciously limited way of life. Result? For a while he does not bother, but soon the same or other problems appear again, and so on.

How to Change Your Life For The Better

Or, many girls and women recover and lose weight, like a harmonica – regularly – that way, then back, move in size along with the arrow on the scales. Often girls begin to think about the appearance when they can not get into their favorite clothes, when tight dresses and sweaters look at them no longer so stunningly and flawlessly, or when summer is on the nose.

And sometimes we are so “busy” that we remember the state of our nails, skin and hair, when they are already dull, break down, they start to look untidy.

Much more rational and less labor-intensive, less financial costs, when we monitor our food, health, appearance, condition of the muscles, skin, hair regularly, little by little every day, and do not make unthinkable efforts every few months. It’s just amazing – to like yourself, to be able to wear what you want, to see the admiring glances of your loved ones and even strangers. Stay young, beautiful and healthy for as long as possible.

I do not remember what a well-known actress was talking about that helps her to keep fit. She regularly undresses completely and stands in front of a large mirror and sees herself very meticulously. If something does not suit her, it is a signal to action. But the fact that she likes her reflection in the mirror is just as much, or even more, a signal for action (there is a desire to maintain and preserve such beauty for as long as possible).

Love and relationships.

We, people have a bad tendency to forget that we ourselves chose this man, and precisely because we love him and with him we are many times better than without him. We begin to forget that he is not our property, that he owes us nothing, and is not obliged; To forget that he had and has his own personal life, needs, interests, passions, personal space and the necessary time for solitude; forget that at least no one owes anything to anyone, but our second half still wants to receive something beautiful from marriage or these relationships, otherwise, why does he need a family. And, most importantly, people tend to forget that they, when entering into this relationship, wanted happiness, joy and love for many years to come. And this is the most important thing, something that must never be forgotten.

Two people are two different people, each has his own view of the world, his habits, his external life, cares, interests, his complexes and internal problems. But it’s not that, it’s always important to remember that you both really love each other. That you want to live together all your long and happy life, and this is the most important thing! Then the understanding will come that our complexes, our self-affirmation, our insults, our fatigue, everyday worries and “problems” are all husks, it’s not the main thing and do not bury it, because it’s not worth it to lose your own happiness and your true love.

How to Change Your Life For The Better

Invent yourself for reminder methods. Maybe you need to hang a photo on the apartment, where you are together and happy, hug and smile; place such a photo on the desktop on the computer, on the display of a mobile phone; periodically arrange for yourself a day of refreshing your memory – sit down with a pen and a beautiful notebook and write down all your bright feelings for your loved one and all his positive qualities and deeds; It is worth periodically reviewing beautiful, life-affirming films about the beautiful love that inspires you. For me, there is also an effective way (not the most humane, but effective) to watch movies-catastrophes. After such a “shaking, sobering view,” you realize that life is going on and we can not calculate everything that can happen, and that if this day was the last day for one of us, what would we remember, what are the words spoken to each other before the farewell? And we would have had time to say that we love him very much (and also friends, relatives and friends), would have made it clear that we were happy, and in general did we make our loved ones happy, but will we still have time to do it? But I’m not suggesting that everyone experiment this way (looking through such films) over their nerves. Just, find your way to remember.

A life.

No matter how many wonderful books we read, no matter how wise thoughts are taken from films and communication with people, we tend to forget that we ourselves decide what to happen in our lives. We make our own choices and, if necessary, we can change our lives at any time, right now! We forget our true desires, dreams and goals! We forget to be happy and enjoy every moment we live!

Stop at least from time to time, slow down the rhythm of your life and look around. The world is beautiful and amazing, do not miss it; look at your life – whether it’s as you want, whether you’ve lost your way, you have not “buried” yourself in small daily affairs, forgetting about the main thing; have you forgotten to rejoice, to enjoy what you are living; look at yourself – are you the kind of person you wanted to be, did your fatigue, employment affect your appearance, your health, your inner world, your way of communicating with people dear to you?

Leave yourself “reminders” – photos and collages with images of happiness, joy and your dreams. Hang in the house quotes that help you not to forget about the main thing, about the meaning of your life, which give you strength. Read and reread articles and books, watch movies that fill you with positive images, make you think, inspire you; sometimes change the situation, rest yourselves to see life from a different angle, to a fresh brain, to look at “problems” from a bird’s eye view – they may seem to you quite small, insignificant!

Get knowledge to live consciously and productively act, apply them and do not forget about the main thing. I wish you health, happiness, joy and love, for the whole long, long life!


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